USA vs Netherlands score, result, highlights as Lindsey Horan rescues draw for sloppy USWNT at Women’s World Cup

The United States is in peril after playing a disappointing and sloppy 1-1 draw against the Netherlands in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, with the top spot in Group E at stake.

Vlatko Andonovski, the Head coach, named an unchanged side for the win over Vietnam, despite Rose Lavelle, who is fully recovered from her knee injury, leaving the bench. The Americans, ranked No. 1 in the world and established as pre-tournament favorites, put a surprising lineup on the pitch.

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The United States’ defense was disorganized as they conceded a goal to Jill Roord in the 17th minute, allowing the Netherlands to take the lead. The Dutch team dominated the midfield and the United States struggled to create any opportunities in the first 45 minutes of the match.

The USWNT went into halftime trailing in their first-ever Women’s World Cup match in 2011, and they were unable to find a response before the break.

They poured on the late pressure but ran out of time to find a winner. The USWNT found an equalizer in the 62nd minute with a powerful header from Lindsey Horan, and they were even better in the second half. Andonovski only made one substitution throughout the entire match, but Lavelle would enter at the halftime break.

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The Sporting News covered the live match between the USA and Netherlands, offering score updates, commentary, and highlights in real-time.

Standings for Group E in the Women’s World Cup

5. Vietnam -5 0 0 2 0 2 1 +1 4. Portugal +1 1 1 2 0 2 1 +1 3. Netherlands +1 1 1 0 1 2 1 +4 2. USA +3 1 1 0 1 4 1 points goal difference goals against goals for defeats wins games played points Team.

The USA netted a goal via Horan in the 62nd minute, whereas the Netherlands leveled the score with a goal from Roord in the 17th minute.

Starting lineups:.

In the match, the players wearing the numbers 20, 13, and 11 are Rodman, Morgan, and Smith respectively. The player wearing the number 9 is DeMelo, who was substituted in the 46th minute by Lavelle. The players wearing the numbers 17 and 10 are Sullivan and Horan. The backline consists of players wearing the numbers 23, 8, 4, and 19, which are Fox, Ertz, Girma, and Dunn respectively. The goalkeeper for the USA team is Naeher, who wears the number 1. The team is playing in a 4-3-3 formation, from right to left.

Martens, 11. Snoeijs (Egurrola, 71′) — 22. Brugts, 10. Van de Donk, 14. Groenen, 17. Pelova — 6. Roord (Jansen, 90′) — 20. Janssen, 3. Van der Gragt (Nouwen, 46′), 8. Spitse — 1. Van Domselaar (Goalkeeper)

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Analysis of the USA vs Netherlands Match

Vlatko Andonovski made a poor choice with his initial lineup

Justified were those worries, and it’s evident why Rose Lavelle was not included in the starting lineup for this match, there were reasonable uncertainties.

Lindsey Horan’s equalizer proved to be a vital part of the USWNT midfield, even though she doesn’t always have her absolute best performance. In the second half, Rose Lavelle’s introduction provided an assist and ignited a spark.

The decision remained unjustified at the end of the 90 minutes, and the bench on Cook Alana maintaining defense in lost appeared herself Ertz and match this throughout poor was Sullivan Andi. Midfield the in Sullivan have to midfield U.S. The in be to has Ertz Julie Additionally. Little sense made match the before, and midfield in Sullivan have to bench the on Cook Alana maintaining defense in lost appeared herself Ertz and match this throughout poor was Sullivan Andi.

“I think the connection going forward was a lot better in the second half.”@JennyTaft chats with Trinity Rodman after the USWNT’s 1-1 draw vs Netherlands ⬇️

The US Women’s National Team now needs to secure a victory against Portugal or risk being in a vulnerable position.

In order to win the group, Portugal must beat both the U.S. And Vietnam, while maintaining their goal differential advantage. This means that the U.S. Realistically has to win the group. The Dutch, who are currently level on points, have put themselves in a perilous position with this draw, as they now have to finish the group stage by playing against Vietnam.

A possible outcome, although not probable, considering the underwhelming display against the Netherlands. If Portugal secures three points against Vietnam, the U.S. Would then suffer a loss. This would not only affect their chances of winning the group but also their qualification, making them susceptible if they do not succeed.

On the last day, they currently have a task to accomplish, and that was not the situation, but the United States would have greatly preferred to have their knockout stage position secured on Wednesday evening.

The United States demonstrated their ability to achieve a result solely through determination.

