Vin Scully Dead at 94: 5 Things to Know About the Longtime Los Angeles Dodgers Sportscaster

An overwhelming defeat. Vin Scully, who acted as the commentator for Dodgers baseball for 67 seasons, has departed at the age of 94.

The cause of death of family Scully’s was not immediately revealed. After the Dodgers announced it, the sports icon died at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 2.

“Vin will be sincerely missed.” Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this extremely challenging period. I am aware that he was eagerly anticipating being united with the love of his life, Sandi. His voice will forever be heard and engraved in our memories. And he adored his family. He cherished baseball and the Dodgers. He admired life. He adored individuals. He was an extraordinary man, not only as a broadcaster, but also as a philanthropist. Vin Scully was truly one of the most exceptional voices in the world of sports. “We have lost a legend,” Stan Kasten, Dodgers president and CEO, expressed in a statement.

Scully was born in the Bronx in 1927. In 1950, while the team was still located at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, Scully initiated his career with the Dodgers. When his broadcasting partner Red Barber encountered a salary disagreement with a sponsor before the 1953 World Series, Scully stepped in and assumed his position in NBC’s television booth, making him the youngest individual to broadcast a World Series. (This record remains unbroken as of 2022.)

In 1958, upon the organization’s relocation to California, Scully remained loyal to the team. Certain supporters encountered challenges in keeping up with the proceedings due to the Dodgers competing in the exceedingly spacious Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Nevertheless, participants swiftly discovered a remedy – they carried portable transistor radios in order to tune in to Scully’s live commentary of the game on the radio.

From 1975 to 1982, he worked as a commentator for CBS, contributing to their coverage of golf and tennis. However, he was also known as the voice of the Dodgers, sticking with the team through a total of 67 seasons, with his best known for being a commentator for the NFL. He hails from New York City.

“Are you certain? I’m merely a seasoned baseball commentator,” expressed the author of Promised Land during the ceremony. Vin inquired with his typical modesty upon learning about the recognition. Shortly after Scully’s retirement in 2016, former President Barack Obama bestowed upon him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Furthermore, we had to convey to him that to individuals of all generations in the United States, he is regarded as a familiar acquaintance.