What Channel Is the Weather Channel On DIRECTV? [Easy Guide]

One day, while browsing through my channel lineup, I discovered that the Weather Channel was listed on channel 362.

Observing it for a period, I was amazed by the excellence of the substance and the allure of the channel.

After making it a daily ritual to check it out during the crisp morning of the day lying ahead, I got a fresh perspective.

Channel Weather is available on DirecTV channel number 362. You can find local weather channels by using your Zip Code, and on channel 361, you can access AccuWeather.

This article will guide you through the options of bundles and popular programs available for viewing on the Weather Channel on DirecTV.

Moreover, you will explore the tools and software that can be employed to reach it, along with the substitute choices that are accessible.

The DirecTV Weather Channel is arguably one of the most watched channels airing on cable or streaming services.

Professionals are the primary audience for staying updated on weather changes in order to schedule their significant appointments, including individuals from various fields such as sportsmen and businessmen.

The content of the Weather Channel on DirecTV focuses mainly on weather, as it is taking place worldwide, its analyses, and forecasts.

Watch The Weather Channel on the go on your Smartphone

Staying up to date on the weather is great, but it’s not always possible to catch the morning update on your telly.

You always require some service catering to your mobile needs, and smartphones have achieved precisely that.

You can now watch the weather news on the Weather Channel anywhere, using streaming apps on your phone.

Popular Programs on The Weather Channel Channel

There are a range of programs accessible on the Weather Channel on DirecTV.

American Super/Natural

American Super/Natural is a show where experts in the field of meteorology and geography narrate the horrific events caused by extreme weather phenomena, as told by those who have experienced them.

The show explores the aspect of terror associated with adverse weather conditions during times of supernatural interaction, which can be short-lived and uneventful.

Highway Thru Hell

Moving on, there is another show named Highway Thru Hell, which sheds light on one of the more notorious routes; the Coquihalla.

If you cross a highway under adverse weather conditions, it guarantees neither your safety nor offers any assurance of making it to the other side unharmed.

Jame Davis is tasked with the challenging responsibility of maintaining the highway’s operation and ensuring smooth traffic movement.

He and his team must endure the intensity of the weather, regardless of how difficult and severe it becomes.

Hurricane 360

You can acquire a valuable education on hurricanes and other natural calamities with Hurricane 360.

A program that delves into the merciless tempests that destroy everything in their path.

It explains not only the weather phenomenon but also lets you observe the experience from the eyes of the victims and witnesses.


AMHQ, the morning show of America’s Headquarters, is the best way to get ready for your day and stay informed about the climate.

You can stay informed about the weather conditions and check if it aligns with your planned activities.

Top Ten

Ten Top is a show that portrays the actual might of nature’s wrath, depicting all kinds of catastrophic disasters caused by meteorological events.

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  • Alternate Ways to Watch The Weather Channel

    As previously mentioned, there are numerous streaming platforms available that provide The Weather Channel as a component of their channel lineup.

    Here is a list of those platforms for streaming:

    Frndly TV provides The Weather Channel on a limited selection of channels for a monthly fee of $6.99 after the trial period.

    By paying an additional dollar per month, you can enjoy the benefits of accessing multiple screens and a cloud DVR.

    Fubo TV offers more than a hundred channels, including The Weather Channel, in their Pro Plan.

    After the trial period, you can avail the advantages of cloud DVR and streaming on up to 3 devices for just $69.99 per month.

    DirecTV offers streaming packages with different channel options such as PREMIER, ULTIMATE, CHOICE, and ENTERTAINMENT. For as low as $69.99 per month, you can enjoy DVR cloud and stream on up to 20 devices. Additionally, after a five-day trial period, you can enjoy The Weather Channel on DirecTV.

    Finally, YouTube TV provides over 70 additional channels, including The Weather Channel, for just $64.99 per month after a free trial lasting a week, with unlimited cloud DVR storage.

    If you’re searching for the meteorological channel on Spectrum, we have you covered.

    Can you Watch The Weather Channel for Free?

    As a benefit for new members, the streaming platforms provide a complimentary trial period to their users, regardless of whether they use cable or streaming applications, although a subscription is required to access any individual channel.

    You can view The Weather Channel at no cost on the subsequent applications:

  • Frndly TV during its one-week free trial.Output: Frndly TV during its one-week complimentary trial.
  • FuboTV offers a one-week free trial period.
  • DirecTV offers a five-day complimentary trial period.
  • YouTube TV during its one-week complimentary trial.
  • The Weather Channel cannot be accessed on Hulu TV or Sling TV.

    Plans on DIRECTV that Include The Weather Channel

    DirecTV offers a variety of packages customized to your preferences and budget for consuming content.

    You can access the Weather Channel on DirecTV through the available DirecTV packages.

  • DirecTV ENTERTAINMENT (offered at a monthly price of $69.99).
  • DirecTV CHOICE (offered at a monthly price of $89.99).
  • DirecTV ULTIMATE (priced at $104.99 per month).
  • DirecTV PREMIER (offered for a monthly fee of $149.99).
  • Local Weather Channels

    DirecTV provides a wide selection of local channels, including those dedicated to weather updates.

    However, because of broadcasting regulations, not all channels may be accessible in every region on DirecTV.

    You can only access the channels that are accessible in your region, depending on your ZIP code.

    In your area, the list of local channels available and the local weather channel number can be checked on the DirecTV website.

    Utilizing your ZIP code, obtain the channels and channel numbers by utilizing the Local Channels Lookup Tool accessible on the DirecTV website.

    How to Stream The Weather Channel Without Cable

    In case you do not want to view The Weather Channel on your TV via cable, you can always stream it on the aforementioned streaming platforms using compatible devices.

    In general, all the streaming platforms can be accessed on the devices listed below:

  • Roku.
  • Amazon Fire TV device.
  • IOS.
  • Chromecast.
  • Android.
  • Apple TV.
  • Android. TV
  • Final Thoughts

    DirecTV is a very good source to get weather information since it also has two national weather channels, but it does not have a wide range of local weather channels.

    You can tune into the AccuWeather Channel on channel 361 and The Weather Channel on channel 362.

    Additionally, you can utilize the local channels by pressing either the red button or the ACTIVE button on your remote control device.

    To make the most of the services, you can always select the device and streaming platform of your preference, although DirecTV is a top choice for accessing The Weather Channel.