Ultimate Guide To the Best Travel Purse for Europe

If you’re heading to Europe, make sure to check out this thorough guide to the best purses and bags that are perfect for all your day-to-day outings. It’s adorable, safe, and practical, ensuring that you’ll definitely need it as a major essential.

When packing for a trip to Europe, you’ll want to choose a style of purse that can accommodate how much you’ll need to carry and the activities you’ll be doing. Plus, you’ll want to make sure to bring a purse that is both fashionable and functional, and secure.

Here, take a look at the other colors you can get for the Minkoff Rebecca M.A.B. Crossbody purse. Unfortunately, the black color pictured below is no longer available. It’s definitely a purse that can be used for both home and travel. I felt confident carrying it around and I was able to manage my essentials with enough organization. The Minkoff Rebecca M.A.B. Crossbody purse has a polished sheen, edgy stud design, and a sleek and confident feel. It’s a good example of a purse that I took with me to Europe in 2022.


In Europe, donning my Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody purse and wearing the Gevomir Halter Dress matched with Taos Star Sneakers, along with a Madewell Sun Hat.

When it comes to traveling in Europe, versatility and security are important factors to consider. In Rome, I was able to easily transition from day to night and explore the sights around the island by taking my crossbody bag from Rebecca Minkoff to the Colosseum.

Explore Europe’s romance and history while keeping your belongings safe with this ultimate guide to cute women’s travel purses. Enjoy the comfort, security, and style that these travel purses offer. Discover the best bag styles and find out how to keep your belongings secure.


The cute Lola Mae Crossbody is affordable and fashionable for Europe.

Your physique will be firmly fastened in place, and the sack will remain within your sight at all moments, ensuring the safety of your belongings. These purses are comfortable and effortless to transport, making them an excellent option for exploring museums and extremely convenient for use, which is why crossbody handbags are highly favored by readers when traveling in Europe.

When you embark on explorations, they will ensure that you feel a lot more comfortable by distributing the weight on both your shoulders. They will provide must-haves such as a camera, water bottles, snacks, and plenty of room for jackets. Whether you are traveling with your family or if you need to bring more things with you, especially for long periods of time, a backpack is the way to go when you are out and about.


One of the most renowned backpacks for Europe is the Lo & Sons Rowledge.

Choose a waist pack or a shoulder bag if you prefer to transport just the necessary items, such as your mobile phone, wallet, keys, and lip moisturizer. Sport them either on your waist or across your shoulders, as these bags are frequently adaptable. They are extremely lightweight and convenient to carry throughout the entire day due to their small size.


This MZ Wallace Waist Pack is fashionable and functional as it remains near the physique!

If you want to be minimalist, you can bring a purse phone crossbody. Many of these styles have a built-in wallet, so you will have everything you need safely carried around your neck. Readers love phone crossbody cases and bags because they not only make it easy to quickly snap the perfect photo and grab your phone, but they are also extra safe and sound, meaning your valuables won’t be at risk of being stolen or dropped.


Travelon Anti-Theft Purses are widely renowned for their popularity in European cities due to their emphasis on safety and security.

Is an Anti Theft Travel Purse Necessary in Europe?

Attractive bags and integrated safety features are highly recommended by travel fashion gurus (TFGs) as leading brands such as Travelon, Pacsafe, and Sherpani (a great affordable choice). The optimal handbag for traveling could possibly be an anti-theft purse, especially if you are carrying valuable items like a camera, a wallet containing cash and cards, a passport, or any other valuable belongings. Numerous readers appreciate the security provided by theft-proof travel purses during their travels, as it allows them to have complete peace of mind.

However, if you want to carry something around that is a bit more fashionable, there are many other ways you can deter theft and stay safe while traveling. Keep in mind that you may have a particular style of purse in mind, or you may just want something simple.

I recommend using a carabiner keychain, which is a locking keychain that can be used to clip your keys or phone case to your purse, even the straps of your purse. This is a non-anti-theft product that I recommend for bags.


The Alpha Keeper is the voted as the best travel money belt by readers.

To discover additional fantastic concepts, peruse this article about the finest travel accessories designed to prevent theft. Additional favored choices include a concealed bra stash and a money belt.

