UPDATED: Why is Tractor Supply Onboard for a “Family Friendly” Drag Queen Pride Event in Texas? – They’re Not

“Why is Tractor Supply Supporting ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show?” Inquires host Todd Starnes.

The issue: drag queens should not be entertaining children. Kids do not belong in bars, strip clubs, or at adult entertainment events.

Why do transsexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, and heterosexuals groom and sexualize children to indoctrinate females in any part of the world?

Waco commemorates Pride with the “OUT on the Brazos” festival. Story by Baylor Lariat TV News.

Kids are visible in the video clip. A backing sign from Central Presbyterian Church is also noticeable. Demonstrators from a Christian organization were present to protect kids.

Learn more about the event on the Waco Pride website.

#TractorSupply in WACO Texas supported a Drag Queen Story hour. Introducing minors to sexually explicit performances by drag queens.

Witness Harlotte Hussy, the drag performer, showcasing their dance skills at the Texas Pride event, which is also supported by SpaceX.

Tractor Supply has gone full woke and sponsored a drag queen show in Waco Texas. No more Tractor Supply for my family.

A pride event for people of all ages is taking place in Waco, TX.

The response I received when I inquired about the DQ incident from an employee at an online Tractor Supply store stated that all employment decisions are made in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, ensuring fairness and equality regardless of sex, race, color, age, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy or maternity, genetic information, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender reassignment, citizenship status, military status, or any other protected status.

The employee gave me the email address (cory@tractorsupply.Com) to contact, so I reached out. Nevertheless, I didn’t receive any reply.

Google-backed ‘family-friendly’ Pride event showcases a thought-provoking performance by ‘Hydrated Queer Kitties’ and a drag queen storytelling session for kids.

  • Startling images: Children recline on a male individual dressed as a female during the event known as ‘Drag Queen Story Time’.
  • Pizza Hut’s book club advocates for drag queen literature to pre-K children.
  • TikTok posts about the socially conscious Pizza Hut.

    The photograph depicts a Drag Queen Story Hour performer wearing a short skirt, with their groin area exposed, while children sit nearby.

    Pride Joliet extends an invitation to children of all ages in Illinois to attend a drag show where performers encourage bringing dollar bills to tip them, as posted by Libs on TikTok.

    Rational and reasonable adults must voice their opinions to safeguard and uphold the rights of children.

    We appreciate and share your concerns. Unfortunately, inaccurate information has been circulating about the event and our involvement. Along with many local employers, we had a table at the Waco Pride Network, a festival held at a local park, in October. Our goals at the event were to inform attendees about the quality careers we offer and to support the community. Before the event, the organizers assured us that it would be family-friendly with food trucks, ‘normal’ music bands, etc. and made no mention of any inappropriate entertainment. We do not condone this type of entertainment nor would we support an event that included it. We have expressed our strong concerns, frustration, and disappointment about this to the organizers.

    With our mission and values at the heart of what we do, our goal is to always support the communities we service in a positive manner. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to address your concerns and questions. We wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

    Jill- TSC Customer Solutions Leader