Todd Chrisley is so popular at his prison that he’s ‘like the president’ of the place, his daughter says

Savannah Chrisley remarked, “the head of this establishment, he’s all about applauding. They come by and they’re like, I make my way through visitation and it’s quite amusing. I encounter a multitude of individuals because Dad enjoys cracking jokes, even during visitation.”

Todd, who is 54 years old, and Julie, who is 50 years old, commenced their prison terms in January of the previous year subsequent to being found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion. Todd is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Prison Camp located in Pensacola, Florida, whereas Julie is confined at the Federal Medical Center situated in Lexington, Kentucky.

Savannah Chrisley mentioned that she has fully heard outrageous tales from her parents due to their confinement in a federal penitentiary.

“So it’s similar to supervising adults,” she stated, mentioning that their individual correctional facilities are “regarded as a camp, like the most minimal level one can experience, individuals are not fully aware because they perceive their location as ‘Camp Cupcake,’ you understand? Simply, ‘let’s reside together and thoroughly relish exceptional cuisine’.”

She referred to him as the “Varsity Blues Gentleman,” mentioning not only attorneys and physicians but also non-aggressive criminals, similar to the majority of individuals incarcerated in these correctional facilities. Additionally, she highlighted the presence of “prominent drug kingpins” who have been transferred from more secure prisons.

Chrisley Savannah has previously described the conditions in Chrisleys’ prison as a “nightmare,” with snakes slithering on the “floor” and black mold containing asbestos in Julie’s case.

During the Viall Files recording, Savannah Chrisley mentioned that she had already communicated with both of her parents, who are incarcerated in separate correctional facilities, “at least twice daily” and has the opportunity to converse with them.

If she ever fails to answer the call, she is unable to return it as they must contact her through a collect call, and she mentioned that they discuss “the identical nonsense on a daily basis.”

Typically, they talk about “checking on them, the kids, whatever plans we have for the day, whatever we have going on, whatever is going on there, that BS” in relation to Savannah Chrisley.

When questioned about whether her parents “complain” to her, she stated that they “certainly maintain a positive facade.”

“However, amidst all of this, I have regarded it as a chance to create an impact and express my opinions. I possess a platform that enables me to advocate for individuals who may lack a voice of their own. Therefore, there is a slight element of venting, but primarily, our focus is on presenting a positive image. We reserve the venting for face-to-face interactions,” she further added.

Earlier than anticipated, the attorney representing the family informed Insider that he believes their sentences will be further reduced due to their exemplary conduct. It was recently disclosed that the Chrisleys, who were convicted, may not serve the full duration of their expected prison term.