While traveling in Europe, it is generally safe to avoid pickpocketing by following some awesome general tips. Although theft and pickpocketing can definitely happen, especially in crowded areas or tourist-heavy locations, there are plenty of ways to keep your things safe. You can take extra security measures or use an anti-theft bag to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Now, let’s dissect more concepts for the top handbag to journey to Europe that readers consistently choose!

If you’re unsure what kind of day bag to bring, read this tip guide on how to choose the right one!

Top Crossbody Travel Bag for Exploring Europe

Crossbody purses that have features such as RFID technology and locking zippers, like the ones chosen by our top readers, are perfect for European travel. Not only can they be comfortably worn over the shoulder or across the body during casual outings, but they can also be used in everyday life or exclusively for travel. The remarkable aspect of travel crossbody purses is their exceptional versatility.


Store: Amazon | Walmart | Macy’s.

Travelon Crossbody Bag, the Perfect Travel Purse

Travelon is considered the best for utmost safety, as their travel purses are equipped with all the necessary safety features. These purses are similar to the signature ones, and readers agree that Travelon prioritizes safety. You may need the security features such as lock-down straps, RFID-blocking pockets, slash-resistant material, and locking zippers to secure your iPad and other essentials in these bags, making it easy to carry and store them for plenty of room.

“The bag can accommodate a large amount of belongings and has maintained its quality exceptionally well!” A particular reader has a deep affection for her bag, stating, “I have possessed my Travelon crossbody bag since 2015, and it has accompanied me on numerous global adventures!”

In addition to a secure day bag, the Classic Essential messenger bag is another preferred choice among readers due to its simple and compact design. Alternatively, you can opt for the Travelon Signature purse, which has a sleeker appearance and is perfect for the fashionable streets of Europe.


Shop: Quince..

Quince Compact Crossbody Travel Purse

The purse is thoughtfully constructed with a durable canvas lining and an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. It has an inner zip pocket to keep your valuables safe. This small crossbody travel purse is a stunning option for Europe, with its chic and minimal design. It is lightweight and spacious enough to store your necessities while sightseeing. The stunning option for Europe is this small crossbody travel purse made from high-quality Italian Leather, with gold hardware.

The price is amazing. The quality is excellent and the size of the bag is just right. The zipper works perfectly and the leather is of high quality. This bag is so lovely and beautiful, says one reviewer. I have been using it for several days now when I travel and it fits perfectly in my suitcase. It is perfect for a day out or for traveling as it can hold sunglasses, a small makeup bag, phone, and a larger wallet.


Stores: Tumi | Bloomingdale’s | Nordstrom.

Tumi Tyler Fashionable Crossbody Travel Bag

Despite its small design, the flat pack can conveniently hold a great amount of items, which readers often say. The Tyler crossbody bag is a stylish and secure option for holding your necessities while you’re out and about. Tumi purses, which combine great utility with impeccable style, are often recommended by readers as the best crossbody purse for European getaways.

I also know that they stand by the warranty for other bags. I love them because they still look great and can be used for personal or work travel, whether I dress up or down. I use them as everyday bags as well. “The front pocket is great for flying when you need easy access to passports and plane tickets,” says a reader who loves her Tumi travel purses.

Find out what our readers have to say about their Tumi Bags in this review!


Stores: Amazon | Zappos | Bloomingdale’s.

Baggallini Calais Crossbody Travel Purses with Anti-Theft Features

When it comes to travel purses, the Baggallini RFID crossbody is the best friend of a highly practical and lightweight sightseer. It comes in a range of fun patterns and colors, has a great interior organization, and is stylish enough to easily go from a long day at the Louvre to a Parisian dinner. Additionally, the fabric is water-resistant and the purse features RFID-blocking technology.

“It’s adorable as well!” Retorted the user, who keeps the key and dividers tucked in the lanyard. The item has plenty of interior pockets, great outside compartments, and numerous small compartments for various items. It has an abundance of spaces and compartments for belongings. One user gives a review stating that it is the ideal size for my European travels.


Store: Madewell | Nordstrom.

