Today’s Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Here is today’s ultimate Jeopardy (in the category The U.S. Armed Forces) for Wednesday, February 15, 2023 (Season 39, Game 113):.

Setbacks across Asia in the 1960s resulted in the creation of the initiative referred to as this at a naval base in San Diego in 1969.

(Correct answer below the participants).

Stephen Webb, a data analyst from Longmont, Colorado Kendra Westerhaus, a certified therapist from Pocatello, Idaho (2-day sum: $47,201) Jason Carpenter, a quick service restaurant employee & comedic performer from Santa Rosa Valley, California.

Andy’s Pre-match Reflections:

Today, Kendra Westerhaus from Pocatello, Idaho, will compete against Stephen Webb and Jason Carpenter. Kendra has emerged victorious in the first two matches this week. The previous Idaho resident to achieve a minimum of 3 victories was Josh Saak, who you might recall as the individual that Matt Amodio narrowly overcame to initiate his remarkable streak in 2021. Can Kendra secure a triumph in the third game today?

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Accurate answer: What does “Top Gun” refer to?

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Additional details regarding the Final Jeopardy round

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The Gun Top was formed as a result of the declining combat air proficiency of the United States Navy in the Vietnam War, known as the Program Instructor Tactics Fighter Strike. It was established at the Naval Air Station Miramar as a result of the United States Navy’s realization of their military’s declining combat air proficiency. The school was made famous by the 1986 film Gun Top and its sequel Maverick Gun: Top 2022.

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Summary of the Game

Jeopardy! Stage:

(Serving Tea For Three; A Ten-Year Span of Number One Hits Tells a Tale; History of an ACC School; On a Postage Stamp; The Class Zoo; Notable Locations).

At the end of the round, Jason managed to take the lead. However, Stephen clawed his way back! Starting off with the best doubling start of $2,000, Stephen is now on clue #4 on the route to the ACC category.

Data at the initial interval (15 hints):

Stephen correctly answered 7 questions and incorrectly answered 1 question, while Jason correctly answered 5 questions and incorrectly answered 1 question. Additionally, Kendra correctly answered 3 questions and did not answer any incorrectly.

Data following the completion of the Jeopardy round:

Jason, who obtained 13 accurate responses and 2 inaccurate ones, Stephen, who achieved 9 correct answers and 2 incorrect ones, and Kendra, who managed to answer 5 questions correctly and 1 incorrectly.

Round of Double Jeopardy!

(Categories: I Have A Concept; TV Gathering Tonight!; Handicrafts; Love; Overcomes; All).

The contenders had the opportunity to participate in Daily Doubles, both of them; Jason gained the advantage with a $4,000 wager on his, but Stephen regained it with a $7,000 wager on his! Kendra performed well on $2,000 clues leading up to the Final round, but the victory belonged to the contenders. The scores going into the Final round were Stephen with $25,800, Jason with $15,200, and Kendra with $10,800.

Data following the Double Jeopardy round:

In this season, there are a total of 16 clues that have not been played yet. Out of these, 1 clue was answered incorrectly, while 10 clues were answered correctly by Kendra. Jason, on the other hand, answered 3 clues incorrectly and 22 clues correctly. Similarly, Stephen also answered 3 clues incorrectly and 22 clues correctly.

Kendra and Stephen were accurate on the Final–we have a new winner! Stephen will come back tomorrow to protect his title.

Statistics of Tonight’s Game:

Interested in discovering the champion of Jeopardy! Today? Here’s the Wednesday, February 15, 2023 Jeopardy! Statistics:

Scores leading up to the Final:

Stephen $25,800 Jason $19,200 Kendra $10,800.

The results of tonight’s event:

(Total earnings for one day: $38,401) (What is the movie Top Gun about?) Stephen earned $25,800 and an additional $12,601, resulting in a sum of $38,401. (What is the B-2?) Jason’s earnings were $19,200 minus $19,199, leaving him with a total of $1. (What is the movie Top Gun about?) Kendra’s earnings were $10,800 plus $2,401, giving her a total of $13,201.

Stephen Webb, today's Jeopardy! winner (for the February 15, 2023 game.)

Points following the Jeopardy! Round:

Jason $6,400 Stephen $5,600 Kendra $2,800.

Break taken after the first 15 clues

Locations for Daily Doubles:

Overall, the efficiency has doubled on a daily basis, reaching a total of 186. Kendra has accumulated 2800 points, Jason has accumulated 14800 points, and Stephen has accumulated 14400 points, with an additional 7000 points from clue #15. There is $18000 remaining on the board. I have come up with an idea that is worth $1200, as indicated by clue #12. Jason’s score has increased to 10800, with an additional 4000 points. Kendra’s score remains at 2800, while Stephen’s score has increased to 13600. The value of the clue LOVE is $1600, as stated in clue #4. Stephen has earned 2000 points, with an additional 2000 points from Kendra and Jason, who have yet to score. The category for the clue SCHOOL HISTORY ACC is worth $600.

Choosing Clues by Row, Prior to Discovering Daily Doubles

J! Round: Kendra 1 Stephen 5 4 3* Jason.

DJ! Round: Kendra 1 Stephen 5 4 4 5 3 3 1 3* Jason 1 2 3 5 4* 1.

Mean Row of Clue Selection, Prior to Discovery of Daily Doubles

Stephen 3.64, Kendra 1.00, and Jason 2.67.

Unused hints

There were no Daily Doubles and a total of 16 clues (with an average of 0.14 per episode) that were not revealed this season. There were no clues left on the board for the Double Jeopardy round and also none for the Jeopardy round.

Game Statistics:

Kendra scored $10,800 in Coryat, with 10 correct answers and 1 incorrect answer. She had a 17.54% accuracy rate in buzzing in first on the buzzer, going 10/57. She also had a perfect record in rebound attempts, going 1/1.

Kendra Westerhaus, professional statistics:

The average Coryat score was $15,533 with a perfect score of 3/3 in Final Jeopardy and 4/5 on Daily Doubles, resulting in a net earnings of $5,200. The contestant also had a 25.73% success rate in being the first to buzz in, answering correctly 44 out of 171 times. Additionally, they were successful in 5 out of 6 rebound attempts, having 17 opportunities. They had 5 incorrect answers and 53 correct answers.

Stephen Webb, professional statistics:

Coryat Average of $18,600: Perfect score in Final Jeopardy, flawless performance on both Daily Doubles (Total earnings: $9,000), leading the pack with 23 correct answers out of 57 attempts (40.35%) on the buzzer, no successful rebound attempts made out of 4 opportunities, with 3 incorrect answers and 23 correct responses.

Jason Carpenter, professional stats:

The average Coryat for $16,800 is 0/1 in Final Jeopardy, 1/1 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $4,000), 21/57 on the buzzer in the first 36.84%, 3/3 on rebound attempts (out of 4 rebound opportunities), with 4 incorrect and 22 correct answers.

Stephen Webb, for victory:

2 matches: 76.929% 3: 59.181% 4: 45.527% 5: 35.023% 6: 26.943% Average streak: 4.334 matches.

Interviews for Today:

Jason’s body was found dead due to a missing cell phone, which derailed his marriage proposal in Tokyo. Kendra has the ability to bend her joints in unusual ways.

Andy’s Reflections: