TikToks from Seattle’s ice storm showing people crawling up icy streets on their hands and knees and cars crashing in slow-motion into each other

On December 24th, TikTokers skated down suburban streets, sliding on ice. In the video, people can be seen walking their dogs, crawling on their knees and hands. The video, which has been viewed 2.7 million times, shows cars parked on the same intersection where another car slid down and crashed into another one.

Some people in the city, like those in the TikTok video from December 24th, are using crampons to traverse the icy streets, similar to how a mail truck with makeshift ice axes looks when crawling on their knees and hands after a multiple car accident on sheet ice.

The viewer commented that one should make a stop for the summit and have a night to remember. The guy is going to have a rough time in Seattle, man! LOL

According to the Seattle Times, the Washington State Patrol attended to 253 accidents in under 24 hours. In a “remarkable” action, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shut down all three of its runways. The bus service came to a complete halt for the first time since 1996, resulting in the suspension of transportation in the metropolitan area.

According to the Seattle Times, the University of Washington School of Medicine disclosed around 70 injuries related to ice by mid-day on Friday. Videos featuring firefighters cautiously navigating the icy terrain to the tune of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin Alive” and onlookers capturing a neighbor gracefully sliding backwards down a hill to Enya’s “Only Time” have gone viral. These videos showcase numerous instances of vehicles skidding on roads, and the hashtag #seattleicestorm has amassed a staggering 99.4 million views.

Users have uploaded videos of people sliding down lengthy neighborhood roads or driveways on tubes, demonstrating an alarming instance of an out-of-control car appearing to hit pedestrians who had slowly slid off the road and onto the sidewalk. In that moment, they used a spatula to remove thick plates of ice from their car.

On December 24, a video captured a person sliding down a residential hill on their back, with the on-screen caption stating, “This individual had to hail an Uber as it was unable to ascend the hill.”

“I observed a video of him at the base of the slope, as well,” remarked another individual.

When the perspectives from the windows of the flats were inadequate, alarms furnished with cameras unveiled individuals grappling up driveways and vehicles gliding in significant quantities along the thoroughfare.

Local media reports indicate that authorities have raised apprehensions regarding the potential for urban flooding in Western Washington. However, the advent of hotter temperatures played a significant role in thawing a portion of the ice on Christmas Eve.

Amidst the frenzy of the holiday season, a rare and extraordinary storm has caused the unfortunate loss of 50 lives, with 28 individuals from Western New York among them, while also leaving numerous travelers stranded throughout the United States.