Madewell Sydney Compact Bag for Travel

The leather offers color options that are both exceptionally distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. The interior of the purse ensures the safety of your belongings with a robust magnetic closure. Additionally, the Sydney model includes an adjustable and detachable crossbody strap, making it highly functional for your travels. According to users, it is surprisingly spacious and opens widely to accommodate numerous items for the day. Despite its compact appearance, this charming travel purse from Madewell is remarkably roomy.

“And excellent craftsmanship as usual! Adore it! Adorable and fashionable, it can be worn informally or for an evening out. Ideal for traveling! One delighted user claims.”


Store: Lo & Sons.

Lo & Sons Pearl Compact Crossbody Bag for Travel

This bag, constructed with high-quality vegan leather, comes in a wide range of colors. You’ll adore it because it has plenty of variously-sized pockets and three compartments, allowing you to have designated space for every item, just like a crossbody travel purse. It’s no wonder that Pearl Sons & Lo is popular with TFG readers – it’s functional, versatile, and beautiful.

It has been passed around and extensively journeyed, and there is not a single blemish on it. I utilized it throughout the summer as my go-to bag, I adore my Pearl. Ideal for journeys! You have the option to alter the straps to transform it from a crossbody during the day to a wristlet during the evening, as an added benefit, a reader reveals.

Find out why our readers love their Lo & Sons bags in this review!


Store: Sherpani | Zappos.

Sherpani Prima Secure Purse for Traveling

Sherpani offers some of the best options for travel purses. The Prima is a small purse that has a nice euro-chic feel but is still durable. This purse has many interior pockets and great features, including water-resistant fabric.

“In addition to RFID protection, this product offers lockable zippers, a chair loop lock system, slash-proof straps, and lining. A satisfied customer shared, ‘I felt secure and worry-free during my travels in European cities. It is convenient to carry, and the strap is impossible to cut. Moreover, it includes numerous anti-theft features, which is a significant advantage.'”


Store: MZ Wallace | Bloomingdale’s.

MZ Wallace Crosby Crossbody Bag for Travel

The women’s travel purse, Crosby Wallace MZ, is a perfect option if you still want something easy to carry and crossbody, but prefer a larger bag. This edgy and chic purse features a lovely quilted design with silver hardware and leather trim. It has a detachable pouch with a strap ring key and a pocket for your phone, as well as six practical and durable pockets in the interior lining.

Additionally, you can switch it from a shoulder bag to a crossbody by using different straps. You can also dress it up with the chain strap and use it for everyday and travel purposes because it is so versatile. “I love my Wallace MZ crossbody,” says reader A., Who mentions that it comes with three straps.

To complement your cross body, try an adorable wristlet, like the ones found here!

Top Travel Backpack Handbag for Europe

Some travelers feel nervous carrying a backpack around while exploring Europe, so we recommend choosing a TFG that combines functionality and cuteness. It’s wise to not put anything important in the front pockets, and of course, we suggest buying one that has anti-theft features or packs with secret or hidden pockets.


Stores: Macy’s | Kohl’s.

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Travel Purses: Lightweight Options for Safe Travels

Travelon’s Slim Signature backpack is a versatile and classic design that includes incredible anti-theft features such as RFID-blocking card slots, lockable zippers, and slash-resistant fabric. It is not bulky or heavy, but it is roomy. Adore readers will love this backpack for travel, as it provides complete peace of mind with its top-notch anti-theft capabilities.

“Taken in Prague, Paris, or Munich!” And nothing was taken in Prague, Paris, or Munich!”. I stored all my essential belongings in it, and adored it. One reviewer remarks, “I brought this backpack along on my trip to Europe and absolutely adored it. The smooth fabric is resistant to water and stains! And if it wasn’t already convenient for travel,


Stores: Tumi | Zappos | Saks Fifth Avenue.

Tumi Spacious Travel Purse Backpack

The Celina Voyageur backpack, which is similar to the Carson backpack and perfect if you need to tote around a larger amount of items, has plenty of zippered pockets both on the outside and inside, with even a padded laptop sleeve. It’s quite spacious and some of the best European travel purses due to their practicality and chic style, Tumi’s bags are always said to be go-to bags for readers.

