Why is Ja Morant wearing a face mask?

Sporting a facial covering is the reason Ja Morant enthusiasts observed a distinctive aspect about the point guard throughout the matches and desired to inquire.

Due to a recent suspension, Ja’s face the guard has had nothing to do with the injury he suffered earlier in the season.

Prior to the prohibition, the previous recipient of the Rookie of the Year award sustained a nasal fracture during the game against the Rockets. Ja Morant additionally sported the facial protector on March 3rd versus the Denver Nuggets, which marked his final appearance prior to the suspension.

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    Why do NBA players wear face masks?

    Some fans have questioned why NBA players wear face masks, including Joel Embiid, LeBron James, and Richard Hamilton, as we have seen a high number of players-profile wearing masks over the years.

    If a player has a broken nose or fractured cheek, wearing masks during games will often prevent further damage. They are worn as a precautionary measure to protect against existing injuries.

    Instead of actively participating, some individuals choose to sit on the sidelines, allowing them to eventually observe and analyze the situation. By doing so, they might gain a better understanding than others and present an ideal perspective.

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  • Ja on his return to the fold

    The Grizzlies recently clinched first place in the Southwest Division and are currently second in the Western Conference with a record of 45-27. They are gearing up towards the playoffs, putting them behind 3.5 games in the Nuggets’ place.

    Ja’s comeback has arrived at a favorable moment, and he’s eager to leave behind what has occurred and focus on basketball.

    Morant stated this week, “become more intelligent and refrain from engaging in any of those actions any longer, assume greater responsibility, as I previously mentioned, my current role entails expressing sincere remorse for the imposed ban.”

    In order to avoid making errors, rather than employing previous methods I have attempted, handle stress in a constructive manner. In order to acquire skills in stress management, I visited a counseling service.

    Now, the main thing is that I am back with my teammates. Super excited, obviously,” added Morant. “Basketball is my main focus.”