‘The Voice’: Camila Cabello steals Team Blake singer – with a marriage proposal?!

Coach Camila Cabello was captivated by Cardona’s authoritative stage charisma.

Cabello expressed, “You simply make it appear so enjoyable and thrilling.” “However, you understand how to control it, you possess this immense dragon within you.”

Cardona’s immense charm also impressed Legend, who selected the 33-year-old vocalist as the winner of the knockout round.

“According to the legends,” Omar is one of the most exceptional vocalists we’ve witnessed during my time on the show. “He infuses each performance with immense strength and emotion, and his voice is nothing short of breathtaking,” Legend expressed.

Here’s what else happened during the episode that aired on Tuesday.

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Cardona’s powerhouse charisma won over Legend, pictured, during the second round of the Knockout Rounds Tuesday night.

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Bryce Leatherwood, Jay Allen, and Kate Kalvach from Team Blake hit directly to the core with their passionate presentations.

The Leatherwood coaches were charmed by Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather” cover, with its sweet and captivating performances. Kalvach and Allen were on fire with their heartwarming rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Anyone,” leaving Matt Stell praying for more.

Leatherwood’s pleasant tone and ease onstage did the trick for Legend, who was willing to overlook the technical errors in his performance.

Legend remarked that Your voice was inviting and warm. “Although I did detect some slight pitch issues, they did not greatly detract from my enjoyment because you exuded a quiet confidence that I appreciate seeing in an artist,” commented Legend.

Coach Blake Shelton also joined the Leatherwood craze, selecting the 22-year-old vocalist as the knockout’s champion.

New coach her be to proposal Cabello's accept did Kalvach Kalvach and Cabello time any soon, aisle the down walking be won't.

Shortly after Shelton announced his decision to bring on Cabello and Legend as vocalists for their team, buttons “steal” the chance to hit it big in Oklahoma. However, Kalvach opened a window of opportunity for Leatherwood’s victory.

“Will you marry me?” Cabello told Kalvach. “I will give you everything Kate: I love you. Your voice brings me to tears.”.

New coach her be to proposal Cabello’s accept did Kalvach Kalvach and Cabello time any soon, aisle the down walking be won’t.

Cabello expressed, regarding Kalvach, “Her voice possesses an emotional essence.” “I have been pursuing her from the commencement of the show, and she is an astonishing inclusion to Team Camila. I am exceedingly thrilled to collaborate with her,” Cabello conveyed.

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