What has happened to Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes as they approach major milestone?

As the six-month milestone approaches, fans are eager to know if they still have any plans to go on dates and if they are still in the dating scene.

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Together, they even ran a marathon. While on vacation in New York, they have been spotted on several occasions packing on the PDA. However, neither Amy nor So have publicly addressed their relationship so far.

Their respective divorces have allegedly been concluded – Amy was previously wedded to actor Andrew Shue from Melrose Place for a duration of 12 years, while T.J. Was in a marriage with his ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig, for an equal amount of time – as their love affair intensifies.

Elisabeth Shue with brother Andrew Shue and her ex sister-in-law Amy Robach© Getty Images

Although their future career paths remain uncertain, several outlets have reported that ABC has paid a pair of individuals who are returning to the network.

We recognize and are thankful for their contributions and commitment over the years. After having several productive conversations with Holmes T.J. And Robach Amy, it was confirmed by a spokesperson from the network that they are moving on from ABC News. It’s the best decision for everyone, and we all agreed on it.

Amy Robach, TJ Holmes, Dr. Jennifer Ashton pose together at the Oscars

They seem to have both currently progressed – when they were captured on camera during a brief encounter in New York shortly after their breakup, the atmosphere appeared strained between Amy and her former partner.

Elisabeth Shue, the actress from Back to the Future and Andrew’s sister, recently spoke out about the situation during the premiere of The Good Half movie at the Tribeca Festival. The 59-year-old actress expressed her admiration, stating, “He is remarkable. He is doing extremely well.”

Amy Robach with her daughters Ava and Annalise

Andrew is a father to his three sons, Wyatt (19), Aidan (24), and Nate (26), as well as his two daughters, Annalise (17) and Ava (20). The family, consisting of Amy and Andrew, continues to have numerous documented and incredibly close outings. Additionally, they are also looking forward to another outing.

Amy and T.J. sat at the GMA desk© Getty Images

T.J. And Amy are ready to move their career forward without any doubt, waiting for the haze to clear over the controversy on GMA.

However, so far, nothing has transpired, although there were reports that they had aspirations of staging a comeback with a joint show – similar to Live with Kelly and Mark – at some stage. As for their relationship, they appear satisfied with keeping a low profile and concentrating on the present.