What is the Ticketmaster Smart Queue?

What is the purpose of having a Smart Queue?

We manage the flow of traffic into the shopping experience by simultaneously reducing their access and detecting bots. With Queue Smart, we ensure that every fan gets a fair chance at tickets by keeping the bots out.

Am I allowed to bypass the line?

No, it is not feasible to skip the queue. Sometimes, we do offer fan club upgrades that are customized for particular pre-planned events.

If you’re queuing for ticket access, remain on the page and refrain from refreshing to maintain your position.

Will I receive tickets if I have a position in the line?

Tickets are always subject to availability and demand. They are not assured.

When the sale of your event starts, follow these instructions to join the line.

  • Visit Ticketmaster and find the event you wish to purchase tickets for.
  • Please arrive at the Waiting Room at least 10 minutes before the event starts.
  • Once the sale starts, the Queue will become available and you will be assigned a position in the queue.
  • Tickets are not assured and can be obtained on a first-come, first-served principle during periods of high demand. You will utilize the map to choose your seats and then proceed to the payment section when it is your opportunity to make a purchase.
  • Events utilizing the Smart Queue may differ because of traffic and demand that affect waiting periods.

    To enhance your shopping experience, we suggest:

  • As soon as you join the line, your page will refresh automatically. Avoid the temptation to manually refresh it, as your page will pause in the Waiting Room if your screen becomes dim or if you use your mobile device to shop for an event. Keep an eye on your screen.
  • Ensuring that you possess a valid mode of payment in your account, alongside up-to-date email and billing details.
  • Even in the event that you require to move away, you perceive the queue notification bell tone when it’s your chance by increasing the volume on your device.
  • Do I need to remain on the page for the entire duration?

    When it’s time for your turn, you will be notified by a bell notification in the queue, so make sure to turn up the volume on your device and keep it nearby. It’s a better idea to step away if you need to, instead of leaving or refreshing the page. Please avoid refreshing the page frequently as your spot in the queue will be automatically maintained. Yes.

    Is there a designated time for me to obtain ticket entry?

    The wait time might be longer than what you have previously encountered, therefore this novel procedure enables fans to explore the location and select the most suitable ticket for their needs. No, a specific time is not assured.

    Throughout the journey, we will ensure to provide you with regular updates regarding your progress. As soon as there is availability, we permit additional individuals to join.