Despite the challenges faced in the first half, the United States managed to secure a point against a high-quality European team.

The Netherlands only had 0.33, whereas the Dutch managed to accumulate 1.34 anticipated goals. The Netherlands only managed to produce five shots, while the United States completely dominated the attacking aspect, with a total of 18 shots.

The Dutch were able to dominate the game even without their wingers, especially during the final 20 minutes, when they pummeled the U.S. Both teams created significant chances, but the U.S. Struggled mightily. The match showed just how much the U.S. Can dominate a game, even without their wingers, despite the unappealing appearance of the match. The U.S. Controlled the third attacking phase.

“You roll up your sleeves, you find your grit and then you find your goals.”@JennyTaft catches up with Julie Ertz after the USWNT’s draw vs Netherlands ⬇️

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The Netherlands remains vulnerable even if they qualify for the knockout stage, which leaves them in a perilous situation. It is also clear that the situation for the U.S. Is not only disappointing, but a win against Portugal would be anything but less clear.

If they fail to emerge as the top group in the group stage, Vietnam will take on the Netherlands in the final match. To maintain their goal differential advantage over the Dutch (currently +2), they must beat Portugal and all the other teams in their group.

If possible, it is advisable to steer clear of that meeting, as it involves an adversary with whom they share a lot of animosity. This could result in the U.S. Being pitted against Sweden in the Round of 16, failing to secure victory in their group.

If they are still likely to make it out of the Survival Cup World, even if they have to sweat it out, the U.S. Now has a good way to play and it is never a good day to leave it until the final day. Victory against the Dutch would have been ideal in terms of sorting out their Survival Cup World chances.

Live updates, highlights, and commentary of the USA vs Netherlands match

Full-time: USA 1-1 Netherlands

The game consumed 45 minutes of the terrible first half, as they ran out of time despite being superior in the last 30 minutes and a lackluster performance overall from the United States.

In this game, the athletes on the field are more skilled than they demonstrated, however, Vlatko’s selection of players and failure to make substitutions will be closely examined.

Final 1-1 This is the first draw for the #USWNT since the 2015 World Cup.

United States versus Netherlands: Latter Half

Rose Lavelle and Danielle van de Donk are both left stunned as a collision of heads occurs in the 94th minute. Van de Donk remains on the ground for a considerable period while receiving medical attention, and Lavelle feels disoriented as she regains her footing and composes herself.

Andi Sullivan launches it high from a considerable distance, preventing them from taking a shot, despite a few unsuccessful touches. However, the ball maneuvers the U.S. Team into a perilous position at the edge of the six-yard box in the 90+3rd minute.

The Dutch make a substitution, replacing Jill Roord with Renate Jansen.

90th minute: Five minutes of additional time are displayed. The Dutch have endured the late U.S. Surge thus far.

They have enough time to find a winner. The Netherlands have been playing deep and delivering lofted crosses into the penalty area for the entire last five minutes. Sherida Spitse gets in the way, but Sophia Smith finds her with a right cross! Alex Morgan’s header from the front of the goal is just blocked by the USA! Chance in the 86th minute.

The pressure is ultimately relieved, and the third corner is finally cleared. No one can achieve the goal of looking good, but the result is a multitude of half-chances in the first two attempts. Currently, the United States is pouring pressure on their third consecutive corner.

Instead of taking a wide shot from the post, Sophia has a small window to finish the ball at a tight angle. She feeds Rodman through and now Rodman comes up short, failing to capitalize on the opening. Just minutes after the Dutch miss, Trinity USA misses a glorious chance to take the lead. Chance, 82nd minute.

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A chance for Trinity Rodman goes just wide 🇺🇸

In the 80th minute, Julie Ertz, who lost her mark, recovers to make a goal-saving block as the Dutch team initiates a glorious buildup from the back. Oh my, what an open-wide shot produces a cutback and unlocks a vertical ball attack for the U.S. Against the Netherlands!

However, she compensates for it, which is an error on Ertz’s part. Although she was caught off guard by the trailers, she displayed remarkable recovery skills by positioning her body to block the hit. In contrast, Ertz found himself in a position where he was not marking anyone.

In the 70th minute of the game, the U.S. Team has completely dominated play. They are tackling every 50/50 ball and winning every loose ball. It’s like they have flipped a switch and now they are the ones who look tired and in need of something to wake them up. Danielle van Donk and her Dutch teammates are struggling to keep up with the U.S. Team’s level of play.

