Why a music teacher was ‘floored’ by Jordan Mailata’s singing on Eagles’ Christmas album

However, beyond the realm of sports, Mailata displays his musical ability by performing Christmas standards, which pleasantly astonishes a music teacher from Delaware.

Marji Eldreth, the instructor for vocal and steel drums at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington, listened to a few songs from the upcoming Christmas album, “A Philly Special Christmas,” released by Mailata and his fellow offensive linemen, Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, who are members of the Eagles.

The name of the album is a reference to the Eagles’ most famous play from the Super Bowl five years ago, known as “the Philly Special.”

Eldreth exclaimed, “It’s incredible how he’s got that falsetto.” “I’m completely speechless just thinking about it. Honestly, I’m amazed. I can’t believe he’s not a professional singer. He has definitely built a singing career after leaving the football industry.”

The benefit for the Crisis Children’s Treatment Center in Philadelphia has already raised more than $100,000 in the last week. The proceeds will go towards the center. The full album will be released on Friday. The band War on Drugs, including drummer Charlie Hall, has assembled several musicians from the area to record the album. In addition, three offensive linemen from the Eagles were also included.

Eldreth listened to Mailata sing in two of the previously published songs − “White Christmas” and “Merry Christmas Baby.”.

“This is really hard work for singers,” Eldreth said, “he has an incredible ability to navigate between his falsetto and chest voice, demonstrating amazing control over his voice in all of these songs.”

He has an amazing voice, hitting a high-C with fullness. When he sings, it sounds effortless. I listened to him sing “Merry Christmas Baby” and he has a beautiful, raspy yet smooth R&B tone quality.

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert (88) and offensive tackle Jordan Mailata celebrate after their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers during an NFL football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022, in Philadelphia. The Eagles defeated the Eagles 35-13. (AP Photo/Derik Hamilton)

Impressed his fellow players, Mailata, who was selected in the seventh round of the 2018 draft, it goes without saying, the Eagles, similar to most teams, require the rookies to perform in front of the entire team as a traditional practice during training camp. Mailata was a simple choice. Kelce, the Eagles’ veteran center, took charge of the Christmas album.

Mailata has performed at various events in the Philadelphia region since then, including “The Masked Singer” and the Eagles’ Christmas party last week.

Even more advantageous, I am intoxicated; when I hear someone say, “You’re saying: I feel just like you do, I’m shocked,” and people come up to me saying the same thing, I can’t help but laugh,” he added. The Journal News/The Online Delaware recently informed Mailata that “I have always been known to sing, you know.”

I don’t receive cheeky responses, but I do say ‘Thank you.’ All the time. I am used to singing, as I was previously a musician and singer. I grew up in the church and was very musically gifted, just like my family. I was also part of the choir in both the church and school. All of my siblings can sing as well.

Mailata was raised in Australia as the fourth among five siblings. Can “The Mailata 5” compete with “The Jackson 5?”

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In the recording studio, Eldreth has listened attentively to Mailata and deduced that he can definitely handle his load, all 365 pounds, although there may be some doubt.

She stated, “He possesses an innate gift. He simply possesses that unmistakable quality.” “The song “Merry Christmas Baby” has a distinct R&B sound. Whereas “White Christmas” has a contrasting atmosphere, a unique vibe, especially when he showcases his falsetto skills. He showcased various musical genres on that particular album.”

Takes me back to the doo-wop music of the 1950s, it does. … He excels in the contemporary music genre, it appears.

The album “The Seven-Song LP” by musicians Arkestra Ra Sun of Allen Marshall and Dog Dr. Hooters features saxophone player Vera Y from Records. Singing Mailata’s adds a professional quality to the album, in addition to the contributions from other musicians and Hall.

Furthermore, Merrill Reese, the radio broadcaster for the Eagles, eloquently delivers a rendition of “The Night Before Christmas.” That, too, is just as splendid as it appears.

Yes, the Eagles’ album makes a mockery of the most notably songs from 1985 in Shuffle Bowl Super “Bears’ Chicago, putting out teams from the past.

“But no, this originated from genuine sincerity and a profound adoration and admiration for music,” Hall expressed to the Associated Press with a chuckle, “Oh, football athletes creating a record, it’s reminiscent of the ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’.”

The tracks on the album consist of Christmas classics such as “White Christmas,” “Blue Christmas,” and “Silent Night.”

However, Mailata truly steals the spotlight.

The Associated Press informed Hall, “In the event that they were to exit this industry, Jordan would encounter no difficulty securing a job as a vocalist.” Lane (Johnson) possesses an exceedingly heartfelt vocal ability. Their vocalizations mirror their individual characteristics. However, all of them are exceptional. Jordan could completely abandon football and pursue a career as a singer if they so desired.

“I’m essentially just a raiser of my voice in specific tones. I’m unsure if you could label what I performed as singing. What Lane accomplished could be deemed as singing, and what Jordan accomplished could be deemed as singing,” Kelce supplemented.

Eldreth agreed with Kelce’s analysis, but still adored it.

War on Drugs drummer Charlie Hall poses in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022. Hall teamed up with several members of the Philadelphia Eagles football team and other musicians to record the seven-song LP "A Philly Special Christmas." Proceeds from this record will benefit Children

She expressed, “as a musician, it is crucial to have individuals who support and have a passion for music just like we do, as we rely on audiences. I appreciate the fact that they were utilizing music.” It was evident that he thoroughly enjoyed using it as a means of self-expression,” (Kelce) had a joyful tone.

Some albums on eBay are going for $4,000. Fans have been frustrated from blowing up Mailata’s “inboxes,” who said he has been surprised by this. The vinyl album has sold out in a matter of minutes. The Friday releases have exceeded expectations.

The individual tracks can be streamed on Spotify.

Mailata jokingly remarked, “Please don’t act like Taylor Swift,” someone commented, taking it to an extreme. “I don’t even equate this to Taylor Swift (situation). However, I fully comprehend their annoyances. It’s an exceedingly difficult album to obtain,” he further stated.

However, there was one additional aspect of Mailata’s singing that impressed Eldreth − his collaboration.

Eldreth expressed, “Within a choir, your overall strength is determined by the weakest member.” It is important to work together and understand that all aspects of the choir are equally significant. You should be aware of your role both when you are in the spotlight and when you step back. It involves following someone’s lead and, like quarterbacks, choir members should follow the conductor.

And then Eldreth included something that undoubtedly would uplift the spirits of Eagles coach Nick Sirianni and football coaches worldwide.

“She stated that there are numerous parallels between sports and participating in a choir. We revisit past performances, akin to how football coaches review game footage, to identify areas of strength and areas that require enhancement. Similar to coaches, we engage in post-concert or post-performance discussions to analyze our progress and discuss potential improvements.”