What we know − and don’t know − about the shooting at Evansville’s West Side Walmart

It has been several days since the Walmart on West Side in Evansville became the scene of an active shooter situation, with several unanswered questions remaining.

The suspect, who used to work at Walmart, was killed by law enforcement at the location. As of Monday afternoon, it was unknown what her current condition was, and one individual sustained injuries.

Here’s what we are aware of − and still have yet to discover − about the occurrence.

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The phone calls began pouring into Evansville-Vanderburgh County Central Dispatch at 9:59 p.M. On Thursday evening.

According to the police in Evansville, the shooting continued for approximately 15 minutes.

Officer Anna Gray, as stated by the spokesperson for the Evansville police, detained them at gunpoint and instructed the staff members to form a line adjacent to a wall. As Mosley walked into the area, the employees were just beginning to assemble in the breakroom, with an employee gathering scheduled to occur at 10 p.M.

According to authorities, Mosley proceeded to shoot the woman working at Walmart in the head. Two employees were instructed to remain in the center of the room. Her colleagues transported her to a safe location and employed a shirt to apply pressure to her injury.

The person responsible for the shooting

The gunman was a former Walmart worker, Ronald Ray Mosley II.

In Vanderburgh County Mental Health Court, a current ongoing criminal case referenced four charges of misdemeanor assault for the 25-year-old who had formerly assaulted four staff members at the identical establishment in 2022.

“He had a hearing in the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s office, according to the testimony of Diana Moers, about the shooting case on that particular day.”

Additional Information: Records show that the individual accused of the shooting at Walmart in Evansville had previously assaulted his colleagues last year.

Following Mosley’s purported firing of his firearm towards the police, Mosley was shot by several law enforcement officers, resulting in his demise. As per the Evansville Police Department and Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office, none of the officers sustained any injuries.

The Coroner’s Office of Vanderburgh County stated that Mosley passed away after receiving “numerous gunshot injuries to the head and body.”

As of Monday afternoon, the office of the medical examiner has not publicly released a complete autopsy report.

How many individuals were present in the establishment?

The Evansville authorities estimate that around 40 patrons were present in the store at the time of the shooting incident. None of the customers were injured.

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State of the individual

The individual who was shot on Thursday evening has been identified as 28-year-old Amber Cook, though the Evansville police have not disclosed the identity of the injured person.

On Sunday, Cook’s second surgery was successfully completed, as stated in the update. According to a GoFundMe page, Cook will require multiple surgeries for her injuries, which have been arranged.

The origin of the firearm

The weapon used on Thursday was a 9mm, but authorities have not yet established, or at least publicly revealed, how Mosley obtained it.

Mosley reloaded or not could not confirm she but. Scene on found were magazines there said Gray Friday conference news a During.

Gray stated that investigators were still examining the number of rounds discharged.

What was mentioned in the documented suicide letter

On Friday, Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin reported that while officers were carrying out a search warrant at Mosley’s residence, they discovered a suicide letter.

During the news conference last night, Bolin mentioned that he preferred not to delve into the specifics of the message. However, he did assert that Mosley had “definitely intended to end his life.”

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When will the Walmart on the West Side reopen?

The law enforcement personnel returned Walmart to the store premises on Friday morning. Shoppers will now have to choose an alternative location for their shopping.

Walmart sent a statement to the Press & Courier, indicating that while the store remains closed, they are taking steps to determine and provide support to their associates.

“A final date for reopening has not yet been determined,” the statement stated.