Lineth Beerensteyn, the sidelined forward, was substituted in for Katja Snoeijs, who is replaced by Damaris Egurrola as the Dutch make a substitution.

The Replay shows were correctly called. Morgan couldn’t just hold her run and flank right on the pocket defender’s side. Trinity Rodman picked up the ball after coming offside, but the flag is up for the net in the back. She has the ball in the U.S. Lead! Alex Morgan gives the USA nearly a chance, min 67th!

Timepiece in the United States:

Alex Morgan finds the back of the net for what would have been the go ahead goal for the @USWNT, but is called back 🇺🇸

Lindsey Horan of the USA delivers a pinpoint header near the post, hitting the back of the net with a thunderous delivery. GOAL! She puts her team up with a goal in the 62nd minute.

Horan and Lindsey do not want you to be angry. The U.S. Midfielder made them angry and Danielle van Donk, Horan’s club teammate, made her mad.

Timepiece in the United States:


Lyon has two teammates at the club. Horan looks very shaken and it takes a long time for her to get up. Midfielder Lindsey Horan is receiving treatment after getting pulverized by a thumping challenge from U.S. Midfielder Danielle van de Donk, just in the 60th minute.

The game carries on and Horan eventually returns. The two exchange intense words, and shortly after, the referee intervenes. The incident leaves Horan extremely displeased, but the referee reconciles them and encourages them to behave respectfully.

Timepiece in the United States:

Lindsey Horan was slow to get up after this challenge

Alex Morgan finds the back of the net for what would have been the go ahead goal for the @USWNT, but is called back 🇺🇸

At the moment, she appears to be the sole individual displaying any vitality, however, Rose Lavelle is exerting her utmost effort to invigorate this team, and when the U.S. Possesses the ball, there is absolutely no movement without the ball. The Dutch team is content with slowing down the pace of the game while in possession, resulting in an exceedingly sluggish match at present. In the 57th minute:

#uswnt needs to play quicker. Openings are there, but US taking too long on the ball.

Similar to phantoms, the United States is pursuing the Dutch players with the ball across the field while the Dutch are maintaining control. There has been little to no alteration since the beginning of the match and five minutes into the second half.

In the first half, the referee gave Lavelle Rose a yellow card for a hard foul on Jackie Groenen, which is fair in a vacuum but lacks consistency.

It seems that Nouwen Aniek may have been replaced due to injury, with Stefanie van der Gragt taking her place for the Dutch team. As a like-for-like change, Savannah DeMelo is expected to replace Rose Lavelle for the U.S. Team. As both sides make a substitution, we will see the kickoff as a way to get back in the game.

In the first half, DeMelo, who was reasonably bright, was particularly harsh. There was a need for something different, especially in personnel, and the shape of the team remained the same. Lavelle was required to come on for DeMelo, as they are similar in style. The substitution doesn’t really make much sense for the U.S., To be honest, as it doesn’t add much value.

It’s been a long time since the U.S. Has been in this position, trailing at halftime of a Women’s World Cup game.

#USWNT trails at half for the sixth time in 52 World Cup games. 🇺🇸 First time since the 2011 group stage vs Sweden (the only USWNT group oss) 🇺🇸 USWNT has one win (3-2 vs GER in 1999 quarters) and four losses when trailing at half in the World Cup.

INTERMISSION: USA 0-1 Netherlands

Are there any additional modifications anticipated? It seems that Rose Lavelle will enter the game when play resumes, approximately 5 minutes into the second half.

Rose Lavelle is warming up. Very likely coming on at halftime.

Instead of being a benefit, Vlatko Andonovski’s daring lineup choices have proven to be a disadvantage. The Dutch team had a response for every attempt made by the U.S. Women. During that period, nothing was successful for the United States until the halftime whistle.

Following the intermission, there may arise additional concerns if he does not accomplish this task. It is advisable to substitute Rose Lavelle with Andi Sullivan, and reposition Julie Ertz in the midfield, thereby enabling Alana Cook to enter the field. These halftime modifications are clearly evident and should be implemented.

#USWNT trails at the World Cup for the first time in 18 games, since the 2011 quarterfinals vs Brazil.

USA vs Netherlands: Opening Period

She is released from the hook. It ought to have been a yellow card, and in reality, she receives a last caution from the referee, a Dutch midfielder carelessly collides with Savannah DeMelo at the 45+2 minute mark.

