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What Does Occupational Accident Insurance Include And How Can I Get It?

Occupational Truck Accident Insurance offers customized policies for semi drivers, contract drivers, and owner operators of motor carriers. These policies can include coverage for passenger accidents and non-occupational accidents, and the cost of coverage can be reduced when bundled with other commercial trucking policies. Additionally, depending on the coverage you desire, you can obtain different quotes and choose from a wide range of benefits. These policies typically provide flexible options for drivers and offer a wide range of choices.

Today, if you prefer, you can complete a quote online or simply give us a call. Every day, motor carriers and their drivers face specific risks that require them to obtain Occupational Accident Insurance. To ensure that you receive tailored coverage, trust the knowledgeable 18-wheeler insurance specialists at InsureMyRig.Com who have extensive experience and professionalism. If your fleet consists of more than 15 trucks, please visit our parent company’s website at www.Roemer-insurance.Com.

What Is Commercial Truck Driver Occupational Accident Insurance?

If a driver is injured while driving semi-accidentally, this coverage can help pay for the cost of medical treatment, prescriptions, disability payments, and even benefits for accidental death or other work-related incidents.


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150,000 reasons why an owner operator should definitely carry occupational accident insurance.

I was reviewing some claims reports from our insurance companies this morning, and I noticed that the owner-operator should definitely carry occupational accident insurance for several reasons. Occupational accident insurance provides financial protection to the owner-operator in the event of job-related injuries, including death benefits.

Owner-operators, who work as truck drivers under the motor carrier’s lease, are typically not covered by workers’ compensation. However, when they perform duties as independent contractors under the motor carrier’s dispatch and experience an injury, they receive coverage for accident-related medical expenses, disability, accidental death, paralysis, and dismemberment through a short-term financial benefit program known as Occupational Accident/Accident Compensation (OCC/ACC).

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Including Occupational Accident Insurance in a Company’s Risk Management Program is Essential.

  • Employers are obligated to offer workers’ compensation to their full-time employees, but not to their independent contractors. This is to ensure that families and workers themselves are able to receive financial assistance in the event of workplace accidents or injuries.
  • Occupational Accident includes self-employed truck drivers who are harmed or fatally injured while working.
  • If you are working as an independent operator/owner for a company, you won’t be covered under the workers’ compensation policy. However, it does provide similar financial protections, but it is not occupational accident or occupational disease compensation.
  • In some states, employers can choose to opt out of providing workers’ compensation coverage, but it is wise to protect your independent contractors, as well as your company, by selecting a reputable provider like InsureMyRig. This way, even if an employer is sued by contractors and employees for death or injuries, they are still insured against such claims.
  • Companies have the option to buy Occ Acc at the request of their independent contractors. In addition, companies may set specific limits for OCC/ACC coverage, while statutory limits are determined by workers’ comp. Companies are able to choose the extent of OCC/ACC coverage they are willing to offer their contractors.
  • Additionally, there are benefits related to mortality. OCC/ACC can provide coverage for your healthcare costs or time off due to disability in the event that you are an independent contractor and sustain an injury while working.
  • OCC/ACC can provide coverage in cases of accidental death, paralysis, dismemberment, or other medical expenses and disabilities that result from an accident on the job.
  • So, as you can observe; Occupational Accident insurance safeguards both the freelance worker AND the corporation.

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    Occupational Accident Insurance can cover your healthcare bills and medication expenses, helping you save on personal health costs.

    Two easy ways to get a Occupational Accident Truck Insurance quote:





    The nature of the Trucking profession poses a high risk of injury, which could potentially put you out of work. However, ACC/OCC can assist you in financially supporting yourself until you are able to return to work, even if your paycheck is affected due to the absence of insurance coverage for the injury.

    Attention Owner Operators: 5 Reasons Why You Need OCC/ACC Coverage

    It is unlikely that independent owner operators who lease motor carriers will be covered, as workers’ compensation only covers employees and is costly.

    Individually, you should seriously contemplate purchasing it, but if that’s not the case, OCC/ACC is comparable protection that may be available for you to buy from your motor carrier.

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    OCC/ACC might be necessary for the motor carrier you lease onto.


    If you work as a semi-truck driver, Occupational Accident Insurance may be the most suitable choice for you as it exclusively provides coverage for employees and workers’ compensation only covers job-related injuries.


    Even if you are not required to have Occupational Accident Insurance, it will provide you with peace of mind to safeguard yourself and your means of living in case you experience an injury related to your work.


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