The value of money appears to be very high even after several years, as this new-looking backpack from Carson Voyageur Tumi has endured a great deal of abuse, spills, and ton of usage. I used this bag on a weekly basis when I was flying for work and it always added a sophisticated element to my travel look. Moreover, over time, this bag has proven to be incredibly durable and has held up exceptionally well.


Stores: Longchamp | Bloomingdale’s | Nordstrom.

Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Purse Backpack, Lightweight Option

This stunning bag is perfect for wandering through the high-fashion streets of Paris, but it also makes two flights on a personal item too great. The exterior is made of durable nylon with a water-resistant lining, providing plenty of room for the necessities of a day’s worth. The Le Pliage women’s travel backpack is always a favorite among our chic and high-quality readers.

I love using it because it feels secure and everything stays organized. It easily opens and holds lots of items. When I’m not using it, it neatly folds flat for convenient storage.

Learn more about why readers regard this bag as the ultimate backpack purse for travel in the complete review here!


Store: Rebecca Minkoff | Zappos | Bloomingdale’s.

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Leather Travel Handbag Backpack

Many TFG readers say that the beautiful leather travel purse from Rebecca Minkoff, the Julian backpack, is the best small travel purse for European travel. It’s ultra-practical with three compartments and tons of pockets to keep everything organized and secure, including a secret back pocket for storing valuables and money. It’s spacious inside, so you can dress up for a nice dinner or dress down for sightseeing.

Mary Poppins calls it my “magical bag” as it easily holds everything I need for a day out with my friends. I love using it as my personal item and travel bag, says one reader.

Here, you can also get this cute bag in a larger size, Jumbo, or in a smaller size, Medium, to find out more about the full review of this backpack.


Store: Pacsafe | Walmart.

Pacsafe CX Citysafe Travel Purse Backpack with Enhanced Security Features

Consider this Citysafe Pacsafe backpack purse as one of the best travel backpack purse options for Europe. Not only does it weigh under a pound, but it also features RFID-blocking technology, fabric that is resistant to cuts and straps that are resistant to being cut. The interlocking zippers add an extra level of security. Aside from its great security features, this bag also boasts plenty of pockets for great organization. And let’s not forget to mention its adorable look.

I highly recommend this backpack. Throughout my travels in Hungary and Budapest, I felt secure and confident that my personal belongings were safe. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it could fit inside. It fit perfectly on my luggage and I was able to use it as my personal item on flights. I recently ordered this backpack for my trip to Europe and I agree with reviewer A’s experience. This versatile beauty not only has a trolley sleeve, but much more.

Looking for a backpack with a trolley sleeve? Find the best here!

Top-Rated Convertible Backpack Handbag for Traveling in Europe

These incredibly adorable options will complement any travel ensemble. The most sought-after style is a backpack that can transform into a shoulder bag, crossbody, or tote. Opting for a versatile bag that can be worn in multiple ways is the answer to avoiding the need for multiple bags. Many readers often emphasize the importance of having sufficient outfit choices while avoiding excessive packing when it comes to a capsule wardrobe, and this sentiment also applies to travel handbags for Europe!


Store: Amazon | Kohl’s.

Travelon Timeless Adaptable Safe Travel Handbags

It can hold a few souvenirs and maybe even some essentials for the day. The interior has slots for passport and card blocking RFID, and the material is fully slash-resistant. All the compartments of the lock are secure and the travel European purse backpack by Travelon is simple, compact, and perfectly stylish. It is a mighty but tiny anti-theft option for travel.

I highly suggest this bag, especially for when you are traveling! I have used it as a crossbody purse a few times. This backpack is the perfect size for me, not too small and not too big. The security features with the zipper locks and RFID pockets are something I really appreciate. Since I have had Travelon bags in the past, I was specifically looking for one to use on my recent trip to Europe. It is definitely lightweight, weighing less than a pound! One traveler enthusiastically says, “Since I have had Travelon bags before, I was specifically looking for one to use on my recent trip to Europe. The security features with the zipper locks and RFID pockets are something I really appreciate. This backpack is the perfect size for me, not too small and not too big. I have used it as a crossbody purse a few times. I highly recommend this bag, especially for traveling!”