Lindsey Horan of the U.S. Gets a pair of corners that she can’t target on, but she manages to get her head to them. In the 36th minute:

In the past few minutes, they have displayed more innovation, but the United States needs to address the midfield. Both teams have hydration and Stefie van der Gragt requires medical attention, resulting in a pause in the game.

At the 34th minute, as the opportunity dissipates and the connection with her facing away from the goal fails to alleviate the pressure exerted by a Dutch defender, Alex Morgan faces immense pressure from Trinity Rodman in the vicinity of the goal. However, she realizes that the U.S. Team is beginning to intensify their offensive efforts.

Timepiece in the United States:

Dazzling run from Alex Morgan but the @USWNT’s effort results in another corner for the Red, White & Blue 🇺🇸

Just a few inches above the crossbar! Place it only a few inches above the crossbar and swiftly move towards the volleyed attempt. It went directly to her feet, resulting in a clearance. Dominique Janssen fires a slightly high, curved shot from a long distance. Netherlands! Opportunity in the 29th minute.

The Dutch have controlled the proceedings since the opening goal, with the U.S. Holding possession just 34 percent of the time and unable to get the ball on the second attempt.

Timepiece in the United States:

Dominique Janssen’s volley from outside the area doesn’t miss by much 🇳🇱

Julie Ertz managed to head the ball into the corner of the net in the 22nd minute, despite not having much space and being under a lot of pressure.

Timepiece in the United States:

Julie Ertz crashing at the back post off the corner 👀

In the 18th minute, the USA team had a chance! The United States promptly attempted to counter, but Daphne van Domselaar made an outstanding save!

Timepiece in the United States:

The @USWNT nearly takes one right back 👀

Jill Roord finds herself in the penalty area and comes back right from the top to finish low, but Pelova is the one to feed it first from the left wing for the Dutch. She leaves tons of space on the left wing, and the U.S. Defense doesn’t just respond, allowing Martens Lieke to bring the ball forward with plenty of space. The Dutch have scored with their first attacking possession. NETHERLANDS! GOAL! 17th minute.

The Netherlands score the first goal right through the U.S. Defense. Andi Sullivan failed to find her target.

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One touch, one strike, one lead for the Netherlands 🇳🇱

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Watch in Canada:

Jill Roord gives the Netherlands the 1-0 lead!#FIFAWWC

Timepiece in Australia:

Jill Roord fires the Netherlands in front and the USA concede from the first shot they’ve faced all tournament 🇳🇱 It’s the first time the USWNT have been behind since the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011™! LIVE | #OptusSport

Today’s Japanese referee, without issuing a yellow card, observes a foul as Jackie Groenen forcefully pulls her opponent down by her ponytail. She skillfully maneuvers past a defender with a cunning move near the sideline, and in the 15th minute, Savannah DeMelo is exhibiting exceptional performance.

Despite having a slight limp, she is back on her feet and prepared to carry on, although she always experiences concern due to her injury record. Lieke Martens required medical attention for a period of time during the 14th minute.

In the 9th minute, Sophia Smith of the USA just narrowly misses the right post with a powerful shot that goalkeeper Savannah DeMelo couldn’t stop.

Timepiece in the United States:

The first scoring chance of the game for Savannah DeMelo comes at the near post, but the effort goes just wide! 🇺🇸

In the 6th minute, Crystal Dunn’s speculative cross is mishandled by Stefanie van der Gragt, giving the U.S. A nearly gifted chance as the ball goes right through her legs. YIKES, there’s no but, the attacker for the Netherlands!

The contrast in the speed of progress between these two teams is striking.

Attack in their pace, which used to be seen as a positive sign, is progressing quickly. Just before going on the net, Sophia Smith is dispossessed as she can’t get a shot off, but the U.S. Can get a turnover in the midfield and go straight to the Dutch penalty area. In the 3rd minute,

Timepiece in the United States:

The @USWNT applying the attacking pressure early on in New Zealand 🇺🇸

Additionally, in the pursuit of vengeance in 2019, the Netherlands is determined to take command of Group E, while the United States is aiming for the same. Therefore, the most significant match of the group stage is about to begin: Kickoff!

The breeze is 21 mph at the start in Wellington, we’ll observe how that impacts the game.

Almost time. #USWNT #FIFAWWC

USA vs Netherlands: Pre-game commentary, analysis, statistics, and additional information

During tonight’s match, it was evident that Julie Ertz’s husband, Zach, would be behind by five minutes. He made it clear that he is supporting her in the game. Before the Cardinals kickoff, he wore his wife’s jersey. Earlier today, he had the opportunity to participate in a voluntary team workout with the media. Zach is surely focused and eager to get underway. We’re excited about it!

