Vince Young Net Worth: NFL Career & Financial Trouble

The ex-NFL player, who had a six-season career, Vince Young, has a net worth of negative $1.5 million.

If you’re curious about why his total assets are in the negative, continue reading the article to discover the answer.

The Tennessee Titans selected Young as the third overall choice in the 2006 NFL Draft. He served as a quarterback.

Vince Young
Vince Young (Source: Lehigh Valley Live)

He finished the initial five seasons of his profession with the Titans, where he achieved a 30-17 record as a starting player.

During his first year as a professional player, Vince received the title of “NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year” and was selected as a backup player for the “AFC Pro Bowl team.”

Similarly, after being selected for his second Pro Bowl, Young was chosen as the “NFL Comeback Player of the Year” in 2009 by Sporting News.

To gain a deeper understanding of Vince Young, let’s examine his key details.

Vince Young, born on May 18, 1983, in Houston, Texas, USA, is a male Christian athlete. He is 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) tall and weighs 232 lbs. (105 kg). At the age of 40, Vince Young is a professional American football player. He is also commonly known by his nickname, VY.

  • Tennessee Titans (2006-2010).
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2011).
  • Buffalo Bills (2012).
  • Green Bay Packers (2013).
  • Cleveland Browns (2014).
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders (2017).
  • James Madison High School is a college preparatory school in Texas that has received numerous awards. It is known for its diverse student body, with a significant African-American population. The school’s mascot is the Taurus, and it is located in a city that hosts the NFL draft. In 2006, a talented quarterback named Young Felicia was selected as the first-round pick by an NFL team. She comes from a family with a strong football background, with her mother being named Sr. Vincent and her father being a professional American football player. Young Felicia has black hair and black eyes.

  • BCS national title holder (2005).
  • Maxwell Prize (2005).
  • Davey O’Brien Trophy (2005).
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (2006).
  • Two-time Pro Bowl participant in 2006 and 2009.
  • August 2023 Update: The most recent Twitter and Instagram posts show Illustrated Sports signing a jersey and selling merchandise from the years 2006 to 2017. Jordan Young, who is currently active in the sports industry, has married Candice Johnson and their marital status is straight.

    Vince Young | Lifestyle and Vacations


    Young was raised in the Hiram Clarke neighborhood of Houston, primarily by his mother and grandmother.

    Vincent Young Sr. Was not present for a substantial part of Vince’s time in college because of being convicted for burglary and subsequently being imprisoned in 2003.

    He was just seven years old when, in his Houston community, at the intersection of Tidewater and Buxley streets, while cycling, he sustained injuries from a car.

    A more resilient individual, he attributes this incident to causing him great harm, as it kept him hospitalized for several months and almost resulted in his death, when the bicycle’s handlebar pierced his abdomen just earlier today.

    Young attended Dick Dowling Middle School in Hiram Clarke.

    Some of his pals were members of the local street gang called “Boys Clarke Hiram,” whose activity caused them a lot of trouble and loss.

    Young’s mother approached him after participating in a gang altercation and advised him to modify his conduct.

    Hence, he pursued the career of a footballer. Young returned to the University of Texas for the spring semester of 2008.

    Vince Young Net Worth- Vince With His Wife (Source: BCK Online)
    Vince With His Wife (Source: BCK Online)

    Furthermore, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in community and youth studies from the Texas College of Education in 2013.

    In his city of birth, January 10, 2006, was assigned the title of “Vince Young Day” owing to his remarkable performance on the field and his ties to the Houston region.

    On February 20, 2007, the Texas Senate passed a resolution proclaiming the day “Vince Young Day” throughout the state.

    Talking about his love life, Young has been married to Candice Johnson since 2012. They met during college life and started dating.

    The adorable pair has a son called Jordan, who was born in 2010.


    Young loves exploring new places and going on holidays. Vince enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones in his free time.

    In 2010, he went on a vacation to Turks and Caicos, where he had a lovely time.

    Similarly, in 2007, Vince took a brief trip to Hawaii.

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    Some Interesting Facts About Vince Young

  • Being a junior, he was awarded the Davey O’Brien Prize, which is presented annually to the best college quarterbacks in the nation.
  • In 2017, he attempted a comeback with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League but was dropped before the season started.
  • On August 30, 2008, Texas honored Young by retiring his jersey.
  • Vince Young | Career

    Young stated throughout the 2005 season that he intended to return to the University of Texas for his senior year in 2006.

    Vince announced his intention to join the NFL draft in January 2006, with high hopes of being picked early in the first round.

    The Tennessee Titans chose Young as the third overall pick in the first round, confirming the predictions of numerous draft analysts.

    As a rookie quarterback, he had 552 rushing yards, surpassing the previous record of 408 yards, which is quite impressive.

    Vince Young Net Worth- vVince Young
    Vince Young (Source: Pro Football Rumors)

    Similarly, Young was selected to the 2007 Pro Bowl to substitute Philip Rivers, whose foot injury prevented him from playing in his first Pro Bowl.

    In 2010, Young threw for ten touchdowns and achieved a passer rating of 98.6, leading the Titans to a 4-5 record in their initial ten games.

    The Buffalo Bills released him prior to the start of the 2012 season after competing for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

    Vince Young | Net Worth and Financial Trouble

    New Worth

    The net worth of Vince Young, a talented American football player, is a staggering negative $1.5 million.

    The majority of Vince’s riches were amassed from his distinguished NFL journey.

