What is Skinwalker Ranch, and What’s Really Going on There?

Did you know that Utah is one of the most uniquely mysterious places in the world? Despite the lack of hard evidence and the swirling rumors of extraterrestrial beings and UFOs in the area for years, no show has ever been released to show what is really going on there. In fact, the world may never know.

The subject of Channel History has been extensively written about in several books, making it well-known. You can think about everything else you can think about, and this mysterious Skinwalker Ranch, located in the Uinta Basin in Utah, boasts claims of shape-shifting monsters, unknown illnesses, mysterious lights, and flying saucers, making it the second-most talked about paranormal hotspot in Utah. Let’s not forget the Loveland Aquarium, which also has a big U2 claw outside.

But how did this patch of eastern Utah gain worldwide notoriety, with many strange stories worth believing and an easy question to answer but we’ll make you up in mind on the second one?

The Utes and the Navajo

The earliest known inhabitants of this land played a big part in its ominous name. The term “skin-walker” comes from Navajo legend, but it traditionally refers to the property that lies on the land inhabited by the Ute Tribe. It translates to “walking on all fours.”

Today, the legend of the skin-walker goes back to a time during which members of the Navajo tribe encountered their enemies and those who still stalk the land. One story that involves the Ute tribe tells of various scary tales that inspire enough to scare outsiders. However, little is known about what it is exactly and it is not well understood outside the Navajo culture. Skin-walkers are evil witches with the ability to shapeshift into any human or animal.

The Shermans

The Sherman family, who purchased the ranch in 1994 with the intention of relaxing and settling down in their home country, might find it difficult to believe in the concept of shapeshifting witches in the present-day Uinta Basin.

If it sounds like the beginning of a good horror movie, there is a good reason for it. The Shermans experienced a lot of spooky goings-on during their time at the ranch, with the most notable being a description that matches something like a skin-walker.

One night, Terry was startled to see a wolf in his yard, as the air suddenly became thin and the wolf appeared to vanish. Although the wolf chased Terry, it eventually disappeared completely, leaving no tracks behind. Terry had never seen a wolf as large as the one he saw that night. Despite shooting several bullets at the wolf, Terry’s gun did not seem to cause any damage. In fact, the wolf grabbed Terry’s gun from inside and disappeared. Terry had never seen anything like it before.

Throughout their stay, it was anything but the sole fright that the Shermans experienced. One thing is clear, could it have been an age-old shape-shifter that frightened them on that particular evening? Numerous incidents of cattle mutilations, enigmatic voices drifting above, peculiar formations in their fields, and diverse forms of illuminating lights and perplexing entities in the heavens were witnessed by them throughout their tenure at the ranch.

Merely two years after their purchase, the Shermans sold the ranch in 1996. Prior to it becoming too tardy, the Shermans opted to dispose of the property, unlike those families in terrifying films.

Robert Bigelow and NIDSci

Did someone buy Skinwalker Ranch, the eccentric millionaire’s nightmare playground, in 1996 and turn it into a hub of research for NIDSci? And of course, who would be foolish enough to buy a haunted property?

Is it possible that the Shermans, the millionaires who sold the ranch to an avid UFO researcher, could have enticed Bigelow or another buyer with fabricated tales of wolf-men and fake cow mutilations? One of the main points that skeptics make about Skinwalker, the most prominent evidence of paranormal activity, is that it could all be a hoax.

The individuals who were attempting to evade the unpleasant situation seemed to exhibit less favorable behavior towards individuals who were attempting to profit. They sold the ranch for an average price of around $200,000, which was certainly a bargain for a 500-acre ranch. However, the Shermans did not receive the exact value for all of Bigelow’s milk, making it an intriguing theory.

UFOs or alien life evidence, and evidence of UFOs or alien life, what did they find if they found any definitive world-changing evidence? Well, if they found any evidence that could change the world definitively, it was kept to themselves. Researchers at NIDSci have shared stories of mysterious creatures with otherworldly eyes that shone through the dark. They have also found cattle mutilations, including one that occurred in broad daylight, less than an hour after they had seen a healthy and alive cow. This was noteworthy because there was a complete lack of blood surrounding the disemboweled cow.

Several eyewitnesses have failed to capture clear visuals and audio of the large, mysterious animals flying in the sky. Despite using expensive visual and audio equipment on many occasions, the lack of evidence itself could serve as evidence. Well, you might expect more with millions in funding and years of research, but the Skinwalker mystery definitely adds stories to NIDSci’s repertoire.

When NIDSci dissolved in 2004, possession of the estate was retained until 2016. Once Skinwalker was ultimately transferred, it was handed over to a collective that would encounter many of the identical peculiarities (and vexations) as NIDSci.

