Tramel’s ScissorTales: Bills trainer Denny Kellington delivers a winning speech at OSU

OSU Chooses Bills Trainer Denny Kellington as 2023 Commencement Speaker

Unusual Choice for Commencement Speaker

For its 2023 commencement speaker, Oklahoma State University (OSU) made an unexpected choice by selecting Denny Kellington, the assistant athletic trainer for the Buffalo Bills. Kellington gained national recognition and became a legend in Buffalo after saving the life of Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who had collapsed on the field with cardiac arrest during a game in Cincinnati on January 2.

A Reluctant Public Speaker

Despite his newfound hero status, Kellington admitted that he is not comfortable with public speaking. In the past four months, he has turned down most interview requests. However, he could not refuse the invitation from his alma mater, OSU.

A Memorable Commencement Address

Kellington delivered a remarkable commencement address at Gallagher-Iba Arena. Despite being short, his speech was interesting and left a lasting impact on the audience. Kellington managed to achieve the triple crown of speeches by delivering a memorable point to the graduating class of 2023 at OSU.

Kellington’s Message: Be Ready

The Journey of Denny Kellington

Denny Kellington, a 2000 graduate of OSU, grew up in Midwest City and embarked on a career in athletic training. This profession is often anonymous but crucial in supporting athletes’ well-being. Kellington’s life took an unexpected turn when he became a national hero for his life-saving actions on the football field.

Preparation and Support

Kellington’s commencement address revolved around the importance of being ready. He emphasized the significance of preparation and the support he received from his friends, peers, and mentors throughout his career as an athletic trainer. Kellington acknowledged that his alma mater, OSU, played a vital role in his success and the strong foundation it provided.

Challenges and Resilience

Kellington recognized the challenges faced by the graduating class of 2023, including personal obstacles and the difficulties caused by the global pandemic. He commended their resilience and urged them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of knowledge. Kellington highlighted the importance of discovering passions that ignite individuals’ purpose as they engage with the world beyond the college campus.

The Courage to Continue

Referencing Winston Churchill, Kellington shared the quote, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” He encouraged the graduates to stay the course and face any challenges with determination. Kellington emphasized that their time at OSU had prepared them to overcome crises and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

Golf Tournament Organized for Ryan Minor’s Medical Bills

Ryan Minor’s Battle with Cancer

Ryan Minor, an iconic figure in Oklahoma, continues to fight stage IV colon cancer. He is known as one of the best two-sport athletes in the history of the University of Oklahoma (OU), having excelled in both basketball and baseball. Minor’s concern for his family, including his wife Allyson and daughters Regan and Finley, has been a significant focus during his medical journey.

Supporting Ryan Minor

To assist with Ryan Minor’s medical bills, friends have organized a benefit golf tournament. Larry Phillips and Damon Minor, Ryan’s twin brother and former Major League Baseball player, are leading the efforts. The tournament is scheduled for July 11 at OU’s Jimmie Austin Golf Club and will feature a five-man scramble format. Each group will include a celebrity, and several of Minor’s former OU teammates have committed to participate.

Longest Odds to Win NBA Lottery

The NBA Draft Lottery and Thunder’s Chances

The NBA Draft Lottery is approaching, and the Oklahoma City Thunder hold a mere 1.7% chance of securing the first pick in the 2023 draft. This coveted opportunity would give them the chance to select 7-foot-4 French phenom Victor Wembanyama. However, winning the lottery does not necessarily guarantee success in the draft.

Lottery Winners with Long Odds

The article lists the ten lottery winners with the longest odds and examines how their picks fared in the NBA. The 1993 Orlando Magic, with a 1.52% chance, won the lottery and drafted Chris Webber, who was immediately traded to the Golden State Warriors. The 2008 Chicago Bulls, with a 1.7% chance, selected point guard Derrick Rose. The 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers also had a 1.7% chance and chose Andrew Wiggins, whom they traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love.

Russell Westbrook’s Potential Championship Ring

Russell Westbrook and the Lakers

While Russell Westbrook is no longer a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, fans in Oklahoma still wonder about their former hero. With the Lakers currently competing in the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, one question arises: if the Lakers win the title this year, will Westbrook receive a championship ring?

A Ring for Westbrook

According to sources, if the Lakers secure the championship, Westbrook will indeed receive a championship ring. Although the decision ultimately rests with the team, Westbrook’s contributions throughout the season make him eligible for the honor. Whether he chooses to accept the ring is a separate matter.


In conclusion, Denny Kellington’s selection as OSU’s 2023 commencement speaker brought a unique perspective to the graduation ceremony. His inspiring message of being ready resonated with the graduating class, emphasizing the importance of preparation, support, and resilience. Meanwhile, efforts to support Ryan Minor’s medical bills through a benefit golf tournament demonstrate the unity and care within the Oklahoma community. As the NBA Draft Lottery approaches, the Thunder’s slim chances provide a reminder that winning the lottery does not guarantee success in the draft. Lastly, the question of whether Russell Westbrook will receive a championship ring, should the Lakers win the title, sparks curiosity among Oklahoma fans.