Where does it snow in California? Here are 10 amazing winter-wonderlands in the Golden State.

Fortunately, if you’ve been wondering where to find some of the best spots for snow in California, this article will provide you with the golden state’s snow.

If you’re heading to California, then you may be looking for sun, sand, and sea… But have you ever searched for snow?

If you flourish in colder temperatures, you’re likely wondering “where does it snow in California?”.

Although there may not be as many snowy regions in California as there are sunny areas, there is still a plentiful amount of snow to be discovered in the state!

We don’t worry about getting all the information, but the answer to the question “Does it snow in California?” Might not be easy.

If you’re craving some wintery cosiness and sometimes want to experience snow, list this on places that everyone loves to go, especially if you’re in California.

Which areas in California experience snowfall? The response to your inquiry is included in this compilation!

If you are looking for places in California that will allow you to experience the most snowfall during the winter months, then read ahead.

“Which regions of California experience snowfall? We have selected our favorite spots in the Golden State where you can lend a hand in finding an answer to this burning question.”

Lassen Volcanic National Park

If you’re wondering, “where does it snow in California?”, Then the response must be Lassen Volcanic National Park.

You might notice a subtle pattern here – volcanic regions are amazing for witnessing snow in California!

If you’re looking to see the sights of Reno during the winter months, then it’s well worth popping over to Lassen Volcanic National Park for a few days to recharge and relax. This national park isn’t too far from Nevada.

California remains one of the top places for adrenaline junkies to visit, which is not surprising considering the abundance of snowfall (think skiing, sledding, and snowboarding). Almost every winter, California offers a variety of winter sports activities for visitors to enjoy under the sun.

Be aware that travel to this area can become challenging if there is an abundance of snowfall resulting in road closures, so make sure to formulate an alternative plan for reaching here if such a circumstance arises.

Another fantastic location to discover snow in California.

Big Bear Lake

“The area remains the top question to answer: where does it snow in California? But, any time of the year, Big Bear Lake is beautiful.”

The areas adjacent to the location provide chances for skiing and snowboarding, as it usually gets fully reserved throughout the year. This stunning mountain spot is situated in Southern California.

Snow enthusiasts visit the perfect place to Big Bear Lake each year and an abundance of snow sees being in California, despite.

Even if you’re not particularly fond of winter sports, you’ll discover that the majestic mountains offer ample motivation to plan a visit.

You’ll have ample opportunity to fit your vacation plans into this place, as Big Bear Lake provides snow cover from April to December each year.

If you desire a snowy getaway in California, this location nearly always receives snow during the winter season!


Where does it snow in California? Try visiting Idyllwild! It is next on my list of where to find snow in California.

Idyllwild, also known as “Mile-high,” is a popular Southern California mountain resort where visitors can enjoy perfect winter getaways during the snowy months of winter.

It’s about one mile (1.6 km) in altitude – hence the nickname! This is an amazing place to find snow in California.

Los Padres National Forest

If you’re curious about the snowy regions in California, then you’ll want to discover more about Los Padres National Forest.

This stunning woodland is filled with breathtaking vistas and hiking possibilities, offering visitors ample amounts of snow throughout their journey.

If you’re looking for a great place to head on a day trip without going too far out of your way, Santa Barbara is located within throwing distance of California’s snowfall places.

Although you will need to check in advance for road closure notices, it is unlikely that you will get far in the way of your plans.

If you’re interested in staying overnight, you can go to one of the nearby camping sites.

In California, residents who have limited exposure to snow will discover an ideal winter paradise, but it is advisable to dress warmly during snowfall.

Lake Arrowhead

If you’re wondering where it snows in California, Lake Arrowhead is a fantastic place to explore.

If you’re planning to visit the Hollywood sign on your upcoming winter trip, consider adding Lake Arrowhead to your itinerary as it is in close proximity to Los Angeles.

If the winter season revolves around Christmas celebrations for you, then Lake Arrowhead is about to fulfill your aspirations.