Brandon Fugal and the History Channel

“The Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch” is a reality television program being filmed on the premises by the History Channel. In 2020, Brandon Fugal, a wealthy real estate developer from Utah, revealed that he was the enigmatic proprietor who had sold the ranch to an undisclosed purchaser… For an astonishing duration of four years. Specifically, in the year 2016.

In 1996, reality television simply wasn’t as widely embraced — primarily because it closely resembled NIDSCi. Fugal endeavors to uncover answers to the queries that he and numerous individuals have posed throughout the years, accompanied by a group of proficient specialists in various scientific fields (including an individual named Dragon). The program depicts Fugal’s endeavors to employ scientific methodologies in unraveling the enigmas encompassing the ranch.

Why is there a man named Dragon who makes friends and calls himself by a nickname? Why does he continue to search for the time all his dragon friends? Why does the ranch feel like home to them and give them an indescribable feeling of strangeness? Why have so many occupants reported unexplained illnesses on the ranch? Why does the electronic equipment on the ranch seem to malfunction? Like many investigators before them, current occupants of the Skinwalker Ranch have found more answers than questions.

Other Local Tales

Numerous individuals in the vicinity hold a firm belief, and it’s a belief that what they’re witnessing is authentic. Difficult to dismiss are several shared characteristics among the residents of Skinwalker Ranch, although they might have recounted slightly varying accounts throughout the years.

There have been hundreds of reports of unexplained phenomena and UFOs in the Uinta Basin, with neighbors of the ranch reporting sightings of various bright lights. Some report seeing giant flying objects in the sky that appear like a portal or doorway.

Every day, the assistants of the History Channel’s production group gather to get coffee. However, the most horrifying story is perhaps the one where a group of friends tried to find their car in the desert sand without any trace of tire tracks. They returned to the spot only to spot UFOs, attempting to find a story to share. They found no sign of scorched earth or lightning strikes, but some neighbors have reported seeing cows that appeared to have been struck by lightning and mutilated. Cattle mutilations are also common.

So What’s Really Going On?

There are certainly some things going on out there that could be considered risky, but there are also quite a few intriguing theories about what is happening at the Skinwalker Ranch.

Theory #1: People Are Lying to Get Money

The theory, which subscribers to this theory, was not even considered to be fun. They were reminded by the teacher that they shouldn’t have homework due, and at the end of class, the same people raised their hands.

Theory #2: Extraterrestrial Visitors

Is it possible that they are filming their own docuseries? It’s secretive, so maybe that’s why our friends would be flying. Surely, it would explain a lot of strange phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch, such as mutilated cattle with scientific precision, electrical disturbances, strange voices, flying objects, and bright lights. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular theories about the anomalies at Skinwalker.

Theory #3: Interdimensional Visitors

Isn’t it? There might be certain anomalies in close proximity that could potentially create an interdimensional gateway of some sort. It is possible that these portals, resembling lights in the sky, serve as an explanation for why this phenomenon occurs, although it may sound far-fetched. Instead of believing that UFOs have arrived from another planet, some subscribers prefer to subscribe to the theory that they have come from a parallel universe or dimension. It’s similar to a plot twist in a “Marvel Cinematic Universe” movie, like Theory #2.

Theory #4: Geophysical Processes Causing the Brain to Hallucinate

This theory is quite out-there, but it suggests that the biggest words in it, make it likely that all of this is pretty much the result of witnesses’ brains going haywire due to the imperceptible changes in the local environment. So, those UFOs and shapeshifters are just portals that result from increased seismic activity in the area. Under this reasoning, everything that people experience at Skinwalker is a result of their brains creating hallucinations. This theory, developed by neuroscientist Michael Persinger, posits that the part of the brain involved in creating hallucinations may be affected by others, such as geomagnetic fields and seismic shifts, which are forces similar to tectonic activity. It’s a doozy of a theory, so hold onto your brain-protecting tin foil hats for this one.

Can You Visit Skinwalker Ranch?

If you are not invited by the owners, it is not possible to visit the ranch without being on private land. The head of security is quite formidable, therefore we strongly advise against attempting to enter surreptitiously. However, we will not disclose the identity of the individual, but their name sounds similar to Tragon.

If you’re interested in sighting your own UFO, you can legally try your luck at UFO-spotting in one of the state parks, like Parks State Fleet Red or Parks State Reservoir Starvation. Otherwise, the closest you can get is the campground just outside the ranch that advertises themed ATV tours, located in Steinaker Basin, Uinta.

Will you see any mysterious lights or flying saucers as you stare up at the night sky? We can’t make any promises. On a trip to the Uinta Basin, you’ll get to behold a breathtaking blanket of stars and meet lots of friendly people, while exploring some amazing scenery, with or without UFOs.