What Muscles are Used in Arm Wrestling?

If you are looking for a better choice, there is no doubt that Wrestling Arm has evolved into a raw display of strength in these days.

Nevertheless, it is a sport that is filled with misunderstandings.

Consider this event that took place a couple of years ago in a pub in New York City.

The mountainous individual, which included the bartender who possessed a cruel demeanor, effortlessly defeated four individuals within a 10-minute timeframe, while extending an invitation for arm wrestling.

With his immense strength and a physique resembling a silverback gorilla, we were convinced that he would triumphantly claim the crown.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Raw power?

We noticed a skinny little guy with puny arms walking up to the table, holding a twig-like object. We then pinned him down within 2 minutes.

Despite not having large hands, everyone in the pub was astounded by his lengthy, well-built forearms and strong triceps.

That made us contemplate. Which muscles are involved in arm wrestling? Can muscular power overcome sheer force?

what muscles are used in arm wrestling

Believe it or not, arm wrestling is a compound movement that involves multiple muscle groups of the upper body at different stages.

When you start, remember that there are the lats and upper and lower pecs that play into your complex shoulder motion. This is where your Subscapularis and pecs come into play, creating a strong pulling motion towards your opponent’s arm as you rotate.

This is followed by the tug, where the elbow, the biceps brachii, and brachialis come into action.

The muscles responsible for flexing the wrist activate when you apply pressure to the opponent’s fingers through techniques such as the toproll, the hook, or wrist rotation.

Finally, if you have been consistently doing a significant amount of standing oblique crunches, your hard work will definitely be rewarded. Your core muscles, specifically the oblique muscles, will activate as you lean your body towards the table to secure your opponent’s hand.

What other Exercises can I do to Strengthen the Muscles Used in Arm Wrestling?


Besides these fundamental dumbbell workouts, the weighted vest hang with a neutral grip is a superb exercise for enhancing forearm power.

Furthermore, this exercise is a static hold that strengthens the core muscles.

Perform the movement again and bring down the body, maintaining this stance for a count of 10, elevate your body until the elbows reach a 90-degree angle, transition to the pull-up bar by leaping with a neutral grip, and simply don a weighted vest weighing 10kg.

You should be capable of performing numerous repetitions without causing any overuse injury. The key factor is the number of repetitions you can gradually increase to reach a daily target of 50 pull-ups, while maintaining a consistent weight. As your strength improves, you can extend the length of each hold and gradually add more weight to the vest. Alternatively, you could begin with a lower number of pull-ups, like 20 per day.

Adding fat grips to the dumbbells can significantly enhance overall muscle activation when executing these movements, even in something as straightforward as this.

The seated tricep press, the underhand dumbbell row, the dumbbell pullover, and the dumbbell floor press are exercises that can be performed to enhance the strength of your arms.

Is Arm Wrestling dangerous?

If you do not have the right technique and sufficient strength, wrestling can be extremely dangerous, as it is one of the leading causes of a humeral fracture.

We only recommend arm wrestling movies that have the strength and expertise, unless you wish to hear your arm snap like in Mr. Shyamalan’s Glass.

Is Arm Wrestling About Muscle or Technique?

Contrary to popular belief, wrestling does require a great amount of technique, but it also relies heavily on how effectively you use your arm muscles.

To become a champion wrestler, you don’t need a crazy amount of muscle growth in your arm muscles. Of course, you will find that there is more emphasis on perfecting your strategy and technique, but there is also an emphasis on working out your arm muscles to make them stronger. When you go to learn about arm wrestling and how to compete, you will find out how.

Initially, it is advisable to opt for focusing on the technique, if one is faced with the decision of prioritizing either strength or mastering the technique of arm wrestling.

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  • What Dumbbell Exercises are Good for Strengthening the Muscles Used in Arm Wrestling?

    what muscles are used in arm wrestling

    The lower arms, the wrists, the upper arms, and the back of the upper arms, including your muscles in the arms, comprise the majority of the power for the motion, as you would have observed.

    There are several exercises which you can use to develop the needed strength to easily pin down and overpower your opponents.

    Below are a few examples.

    Hammer Curls

    what muscles are used in arm wrestling

    If you have been doing standard bicep curls with a supinated grip where your palms face your body when you curl, consider replacing it with hammer curls that are performed with a neutral grip.

    The brachioradialis and brachialis are engaged in arm wrestling, as they are two important muscles in the forearm. The emphasis will transfer from your biceps to these muscles.

    No issue! Don’t possess varying collections of dumbbells? Employ progressive overload to consistently introduce strain to the muscle, which will provoke development and substitute the moderate-weight dumbbell with a weighty one.

    It shouldn’t be challenging to find the perfect fit… There are even some specific dumbbell models for women that are not very intelligent. There are many places to buy other weights and dumbbells for your home gym. There is no shortage of budget-friendly dumbbells out there.

    Wrist Curls

    what muscles are used in arm wrestling

    During this fun sport, there is a wide range of wrist curls available for building strength in the front arm, which is an important but often overlooked aspect of being a hero. In addition to regular curls, you can also do hammer curls and reverse curls, which provide a shock to the muscles in your hands, shoulders, and chest, and are much-needed for endurance, stamina, and overall growth.

    One of the best exercises to build strength in the muscles of your forearm, which rarely receives attention, is the seated wrist curl.

    The strength gains will be translated into heavier compound lifts when you have the same day to grind out clean and powerful bench presses and squats, hammering your chest and increasing your strength.

    When you are trying to pull your opponent towards you, it is useful to flex your arms inwards and utilize your strength. This strength also proves to be advantageous during a wrestling match involving arm techniques.

    Building forearm power is crucial for achieving success in arm wrestling, especially if you don’t possess naturally elongated forearms.

    Bicep Curls

    what muscles are used in arm wrestling

    Don’t only focus on isolation movements and barbell curls to target different heads of the biceps. Use dumbbell curls as well, as they are known to shift the attention from the biceps to the wrists and forearms.

    If you have limited space, I recommend trying a compact adjustable weight bench designed for apartments. This will allow you to achieve a deeper stretch and engage your biceps more effectively, especially when using the incline bench position.

    Tricep Kickbacks

    what muscles are used in arm wrestling

    This simple exercise is one of the best for developing strong triceps, which will be very beneficial. It can help you pull your opponent’s arm towards you, which will also be very beneficial for developing strong triceps. You can also add dips to your workout regimen, specifically the tricep dip, to work some of the muscles in your triceps. Adding more dips with the tricep dip can also beat boredom and add variety to your workout regimen.

    When you are about to tilt inwards and pin their arm to the table, the movement switches from a pulling motion to a pushing motion. Just before you secure their hand to the table, the triceps muscles also play a role in the final stage.

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