It’s not surprising that Lake Arrowhead remains one of the top family-friendly snowfall places in California, as it offers plenty of awesome activities revolving around holidays and Santa Claus, making it a great location for snow in California.

It is highly recommended to visit this location from November to January, as this is when the Christmas celebrations reach their highest point.

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Where does it snow in California? Yosemite National Park

Another fantastic spot for snow in California is Yosemite National Park.

In California, when considering areas with snowfall, Yosemite National Park may not have initially come to mind, but you are likely familiar with it now.

If you’re looking to tack onto your winter getaway trip to San Francisco, then this is a fantastic way to do it. Yosemite is one of the best places for snowfall in California during the winter period.

Where can you find snow in California? You’ll most likely encounter snow in this region of California during the winter season.

If you want to experience the feeling of being in Yosemite National Park, you should definitely check out the various opportunities for ice skating, sledding, and skiing that it offers.

However, there’s nothing preventing you and your group from simply camping out and having a traditional gathering.

Make of this winter paradise whatever you desire, it’s an excellent location to discover snow in California!

Mammoth Lakes

Where does it snow in California? Mammoth Lakes could be an excellent spot to explore (click here for the snow report).

Overall, Mammoth Lakes is considered one of the most stunning destinations to explore in California, yet it also happens to be one of the premier locations for snowfall in the state!

If you’re traveling with your family, snowboarding and skiing are activities that are often seen from a different perspective. This is definitely one of the best places on our list to visit.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to visit that has a very quaint vibe, this place is really reminiscent of a relaxing ski-lodge experience.

Are you sure to take a ride on the gondola here, which offers incredible views of the surrounding area and lakes?

This is a stunning spot that experiences snowfall in California.

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is a great option regardless of the time of year to visit, as it should be on the top of your list of places to visit in snowy California.

However, if you’re searching for locations with snowfall in California, then you definitely won’t be let down with this selection.

Featuring its massive trees and limitless stretches of forest, it is a stunning destination to venture into for capturing photographs, embarking on hikes, and simply relaxing.

In California, this snowy location also provides visitors with a variety of ski trails during the park’s winter season, which will surely delight passionate skiers.

Be aware that if you visit slightly later in the year, from May through December, you should expect a full season that runs from February to December, with an abundance of snow.

It’s definitely a great choice to bring a sense of adventure with you, especially during the winter, to do whatever you choose at Sequoia National Park. It’s a wonderful place in California to discover snow.

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Where does it snow in California? Let’s find out!

Mount Whitney

Where does it snow in California, you inquire? Well, at Mount Whitney without a doubt!

When winter comes, you will notice that it appears quite distinct if you have tried to reach the peak in the summer; you might have witnessed this snowy location in California previously.

While it is undeniably a more demanding ascent in the winter, it is still completely achievable.

If you’re not a confident climber, you may want to avoid the top route entirely or, alternatively, the trail to the top with more scenic views should be suitable for more advanced trekkers.

If you’re looking to settle for a few days in California, this place doesn’t necessarily offer top snowfall, but it does guarantee a fantastic day out for the family, ensuring you burn more calories than you consume.

Where does it snow in California? Probbaly here if you time your visit well! It’s also a great location for snowy hiking!

Mount Shasta

If you’re wondering where it snows in California, Mount Shasta might have already come to mind. Mount Shasta is an excellent choice if you’re seeking locations in California with snow.

If you’re passionate about volcanoes and snow, then Mount Shasta is an excellent destination to explore.

This is one of the finest locations in California to experience snowfall, offering visitors an abundance of parking, a breathtaking lake for fishing and relaxation, as well as beautiful snow!

Hey, you must take into account the practical aspects as well, folks.

If ice fishing and appreciating the snow from a distance are not sufficient, why not consider heading up to Mount Shasta Ski Park for a bit of skiing or snowboarding?

With amazing slopes available, it would be impolite not to. A stunning location to discover snow in California!

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Hopefully we’ve answered your question “Where does it snow in California?”

California offers a multitude of enchanting locations to discover snow! Therefore, embark on a journey of exploration and enjoy!