Cardinals player wears his @JulieErtz jersey when talking w media 2.5 hours before tonight’s @USWNT World Cup match

The rematch of the 2019 Women’s World Cup final is approaching rapidly from Wellington, New Zealand. We are getting closer now as preparations are in full swing, with 15 minutes until the start of the game.

The @USWNT takes the field ahead of their match vs Netherlands 🇺🇸🔜

One of the reasons why the team’s failure to find her was somewhat quiet was because Rodman, who starred alongside Sophia Smith, is getting the ball in more dangerous areas against Vietnam today. He is a key kickoff player for the U.S. Women’s team and will play for 30 minutes.

Alex Morgan talks here about#USWNT “synchronized movement” in attack So, ahead of #USAVSNED at #FIFAWWC let’s have some Fun With Numbers™ FIFA’s detailed match report of USA vs Vietnam has the USWNT attempting 161 line breaks. Most (63) go “around,” 51 “over” and 47 “through”

The U.S. Has retained the same starting lineup for the first three games of the Women’s World Cup group stage, marking the first time since 1999 that they have kept an unchanged lineup for five straight matches. It is a very surprising decision from coach Vlatko Andonovski to use the same lineup that he used against Vietnam in the kickoff to the match.

This is the first time since 1999 that the @USWNT repeated a starting lineup in consecutive group stage matches at the #FIFAWWC. 🤯🇺🇸

The sole substitution executed is the compulsory alteration at the beginning. The 19-year-old Esmee Brugts maintains her position as a wing-back, and Katja Snoeijs replaces the injured Lineth Beerensteyn. For the Dutch team, it is a much more conventional lineup being utilized. There is only one hour left until the start of the game.

Naomi Girma is positioned alongside Julie Ertz in the center-back position, without Alana Cook and Rose Lavelle. Vlatko Andonovski has chosen the exact same starting lineup that was used against Vietnam, and it is quite impressive. The lineups have been announced, and there is only 1 hour and 10 minutes left until kickoff.

The decision made by Andonovski, the head coach of the U.S., To pull one fast from either Cook or Lavelle to play against the Netherlands is quite risky. This means that either one of them, fitness-wise, is up for something big.

It’s the exact #USWNT 11 against the Netherlands as it was for the opener against Vietnam.

90 minutes prior to kickoff: Yet another World Cup match, and once again the U.S. Women’s national team makes a remarkable arrival at the stadium.

The @USWNT is in the building 🇺🇸😎

In attendance, there might be a boisterous crowd that resembles the Dutch, but the New Zealanders’ second most beloved team to support has been the Americans. Let’s observe who emerges victorious in the stands as the game commences in two hours.

The Dutch turning out strong in Wellington today. #USANED

“Some might refer to it as disorienting your adversary.” To create chaos, the Americans will not hesitate to send numerous players ahead. Coordinated actions will be crucial in defeating the Dutch, according to Alex Morgan. The kickoff is just 2 hours and 15 minutes away.

“It’s a lot of synchronized movements.” Our very own @JennyTaft asks @USWNT forward Alex Morgan on what it takes to beat the Netherlands 🇺🇸

If we observe these remarks from the Dutch head coach, there is a possibility that an inspired display tonight will not require extensive searching. It is unlikely that these comments will be placed on the U.S. National team’s notice board prior to the match tonight, given that there are only 2 hours and 45 minutes left until kickoff.

Netherlands coach Andries Jonker, speaking to @JeffreyCarlisle 🗣️ “In the past, the USWNT were a lot fitter than the rest of the world, but those days are over…what is left of their superiority?” 🗣️ “Pride comes before a fall, so it’s on us to show their time to fall has come”

And here is the complete context of those quotations:

ludicrously paraphrased 💀 making out like andries wants a fist fight

The USWNT are much better on the field with her. She injected life into the USA attack when she came off the bench against Vietnam. As the USWNT almost certain to get Rose Lavelle back as a starter, they are hurting the Netherlands while looking to kick off in three hours.

Rose Lavelle is available to start for the USWNT against The Netherlands tonight. 👀 Should Vlatko you play her from the jump or have her off the bench again? 🤔

With Lineth Beerensteyn also excluded and Vivianne Miedema not even included in the roster, this Dutch team will not possess the same offensive strength as previous iterations, only 3 hours and 30 minutes left until the start of the match.

