This ‘can’t be out there! Chris Evans is single!’: Whitney Cummings on stolen topless pic

After three years, someone attempted to extort $10,000 from producer and writer Whitney Cummings by threatening to expose a topless photo of the stand-up comedian.

“It wasn’t so terrible. They acquired my entire Cloud, and I was genuinely more humiliated by all of my captures of motivational phrases,” jokes Whitney Cummings, the co-creator of “2 Broke Girls,” approximately halfway through her fifth comedy special, “Whitney Cummings: Jokes” (currently available for streaming on Netflix).

Cummings, who is 39 years old, explains in an interview, “I am fortunate to be employed in a position where whenever something negative occurs, I immediately perceive it as a small occurrence.”

R. Kelly and a sex trafficker who has been found guilty, making a reference to Will Smith’s act of slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars in March, indirectly refers to the latest updates in the world of celebrities, including Cummings’ performance.

Whitney Cummings posts a nude picture on Twitter following an attempt by ‘foolish idiots’ to blackmail her.

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“Whitney Cummings: Jokes,” available now on Netflix, marks the stand-up comedian

The comic, who also dedicates stage time to contrasting how children are maturing today with her own upbringing, declares that she is presently uninterested in provoking her audience. “During peaceful times, I prefer to be more astonishing.”

She says, “Finding the silver lining and being hopeful and positive is the edgiest, freshest thing to do, because doing is what it’s all about. It’s nostalgia.”

Decided to release a photo of herself on social media, but Cummings was threatened by a blackmailer who demanded payment in order to sell the picture to a tabloid. The headline-grabbing image was a screengrab from an Instagram Story video where she accidentally appeared topless. She jokingly explained to the audience in New Jersey, Newark that the headline-grabbing image was from a screengrab of her accidentally appearing topless in an Instagram Story video while she was “in the bathtub and under the influence of edibles.”

Now, sharing her initial reflections on the experience and the changing taste of comedy viewers, Cummings elucidates her reasons for choosing to discuss the incident.

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Whitney Cummings says she wanted her "Jokes" material "to be like an emotional salve."

Question: How did you choose Newark for your special occasion?

Do I need to walk on “eggshells?” When I’m in major cities outside of here, feeling oddly safer but still strangely bizarre? Sometimes it feels like we’re in a very strange moment, especially when someone from TMZ is going to film me.

Q: Why did it feel appropriate to now address the blackmail scheme?

I don’t want to enable or participate in punishing someone who is in trouble, but I went public with it because I instantly had compassion for this person. I understand that he is just a kid who doesn’t comprehend what he did and has a difficult time taking responsibility for his actions.

Obviously, I don’t want to preach to people at my shows, but I definitely don’t want to minimize that very serious conversation.

Q: What was your initial response to the extortion effort?

I can make you laugh. I wish I could take away this pain from you. I wish I could solve this problem for you. It’s like I always want to be a masochistic thing. I also want to be someone who can handle hits. If I had other girls, I would be okay with going through these sickening, horrible episodes. If I had other girls, I would be okay with going through these sickening, horrible episodes. If I had other friends, I would be okay with watching my girlfriend go through these sickening, horrible episodes. What if the guy from ‘Bridgerton’ breaks up with his girlfriend? “Uh! I saw the vanity and the photo: First, Cummings.

Whitney Cummings dances with a mic stand during "Jokes.”

Q: In what ways have you witnessed the evolution of audience preferences?

It’s an incredibly fascinating challenge, and as the audience heightens their expectations for you, I am not inclined to remain stagnant. I have no reservations about individuals desiring comedians to exhibit greater mindfulness and sophistication, while engaging our intellect to the fullest. Cummings.

They want something smarter, and people are evolving, and their vote shows that the audience is live there. “Can you stop?” This woman just went, finally. The audience wasn’t laughing. He was doing a bit on fat chicks, and then a guy came out and I was at The Comedy Store a couple of months ago.

Q: That makes me curious if you have any opinions about Dave Chappelle’s contentious “The Closer” or the backlash.

Our job is to bring out the things that exist and illuminate what is. It is not always our job to be correct. We need to contrast and always be going to extremes (are) in comedy. I have a lot of friends who are kind of people that lose their minds and are trans. I think they’re cool. I love trans people: I have a very hot take for you guys, “You,” with, “I’m now working on my new material (In).”

Being a big fan of Dave Chappelle, I am excited to see how comedians evolve. Even though there might be moments that feel scary and bad, the conversation and tension created by anything always ends up being good. It’s part of our job to go there; it’s part of our job to exaggerate.

I will always defend the creative freedom of comedians and their ability to make jokes, allowing the audience to decide the impact and effect. However, it is important to acknowledge that a trans person may be more qualified to provide insight on this matter.

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The criticism persists as Dave Chappelle garners two Emmy nominations for his contentious Netflix special.

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Does the level of safety you feel while on tour impact those events? And your unique dig at the Oscars jest. Chappelle and Chris Rock have experienced physical aggression. It’s not only the comedians’ material that is being targeted.

Due to this, I am extremely enthusiastic about what will transpire with Chris’s creativity. We flourish from punishment. We flourish from being mistreated. We thrive from adversity. Comedians, whenever you attempt to harm us, it only makes us stronger. Although I detest that such a thing happened to Chris, and it was repulsive and everyone should be appalled, approximately half of the performances resulted in an altercation in the audience. Throughout this entire tour that I recently completed – which consisted of approximately 50 cities – I would estimate that fights broke out in the audience during about half of the shows. Violence has always been present in comedy. Cummings: