We Tried Coca-Cola Ultimate and Here’s What You Need to Know

What is the supposed taste of Ultimate Coca-Cola, the latest limited-edition beverage from the behemoth beverage company? Created in collaboration with Riot Games, the developer and publisher of the well-known video game “League of Legends,” it is aimed at providing gamers with a taste similar to the experience of playing the game. Does it taste like tears of anger? Does it make you want to quit in frustration? Does it make you gloat in victory? Does it give you an energy boost and make you sweat, just like video games do?

It sounds a bit strange that Dreamworld Coca-Cola was supposed to taste like dreams, with flavors resembling all the fruits in the world. I got into a fight with the outer space-like taste of Starlight Coca-Cola, which, if I guess correctly, tastes sweeter than milkshake Pixy. It tasted like bubblegum, a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning singer Rosalía, Move Coca-Cola.

Coca Cola Ultimate Glass Open Bottle Gael Fashingbauer Cooper TohGael Fashingbauer Cooper for Taste of Home

You can serve yourself a variety of drinks in the lineup, including orange soda, root beer, and an extra blast of cherry. If you like, you can add a punch of something to your own fountain drink and taste it. But if you want to get the mostly Coke-like taste or the Zero Sugar Coke taste, then all these Coca-Cola Creations are the real deal.

From online tasters, early reviews were naming various flavors including peach, pineapple, mango, and coffee for the banana cream flavor. It’s not surprising that Coke, with its latest beverage creation, aims to tell us what it’s all about.

This is My Opinion

I haven’t lost anything in life, but I haven’t magically acquired any points of experience from drinking either. However, I might actually buy Ultimate Coca-Cola because it is a flavor I might enjoy. I have only taken a few sips of the drink when trying the new Creations Coca-Cola. Sometimes, it might be my favorite out of all the flavors. It doesn’t taste like chemicals as some of the earlier flavor combinations do, and it has a lightly floral and almost tropical scent.

It mostly reminds me of a Coke fountain with random splashes of neighboring sodas. Do you kinda like that? You know, that spicy, unnameable flavor of Dr Pepper. On the first sip, I sensed an almost cherry-cinnamon vibe.

Where Can I Obtain It?

Coca Cola Ultimate Pr Box Gael Fashingbauer Cooper TohGael Fashingbauer Cooper for Taste of Home

Starting on June 12th, stores in Canada and the United States will begin displaying a 10-pack of mini 7.5-ounce cans, as well as individual 20-ounce bottles. This version, which is sold in more markets across the world, including Latin America, Africa, South Korea, and China, is only available in the zero-sugar option. However, in Canada and the United States, both the full-sugar and zero-sugar versions of Ultimate Cola Coca are offered.

It’s not likely to help level you up, but it might provide a little refreshment for your next gaming session. Of course, if you would like to keep a handy bottle of beverage while you’re playing, you might want to go for Coke. In the game where players can unlock emotes related to a series of missions, there will be spot-on tie-ins to Coca-Cola’s Ultimate Cola.