Trans Florida teacher worked for weeks after saying she ‘wanted to shoot some students’

The report states that the teacher had communicated to the assistant principal that she was experiencing “negative thoughts” and desired to harm some students, as a result, she was instructed to meet with the counselor.

During the March 24th meeting, the teacher told the counselor that she wanted some students who were not performing up to their ability to shoot.

The teacher then promptly corrected herself and stated she would never cause harm to a student.

The instructor expressed her anxiety for her students who were going to transition to high school the following year due to their deteriorating academic performance when further interrogated by deputies.

Fox Chapel Middle School
The teacher told the school guidance counselor she was “having bad thoughts” before saying she wanted to shoot students.
Fox Chapel Middle School
John Stratton, right, superintendent of schools at Hernando County School District
John Stratton (right), superintendent of schools in the Hernando School District, speaks during a school board meeting Tuesday.
Hernando County School District

The teacher feels that the students are not trying to pass their class and she does not want to fail them, as stated in the incident report.

The teacher then emphasized she would never do anything to jeopardize her students.

Subsequently, deputies gathered three guns and bullets from the teacher’s residence.

The teacher has been removed from all student contact in the meantime, and Superintendent John Stratton said in a letter sent to families on Thursday that an investigation is ongoing in the Hernando School District.

Fox Chapel middle school
Deputies collected three firearms from the teacher’s home that same day.
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The instructor is collaborating fully with district officials, and there is no specific date for their return, according to Stratton.

The Education Department of Florida received notice on Wednesday, prompting complaints from parents who feel that the district has been misleading. However, it was revealed that the teacher had continued working at the school until the agency stepped in.

During a school board meeting on Tuesday, a parent expressed, “We had to discover through social media, and we were uninformed for weeks. Some statement was made, and we are not concerned about the individual’s identity, gender expression, or place of origin, ultimately.”

The furious guardian inquired, pressing the district authorities to respond, “How was this individual examined and authorized to return to the educational institutions? What precisely was communicated?”

Fox Chapel middle school
Parents have slammed the school district for appearing to hide the incident from them and allowing the teacher to remain in the classroom for weeks after the incident.
Fox Chapel Middle School

Another parent, describing Fox Chapel as chaotic, stated that they were present on a research expedition to determine whether to withdraw their child.

Multiple parents slammed the school for not being transparent about the threat of a possible shooting taking place within their children’s classrooms.

While some parents questioned whether the teacher, who recently transitioned from male to female, was specifically targeted due to her gender identity, others claimed that those accusations were unfounded.

Parent one said, “It needs to be taken care of. It was a viable threat. She made a threat. I’m glad she’s a great teacher. It doesn’t matter whether they’re green, purple, black, or white.”