Store: Amazon | Zappos | Walmart.

Baggallini Soho Secure Travel Bag Convertible Rucksack

You can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure inside this Baggallini convertible purse, which features slash-proof straps and fabric, a wristlet that is RFID-protected and removable, pickpocket-proof lockable zippers, and offers travel safety.

“One reader succinctly describes my Baggallini bag as an ideal travel handbag that I have been using for years. Additionally, it offers versatility in terms of how it can be worn. It features a sleeve for attaching to luggage, a compartment specifically designed for a laptop, and a water-resistant fabric. Despite these functional features, the bag remains remarkably lightweight and effortlessly comfortable to carry.”

The convertible Naples backpack is a very popular option for readers with a chic and daintier style, as it is perfect for carrying enough essentials in Europe.


Shop: Amazon…..

Telena Travel Backpack Purse with Anti-Theft Features

This backpack is made of soft, water-resistant faux leather and has a roomy main compartment with a unique zippered opening from the back to keep your belongings safe. It also features two side pouches and a front zippered pocket for additional storage. Telena’s cute anti-theft purses offer incredible security and organization for travel in one beautiful package.

The fabric is resistant to water and scratches, making it easy to stay organized and store a lot in the many other pockets. I love the security of the big pocket against my back, especially when riding the subway. It still looks brand new and somehow, I have been using this backpack as a purse for a few months, including a two and a half week trip to Europe. One traveler says.


Store: Sherpani | Zappos.

Sherpani Soleil RFID Travel Handbag Backpack

Readers rave about how the Soleil Sherpani purses are theft-proof, making them a wonderful travel buddy for sightseeing in the city. It offers a great amount of storage space with two open side pockets, including pockets for umbrellas or water bottles. The fabric is super durable, water-resistant, and lightweight.

It can be quite convenient to have a loop chair with a fabric that is anti-slash and zippers that are lockable. One major bonus is that the system has a lock loop feature, which means no one can easily take it off.

“An essential investment for travelers! Ideal for navigating through crowded areas or packed trains without any hassle. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort. With this travel essential, you can effortlessly make your journey stress-free and enjoyable.”

This PINCEL backpack is a more informal choice that readers adore, and it also possesses excellent anti-theft characteristics!

For even more convertible backpack, review these reader faves!

Top Sling or Belt Bag for Traveling in Europe

Maybe you will choose one of these stylish picks. They love to sit close to your body and hold essentials for sightseeing, but they also love the compact and small trend of fanny packs and sling bags that shows no signs of going away. Sometimes, the best purse to travel with in Europe is something less conspicuous!


Shop: Amazon….. | Macy’s | Kohl’s

Travelon Secure Mini Convertible Travel Purse Sling

Shut the locks tightly and travel for many years, and you will find that all of your outfits will match, giving you a clean look. In addition to a few must-have cosmetics and sunglasses, you will have plenty of room in the bag for your wallet, phone, and other essentials. The main compartment of the bag has a zippered pocket, RFID-blocking card slots, a key clip, and a spacious compartment. With Travelon’s anti-theft Metro belt, you can enjoy complete security and comfort as you explore your European destination.

I will definitely utilize it for all forthcoming journeys. It was exceptionally ideal for traveling abroad. I didn’t experience any discomfort in my neck due to a bulky handbag. An added benefit was the convenient accessibility to my phone, metro card, eyeglasses, and credit cards. The zippers securely fastened. A TFG reader sported hers in Barcelona and attested, “I utilized the Travelon waist pack on a daily basis”. Additionally, you have the option to carry it crossbody for a change of style!


Store: Lo & Sons.

Lo & Sons Waverley 2 Leather Travel Handbags/Sling Bags

Talk about a cute travel purse! It will elevate any sightseeing outfit and also work with your dressier going-out looks. It’s the perfect size to fit all your necessities, and it’s available in a high-quality, sleek vegan leather option. In addition, it will make a gorgeous addition to your travel wardrobe. If you’re looking for a light travel bag, Sons & Lo offers a crossbody travel purse that is just perfect for you!

