Tuesday Morning going out of business, set to close all its stores

Tuesday Morning going out of business, set to close all its stores

Tuesday Morning, a Texas-based retailer, has announced that it is going out of business and will be closing all of its stores. This news comes after the company voluntarily delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange in December and filed for voluntary protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code earlier this year.

Going out of business sales underway

According to a message posted on Tuesday Morning’s website, going out of business sales have already begun. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of these sales to get discounts on a wide range of products available at the stores.

Gift cards honored until May 13

The company has assured customers that if they have any unused gift cards, they will continue to be honored through May 13. This gives customers the opportunity to use their gift cards and take advantage of the discounted prices during the going out of business sales.

Returns still accepted within 14 days

Customers who have recently made purchases at Tuesday Morning can still return items within 14 days with the original receipt. This policy applies to items purchased before April 28, 2023, giving customers a window to return any unwanted or defective products.

Store closures in 25 states

Tuesday Morning has stores in 25 states that will be closing. However, the company has not provided specific information on when these locations will shut down. Despite requests for additional information, the company has not responded to inquiries from Nexstar.

Bed Bath & Beyond and the changing retail landscape

Tuesday Morning’s closure comes at a time when Bed Bath & Beyond, another prominent retailer, is also going through a similar process. Bed Bath & Beyond recently filed for bankruptcy and is aiming to close down all of its locations by the summer.

Growing list of retailers filing for bankruptcy

The bankruptcy of Tuesday Morning and Bed Bath & Beyond is part of a growing list of retailers that have faced financial challenges and have resorted to filing for bankruptcy. Other notable names include party supplies chain Party City and bridal retailer David’s Bridal. These bankruptcies highlight the increasing difficulties faced by retailers in the current economic climate.

Implications for the retail industry

The bankruptcy of these retailers provides insight into the changing landscape of the retail industry and the challenges it currently faces. With the rise of e-commerce and shifting consumer preferences, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are finding it increasingly difficult to compete. The bankruptcies of Tuesday Morning and Bed Bath & Beyond could be indicative of future trends in the retail industry.

The Associated Press contribution

This report includes information from The Associated Press, which has contributed to the coverage of Tuesday Morning’s closure and the broader challenges faced by the retail industry.