Tracy Morgan jokes he’s grateful truck that hit him in near-fatal accident was ‘Walmart not Walgreens’

In the 2014 wreck, comedian McNair James, along with his close friend and collaborator Morgan, stated that their lives were endangered when a tractor-trailer collided with their van limousine in a six-car pileup caused by a driver from Walmart.

After the occurrence, Morgan initiated a legal action against Walmart due to their lack of care, and the company settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount in the multimillion-dollar range.

The former cast member of “Saturday Night Live” made jokes about the large retail corporation and discussed the sum of money he received from the agreement during his performance at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston in a brand-new Max comedy show.

Investigation focuses on Walmart truck driver in the accident involving Tracy Morgan.

Morgan joked, “I could roll my eyes at white individuals because they gave me a significant amount of money. Walmart provided me with a firm grasp. Walmart took care of me.”

“The fleet of trucks, as they change, may seem closer now than they appear, says the person outside in the mirror.”

They think they’ll see me paying, but I’m going to hear from my attorney in four years. I also tried to get a Doberman pinscher, Tracy. The dog wants $2 million for suffering and pain, and we want $5 million.

Morgan suffered head trauma, multiple fractured ribs, a fractured nose, a fractured thigh bone, and a fractured leg as a result of the accident. He remained unconscious for weeks and relied on a wheelchair for several months.

Morgan admitted that he battled suicidal thoughts, depression, and trauma, in addition to struggling with memory problems, nosebleeds, and headaches. He said that he has caused permanent brain damage. The comic faced a long road to recovery, which included months of cognitive therapy and physical rehabilitation.

Morgan told People magazine in 2017 that joking about the accident helped him cope with the psychological toll it took on him.

Morgan expressed in his latest special, “We all have our fair share of problems.” “Trauma finds a place in everyone’s life. Somehow, trauma manages to find a place in everyone’s life. It affects everyone. It affects everyone deeply. It’s intriguing how little I care about your life. Trauma is a part of your life.”

“We all have baggage. Everyone in this program, man, has baggage. Mine just happens to be Louis Vuitton.

I am well-versed in the art of communication, similar to Louis Vuitton. Nowadays, women are attracted to me because I am knowledgeable about the challenges of making money. I possess an understanding that is universal, known by everyone. I express gratitude to the Lord for Walgreens, not Walmart.

As of August 18th, Walgreens had reached a market capitalization of $22.91 billion with FOX Business commenting on it, while Walmart had a market capitalization of $425.28 billion.

The settlement money due to moving into a wealthier neighborhood and joked about his hometown of Brooklyn, Morgan mused about his set.

The value of property in the neighborhood is increasing, causing people to move out and move into the neighborhood where White people are moving. If you don’t know what gentrification is, it’s when a neighborhood like Brooklyn has become gentrified, as he said, changing the face of Brooklyn.

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Once again, Morgan, representing yet another multibillion-dollar corporation, humorously mentioned his willingness to be struck by a truck as he shared a detailed anecdote involving one of his neighbors.

He mentioned that I was thrown off because it was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. She came over to my house with a housewarming gift. The Asian woman is the CEO of Pepsi. Do I live right next door to the CEO of Pepsi? Do you know who I just found out lives right next door to me?”


He chuckled and said, “Walmart and Pepsi? That’s when I know I’ve made it.” He playfully told Morgan, “Screw them! Once I have deals with Walmart and Pepsi, I’ve made it.” Morgan jokingly remarked that it would be a privilege for me to be involved in an accident with one of your trucks someday.

He is Tracy Jr., 31, and Malcolm, 35, Gitrid’s son who was previously married to Morgan Sabina. After five years of marriage, he divorced his second wife, Megan Wollover, in June 2020. In addition to joking about the accident in “Far Too Takin’,” he also talks about his dating experiences in his 50s. He was nominated for an Emmy Award.

The comedian quipped, “My Tinder profile is like a Walmart truck dropping off a bag of money on my front lawn. I’m back to dating again on Tinder.”

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Morgan concluded his comedy special by joking once again about the accident, this time focusing on influencers who “advise on enhancing one’s life for greater success.”

“I got hit by a car, and I was arrested a few times for selling crack. My father died of AIDS, and I dropped out of high school. Okay. I had my first son at 17. Look at me,” he said, pointing at himself. “Bulls.”

He exclaimed amidst resounding applause from the spectators, “However, observe the outcome of your son. I do not want him to miss out on his education and encounter an accident involving a WalMart truck, nor do I encourage anyone to abandon their high school studies. That concludes my statement.”