I loved the second color I bought so much. It was great for walking through the airport hands-free and exploring. It was versatile and easy to use, fitting all my essentials for full days of walking around. It was the best outfit accessory – wow! One user says they took this bag as a wristlet, crossbody, or wore it on their waist during their honeymoon in Europe.

The Bond, an adorable waist bag that’s slightly roomier, features numerous compartments and a germ-killing lining, and can also be styled as a waist pouch or a crossbody bag, is also endorsed by readers.


Shop: Amazon…..

INICAT Compact Travel Handbags/Sling Bags

INICAT’s small travel purse is the perfect choice if you want something practical yet compact. It is made of high-quality faux leather, which gives it a stylish and sleek appearance. The adjustable strap ensures that it can be worn on the front or back of your body securely. It is designed to comfortably fit all your little essentials for a day’s adventures, with four card slots and two zippered compartments.

One user shared that it was very convenient to access my items quickly. It was perfect for holding my phone, credit cards, and documents, while traveling to Paris and London. I didn’t have to worry about the safety of my belongings in museums, the metro, or from theft as a tourist.


Shop: Monos.

Monos Metro Vegan Leather Travel Shoulder Bag

This Metro Monos sling bag is constructed with ultra-microfiber vegan leather that is scratch-resistant and water-resistant, making it a great-looking bag that will hold up well throughout many, many travel adventures! It has pockets on the interior, including a hidden back pocket to keep your passport or wallet secure, and it can be worn and adjusted in a variety of ways, providing a comfortable and amazingly versatile fit. Additionally, it comes with an extra carabiner keychain for keeping your phone and other belongings safe.

“One wearer mentioned that during their travels, they always felt secure with their belongings. Each ensemble they packed for the trip was compatible with the sling. They noted that the sling didn’t feel bulky or cumbersome across their chest, yet it could accommodate a significant amount of items. They specifically purchased this sling for a two-week excursion in Europe.”

Want more small, cute bags? These best sling bags might do the trick!

Top Tote Bags for Traveling in Europe

Choosing these beautiful and functional bags is a great idea. They are compact and convenient for traveling, making them the perfect option for storing souvenirs during your journey or using them as a personal item on board. Additionally, they can also serve as a versatile bag for your European trip, not just limited to travel.


Shop: Amazon….. | Macy’s

Travelon Ladies’ Tote Bags

Travelon’s travel totes for women can secure objects by using straps that lock-down to keep them stationary, while also providing material that is RFID-blocking, slash-proof, and has locking zippers. It has a sleek and simple design, and can be worn as a crossbody or on your shoulder. Additionally, it covers all the bases in terms of theft prevention, making it an amazingly functional choice.

This top-notch tote has awesome organization, making it versatile, pretty, and made of fabric that is resistant to dirt and water, perfect for all your travel outfits.

User one reports, “I really like how secure and travel-friendly that purse is! I wanted something that I could carry everything I needed for my three-week trip to Europe and this purse was perfect. It holds a lot without being bulky, can be worn in multiple ways, and has a great number of pockets with convenient placement.”

The Boho Travelon tote bag for women is a relaxed and chic black quilted fabric, with numerous organizational pockets and RFID protection. It has a room for a 15.6″ laptop and comes in gray heather and mosaic tile as well, but black is more preferred.


Store: Tumi | Nordstrom.

Tumi Voyageur Just In Case Packable Oversized Tote Bags for Ladies

The Tumi Packable womens travel tote bags are a favorite among travelers who know they’ll be bringing home some goodies from their vacation! It opens up into a spacious and durable tote bag, equipped with sturdy handles and an easy-to-carry trolley sleeve. When not in use, it easily packs down into a teeny pouch, making it convenient for storing in your suitcase or packing it up for your trip.

And the printing is so enjoyable! One TFG expresses, “I adore it! It’s spacious yet incredibly lightweight and folds compactly!”


Store: Longchamp | Nordstrom.

Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon/Leather Tote Bags for Ladies

It comes in a range of colors and is easy to store when flat folded. The Pliage Le tote is made of high-quality leather trim and smooth, water-resistant nylon that is both lightweight and sturdy. These large women’s tote bags are classic, versatile, and can hold enough travel necessities, as well as two souvenirs and a sweater. You can’t go wrong with these chic Longchamp tote bags.

