Where is Kobe Bryant gravesite? Corona del Mar cemetery maintains tradition of silence

The news of Gianna, daughter of Kobe Bryant, and Lakers icon’s final resting place at Cemetery Mar del Corona has been widely reported, calming the days after this week’s quiet burial.

On February 7th, Gianna Bryant, 13, and her father, Kobe Bryant, 41, were privately laid to rest in a cemetery. Although the parent company, Pacific View Memorial Park, declined to comment or confirm, death certificates suggest that the Bryants were interred at the same cemetery.

The service, which took place in Calabasas, plunged the Los Angeles area into mourning following the helicopter crash on January 26th, in which the Bryants, along with seven other people, were killed. Major news outlets and celebrity gossip websites like Pacific View have reported on the tragic incident for nearly two weeks.

Memorial Pacific View Park is located at the quiet end of Pacific View Drive, offering sweeping views of the ocean from a private 35-acre property.

The cemetery, which was previously regarded as a possible location for UC Irvine, is surrounded by several churches, two primary schools, and the city reservoir, making them its nearest neighbors.

Thousands of residents are interred in serene Pacific View’s expanse, where mausoleums and columbariums are located. Among them are several notable individuals from the industry, sports, and entertainment. One of them is John Wayne, a giant on the screen, who died in 1979. During his time of death, he was living in Newport Beach, where he was well-known by his neighbors, including Bryant Wayne.

Employees at View Pacific said that they don’t release the locations of the gravesite to the public, but the park has brought attention to the shocking deaths of the Bryants, raising questions of whether visitors seeking a final resting place might catch a glimpse of a cemetery run.

On Thursday, Lieutenant Tom Fischbacher of the Newport Beach Police Department stated that there is a robust and collaborative relationship between the police and Pacific View.

He said, “However, there has not been any. We are ready to do so, in case there is a necessity to support them in any manner.”

The representative from Pacific View declined to provide any comments regarding a security strategy.

Wayne has a bronze plaque marker in the yard, adorned with pennies as tokens left by visitors.

Until 1998, his burial site lacked a visible marker. On Thursday, Pacific View once again refused to reveal the whereabouts during that period. The precise location of his final resting place was also not immediately made public, and Wayne was laid to rest in a private ceremony.

Ethan, Wayne’s son, informed the visitors that although they supported the family, they would not be allowed to trample on the plots nearby and instead, they should show respect for the unmarked grave of the people buried there in Los Angeles Times.

According to the website Find a Grave, which has details on how to find Wayne’s plot, others interred at Pacific View include:.

  • Kevin DuBrow, the frontman of Quiet Riot, Bobby Hatfield, the vocalist of the Righteous Brothers, and Jeff Hanneman, the lead guitarist of Slayer, are all individuals in the music industry.
  • John Gordy (Detroit Lions) players, Cedrick Hardman (San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders) players, Ray Malavasi (head coach, Los Angeles Rams) participants, Rich Saul (Los Angeles Rams) players, George Yardley (Detroit Pistons) athletes.
  • Restaurateurs John Galardi (creator, Wienerschnitzel) and Bob Wian (creator, Bob’s Big Boy).
  • Representative James Roosevelt II, a Democrat representing California’s 26th District and the son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Television ministers Paul and Jan Crouch from Trinity Broadcasting Network.
  • Fashion stylist Bijan.
  • Numerous performers and directors from the Golden Era of Hollywood.
  • Although the Bryants’ graves are not among them, two graves are listed on the Graves Pacific site. According to Grave Find, Graves View has 95% of the photographs.

    The interment of Bryant’s death certificate was originally planned for Park Memorial Village Westwood, including celebrities such as Lancaster, Burt, Matthau, Walter Lemmon, Jack Martin, Dean Wood, and Natalie Monroe, known for their fame.

    The public memorial service for Bryant and his daughter will take place at 10 a.M. On Feb. 24 at Staples Center, the Lakers’ residence in downtown Los Angeles.

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