Todd and Julie Chrisley get reduced prison sentences: ‘Model incarcerated individuals,’ lawyer says

Jay Chrisley’s lawyer, Surgent, stated that Chrisley Julie and Todd have been fully compliant with all the regulations promulgated by the Bureau of Prisons and have served as model inmates.

Todd’s incarceration term has been extended to a duration of 10 years, while Julie’s confinement will last for 5 years, considering the similarity of circumstances. In our relentless pursuit of justice, we are actively exploring avenues such as the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and other legal options.

The attorney argues that Todd Chrisley’s fame led to mistreatment while he was in jail, which he characterizes as a ‘horrible experience’, and expresses dissatisfaction that nobody appears to be worried.

The Chrisleys entered prison on January 17th.

Todd and Julie completed their 16-month probation period, which marked the end of their prison sentences. They were initially instructed to fulfill certain requirements during this probationary period. In August 2019, Todd and Julie were indicted on charges of bank fraud and tax evasion, leading to Todd receiving a 12-year sentence and Julie receiving a seven-year sentence.

In July, Todd asserted via his attorney that he has been “targeted” and that his “fame” has resulted in mistreatment in prison.

“And as a consequence of his fame, an individual was permitted to capture an image of him during his slumber,” Surgent informed Fox News Digital at that moment, “Todd Chrisley was specifically targeted regarding the failure to process his Cares Act application.”

I was informed that Julie’s cell area had a venomous serpent that needed to be rendered immobile and removed, and the conditions of living are dreadful. It appears that nobody is concerned, and she is enduring 100-degree temperatures without any air conditioning, up until now.

Todd further explained the deplorable prison conditions and claimed that there were terrible plumbing problems, along with “mold and fungus scattered throughout the property.”

The couple’s children first made allegations of their parents’ “inhumane treatment” during an episode of Savannah Chrisley’s podcast, “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley.”.

Uttered Chase Chrisley as he discussed the “nightmarish” setting surrounding his parents, “That’s simply absurd. It is imperative to have air conditioning in a government establishment, regardless of whether you have committed a crime. No s-…”

“Air cooling is the least of it. Whenever you have black mold, asbestos, lead-based paint, serpents,” Savannah chimed in.

The spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons told Fox News Digital that safety is one of its highest “priorities” at the time of confinement under any specific conditions for adults.

Todd and Julie gained popularity with the premiere of their reality series, “Chrisley Knows Best,” in 2014.


Fox News Digital has learned that following their parents’ incarceration, a fresh Chrisley reality TV series will center around the lives of Todd and Julie’s offspring. The program ceased airing in March of this current year.