Usually, when traveling to Europe, I carry my suitcase with me and use it there. According to many readers of TFG, these tote bags are considered the best for women and are highly recommended.

Depending on how much space you need for your travels, choose from a large or medium-sized bag! They also have sustainably-made canvas tote bags for women. They are also available in large and medium sizes.


Store: Lo & Sons.

Lo & Sons Seville Women’s Tote Bag

This bag from Seville & Lo is a super cute accessory that combines leather and nylon trim to make it fashionable and practical. Aside from its adorable appearance, it also offers easy-to-reach essentials with a large front zipper pocket. Inside the bag, you’ll find a padded laptop sleeve and variously-sized pockets, making it perfect for women who prioritize organization. You’ll definitely adore this laptop tote!

One reader enthusiastically praises, “Lo & Sons bags are my top choice! The Seville tote is exceptional.”


Shop: Amazon….. | Zappos | Macy’s

Baggallini Avenue Travel Tote Bags for Ladies

Avenue’s Baggallini’s women’s laptop tote bag is the perfect go-to bag for a day of sightseeing. It has a sturdy yet lightweight interior with pockets and card slots for organizing your belongings. The fabric is water-resistant, making it ideal for all-day use. You’ll feel comfortable carrying it on your shoulder, and it can hold everything you need. This cute and casual bag is a favorite among readers at TFG.

If you frequently embark on journeys, I highly suggest it! It effortlessly slides onto my baggage handle too, and I adore its ample capacity. It possesses all the essentials I require, with a generous interior space. What makes this tote even more remarkable are its machine washable attribute, a convenient trolley sleeve, a detachable and adaptable crossbody strap, and a 13″ laptop compartment.


Store: Sherpani | Zappos.

Sherpani Cali Large Totes for Women with Anti-Theft Features

The Cali tote is constructed with long-lasting and waterproof materials, utilizing high-quality nylon fabric that contributes to its lightweight design. It features a chair loop lock system, lockable zippers, RFID protection, and exterior pockets. Moreover, it includes a dedicated laptop sleeve and a convenient water bottle pocket, along with numerous interior pockets. With its attractive appearance, spacious interior, and comfortable carrying experience, Sherpani’s Cali laptop tote bags for women offer an excellent choice for anti-theft purposes.

A customer exclaims, “This bag is the ideal size for me! It’s safe and has ample compartments! I adore Sherpani!!”.

For more stylish travel totes, read this post to scour for extra ideas!

Top Crossbody Phone Bag for Traveling in Europe

You go on a trip to Europe, it only makes sense to keep our phone inside a bigger purse, right? Some readers always use small travel purses that only hold a few pieces like cards or ID and a phone, while others like to take a lot with them but still want easy access to their device, so they trust and adore these options to keep their devices safe. These capsule wardrobes are so chic and fab, plus they are perfect for a light day of sightseeing. If you want to combine them with another bag while still looking photo-ready or to easily switch directions, taking your phone and crossbody purse works well too!


Shop: Bandolier.

Bandolier Emma Phone Crossbody Bags for Travel

If you want to keep your valuables safe and close at all times, this ultra minimal Emma crossbody case from Bandolier is the perfect chic accessory. Made of high-quality leather, it has a rear pocket with adjustable straps and snap closures to securely hold your cash and cards. This popular crossbody case also doubles as a stylish phone holder, making it the ideal choice for readers and anyone in need of a super functional and fashionable way to keep all their essentials in one place.

The Sarah crossbody case has a comparable design, but the strap is embellished with gold studs!

Reader says, “I bought a trip to France for many times and used it. The best part is being able to easily look at your phone and take pictures without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. The nice leather case keeps it looking polished all the time.”


Shop: Amazon…..

LAMEEKU Travel Crossbody Bag

The faux quilted leather adds a chic element and comes in three colors. The Lameeku’s crossbody is another functional and secure option that doubles as a stylish accessory, featuring a zippered wallet on the back with room for cash and cards, plus an adjustable long strap. It’s lined with RFID-blocking technology, so all your valuables will be safe and sound at all times.