#NED manager Andries Jonker says Lineth Beerensteyn is out tomorrow because of an ankle injury. She was already likely out, and now it’s confirmed.#USA #FIFAWWC #BeyondGreatness

The upcoming match for the U.S. Women’s team is consistently the most crucial one, as the USWNT’s strategy remains unchanged. However, this Netherlands team has proven itself in several significant tournaments before. Alex Morgan is aware that this is a significant game for the United States, with only 4 hours left until kickoff.

“We approach every game like it’s the biggest game.” – @alexmorgan13

Lineups and Team News for USA vs Netherlands Match

We are likely to see the strongest possible XI for the United States in the tournament, and it is expected that we will see the toughest group of opponents here. Coach Vlatko Andonovski thought about making two tweaks to his strongest lineup against Vietnam, with Julie Ertz moving back to her natural defensive midfield spot and Rose Lavelle starting in midfield.

The identical starting lineup that was utilized in the tournament opener caught everyone off guard, and the USWNT manager pulled a clever maneuver instead.

Lavelle, who is the most creative midfielder in the squad, played 30 minutes against Vietnam and was thought to be back in full fitness after her knee injury. Ertz is now alongside Naomi Girma in defense, while Alana Cook remains on the bench, which means that.

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The starting lineup for the United States has been confirmed as a 4-3-3 formation: Naeher as the goalkeeper, Dunn, Girma, Ertz, and Fox as the defenders, Horan, Sullivan, and DeMelo as the midfielders, and Smith, Morgan, and Rodman as the forwards.

USA subs (12): Murphy (Goalkeeper), Kingsbury (Goalkeeper), Cook, Huerta, O’Hara, Sonnett, Mewis, Sanchez, Lavelle, Williams, Rapinoe, Thompson.

The Dutch team deployed their first-choice starting lineup against Portugal in their opening group-stage match, despite having one less day to recover than their opponents. A few changes could have been necessary.

In the initial game, however, he remains loyal to the identical defensive formation he employed, implying that head coach Andries Jonker had the option to substitute Aniek Nouwen if he desired to provide some rest for one of his regular players. The Netherlands possess a surplus of talent in the central defensive position.

Against such a formidable USA attacking unit, Jonker has chosen to stick with the young player instead of opting for a more seasoned athlete like full-back Kerstin Casparij for that position, which would have provided them with added defensive stability. The thrilling and promising 19-year-old Esmee Brugts began the game as a wing-back against Portugal.

Lineth Beerensteyn has been ruled out for this game because of an ankle injury, therefore Katja Snoeijs will step onto the field alongside Lieke Martens in the forward position.

Netherlands has confirmed their starting lineup (3-1-4-2) with Martens and Snoeijs in the team, along with Brugts, van de Donk, Groenen, and Pelova. Roord will be playing as the lone forward, supported by Janssen, van der Gragt, and Spitse in defense. Van Domselaar will be the goalkeeper for the match.

Netherlands substitutes (11): Kop (Goalkeeper), Weimar (Goalkeeper), Wilms, Nouwen, van Dongen, Dijkstra, Baijings, Kaptein, Egurrola, Brugts, Jansen.

How to view the USA vs Netherlands match

FIFA World Cup matches can be watched on various platforms such as Malaysia TV Viu, Now TV Hong Kong, meWATCH, StarHub TV, FIFA WWC CH01 Singapore NOW Sport Sky, NZ Prime TV 1 Sport Sky New Zealand, FanCode Sports DD India app/site, TSN site/app TSN+, TSN4, TSN3, TSN1 Canada Sport, Optus Australia website, BBC iPlayer, BBC One UK, NOW Universo Deportes Telemundo (Spanish), Peacock app/site, Sports Fox, Fubo Universo, Telemundo Fox, and USA Streaming channel TV.

Betting odds for the USA vs Netherlands match

The United States is understandably going to be favorites in nearly all single matches throughout the tournament, as they are ranked No. 1 in the world by FIFA and are the overall top favorites. Unless they are devastated by injuries or put forth a string of poor performances.

We’ve seen the Netherlands squad labeled as belonging to the top talent in European football, and although they may not be quite at that level yet, they are indeed considered favorites here.

Both teams are considered to be thought of as premium here, as they earned shutout victories in their opening matches, with neither team unleashing an onslaught of goals.