    His initial substantial payment came in 2006 when the Tennessee Titans compensated him $2.6 million for the season.

    Actually, Young sealed his initial agreement with the Titans on July 27, 2006.

    The terms of the agreement were reported to be five years with a sixth-year player option, guaranteeing a total compensation of $58 million, including $25.7 million upfront.

    The same year, he made $2.37 million in roster bonus and $4.2 million in miscellaneous fees.

    Vince earned an annual salary of $13.1 million during his prime season of 2007-2008.

    To be more precise, in 2007, he received a base salary of $840,000 and an option bonus of $2.46 million.

    In the meantime, in 2008, his basic salary was raised to $1.5 million, but the option bonus remained unchanged.

    The year 2009 was more fruitful for Young as he received a $2.16 million base salary and a $2.46 million option bonus.

    Moreover, his most prosperous financial year occurred in 2010, wherein he was granted a $2.46 million chance bonus and a $7.5 million fundamental earnings.

    Following that, Young entered into a one-year agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

    Emphasizing the agreement, he received a $500,000 roster incentive and a $1.5 million fundamental wage, along with a $2 million signing bonus, accumulating a total of $4 million from the team.

    In 2012, Vince signed a $715,000 one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills. In addition, he received an equal amount to his salary.

    Additionally, in 2014, Young entered into a $730,000 one-year agreement with the Cleveland Browns.

    We should also consider his numerous endorsement agreements and ventures that have contributed to his financial success.

    Financial Troubles

    In 2012, it was reported that Vince had used up a significant portion of his $34 million NFL salary.

    In reality, he was experiencing financial hardships after defaulting on a $1.9 million substantial interest payday loan.

    Vince initiated legal proceedings to block the creditor, Pro Player Funding LLC, from enforcing an approximate $1.7 million court decision.

    He asserted that the loan documents were forged and that he did not deliberately carry out the transaction.

    Before defaulting, Young was allowed to repay $1 million in loan documentation on his signatures and income from Eagles straight to Player Pro, which were verified.

    He also sued his former manager, Major Adams, and a North Carolina financial adviser, alleging that they stole $5.5 million from him.

    According to him, Vince’s financial hardships are said to be a consequence of excessive spending and the betrayal of individuals he trusted.

    Likewise, he had received $30 million in brand endorsements and $34 million in pay during his NFL career.

    In 2014, Vince submitted a petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a federal bankruptcy court located in Houston.

    Adams and Peoples, along with a subsequent agreement with Pro Player Funding, prompted Young to request the court to dismiss the bankruptcy case due to a contractual arrangement. Likewise.

    Vince Young | Houses and Cars


    By August 2023, Vince Young has a net worth of minus $1.5 million.

    He had a beautiful 4,323 square feet house in Houston, which he listed for $815,000 in 2014.

    The model home with exceptional curb appeal is located within the Royal Oaks Country Club and golf course, as well as the prestigious community of Royal Oaks.

    Vince Young House
    Vince Young House (Source: Vince Young Realty)

    Additionally, the property also features a home theater, a swimming pool, a spa, stunning garden design, and drapes for the windows.

    Apart from his former residence, the specifics regarding his current abode have not been disclosed to the public.


    Vince enjoyed using his immense fortune to purchase cars during his prime.

    He possessed a 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom. The Phantom is the most expensive Rolls-Royce, with prices beginning at over $450,000.

    Vince Young Net Worth- Vince With His Car (Source;
    Vince With His Car (Source:

    Besides this, Young has not disclosed any of his cars, not even on his social networking platforms.

    Vince Young | Movies, Investment, and Endorsement


    Besides soccer, Vince has also appeared in several films and TV shows.

    In 2017, he appeared in a TV show called “Road to Recovery.” Similarly, he performed in “Vince Young for Towels” in 2012.

    Similarly, he has been featured in such series as American Football College “Woz” the Scott, Undisputed: Shannon and Skip “Game” (2017), and The 150: More many.

    Young was also interviewed for a segment of “60 Minutes” that was broadcasted on September 30, 2007.


    By August 2023, Vince Young has a net worth of minus $1.5 million.

    Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, “The Vince Young Steakhouse” is a sophisticated dining establishment that is owned and operated by locals. He has made a financial contribution to a restaurant.

    Young stated that he planned to continue his employment at the University of Texas following his retirement.

    He was employed by the University of Texas in 2014 as a program officer for obtaining funds, donor relations, and officer development.

    His job with the University of Texas was terminated in 2019, owing to poor performance and absences, despite receiving work warnings since 2017.

    Additionally, Vince served as a special aide in the sports division at the University of Texas in 2021.


    Vince Young, a skilled sportsman, has given his support to several products and brands in order to boost his total assets.

    He was showcased on the video game “Madden NFL” 2008 cover.

    Likewise, he has featured in commercials for Reebok, Vizio, and Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

    He also made a cameo appearance in the music video for “My 64” by rapper Mike Jones.

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    Vince Young | Charity

    Young and his mother established the “Vincent Young Foundation” in 2006.

    His personal encounters with life’s challenges during his upbringing in Houston, Texas, motivated him to establish the organization.

    The organization is committed to improving the lives of underprivileged children, with a specific focus on academic and sports accomplishments.

    Likewise, it was established to provide something in return that aided in molding him into the person he is today.

    Furthermore, he has rendered aid to establishments such as “The Boys & Girls Club of the Austin Area,” “Big Brothers Big Sisters,” and “Cure Duchenne.”