“Additionally, it features a small compartment for your identification and money! You simply need to scan, eliminating the necessity of opening your handbag to make a payment. I possess this crossbody phone case and adore it!”

This phone lanyard comes with two strap options, making it highly recommended for sightseeing. It can be worn as a secure wristlet or attached inside a purse. Additionally, it can be attached to your existing phone case to keep your phone safe from being stolen, lost, or dropped while taking photos. Readers have suggested phone lanyards as an alternative to crossbody phone purses.


Shop: Quince..

Quince Mobile Crossbody Travel Bags

At a budget-friendly price point, the quality of this purse is incredible and it has a really adorable appearance. It is extremely secure and versatile. It’s ready to accompany you on your travel adventures and it will keep your essentials organized. It comes in a variety of colors and is beautifully crafted from pebbled leather. This crossbody phone purse from Quince can even hold a few additional items like lip balm, sunglasses, cash, cards, and your phone.

“With neat stitching and minimalistic hardware, the bag is skillfully crafted and the leather is of superior quality. Additionally, it features a few credit card slots and has enough space to accommodate my phone and keys, making it the ideal small crossbody bag! This is a highly recommended product, as shared by a satisfied user.”

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Top-rated Messenger Bags for Traveling in Europe

Are they also cute? Have we mentioned that the available selection includes both regular purses and bags that offer more storage capacity if required! The lightweight travel messenger bag is not only adorable, but it can also accommodate a tablet or small laptop (in case you need to use one while traveling). On the other hand, the classic messenger bag is typically larger and commonly used by commuters.


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Travelon Small Messenger Bags for Women with Anti-Theft Features

Travelon’s slim messenger bag now includes a detachable LED light and a spacious front pocket to enhance its functionality. Moreover, this bag is designed with slash-proof fabric, locking compartments, and RFID-blocking technology to ensure that nobody can access its contents. Despite its ability to hold a large amount of items, the bag remains compact and comfortable to wear.

I felt safe even in Amsterdam and London. I bought souvenirs and travel booklets, maps, an iPad, a phone, a hat, a wallet, and a camera – all the necessary items for a day of touring. I purchased this perfect-sized bag for my recent trip to Europe based on a reader’s recommendation.


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Ecosusi Synthetic Leather Messenger Bag

Ecosusi’s faux leather messengers go beyond cute, pairing classic style with unique functional features. These stylish messanger bags have multiple pockets for organization and a padded laptop sleeve, making them awesome for traveling. The exterior is sleek and high quality, with a super durable and variety of color options available.

“This purchase is absolutely ideal! It perfectly accommodates my laptop, along with some files and a power cord. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it the most comfortable bag I have ever used for running through airports. Not only is it comfortable to carry, but it is also incredibly durable. As someone who travels a lot, I needed a bag that could withstand frequent use, and I am absolutely in love with this one, as is reader A.”


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Travel F.A.R. Messenger Tote Bags

Traveling can be made easier with the incredible organization and streamlined design of the super cool messenger bags offered by Away, which are perfect for a girl on the go. These bags are lightweight enough to pick you up and bring you all the necessities for your hike or wandering around museums. Additionally, the fabric used is super sturdy, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, making it perfect for any adventure.

Extra credit is awarded to the conscientiously obtained, reused materials and enjoyable color choices!


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Time Resistance Leather Messenger Bags

The womens leather messenger bags option from Time Resistance is absolutely breathtaking! If you’re looking for a great purse, this is definitely a smaller, more compact version. It features three compartments with a secure zip pocket, allowing you to easily fit all of your essentials. Additionally, the top of the bag can be securely closed, and it can be carried comfortably as a crossbody messenger bag. This leather bag is not only handmade in Italy, but it is also made of high-quality, stunning leather!

Timeless yet subtle. It’s effortless, creating an orderly system with premium quality leather, which is the finest obtainable. There are numerous compartments and closures. Additional insights are shared by a satisfied user about their beloved bag.

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Chart Comparing Women’s Purse Options for Traveling in Europe

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