Why Joe Biden is the weakest US President and America a fading superpower

The people who preceded and succeeded Abraham Lincoln are widely considered to be the two most unpopular presidents in the history of the United States.

Buchanan is being accused of neglecting to confront the expansion of slavery and demonstrating ineffective leadership prior to the Civil War. Similarly, Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, is criticized for obstructing the civil rights of emancipated slaves and opposing efforts to rebuild the nation, such as the 14th Amendment that ensured freedom and equal protection for all American citizens.

Remarkable losses resemble what the global community and the United States have witnessed with President Biden’s tenure, where significant transformative shifts often take place without much notice or visibility in actual time. President Biden currently occupies the esteemed position of the White House. Today, he confidently assumes this challenging responsibility as the nation’s third gentleman.

The Pentagon has demonstrated that China has an advantage over the US in war games simulated across the region. It was under no other US President that China was so emboldened. The dragon is literally breathing down on it. China is surrounded today by 71 Chinese fighter jets, an aircraft carrier, and nine destroyers, resembling the Gaulish village of Obelix and Asterix in the Roman Empire against the marauding nation of little island sticks. Taiwan is the latest.

Globally, a sequence of American surrenders has emboldened China. After investing an estimated $2.3 trillion, the US military literally retreated from Afghanistan. That amount exceeds the GDP of Brazil. Under the control of the brutal Taliban, it abandoned a helpless population. The Biden administration’s actions made the US appear weak, chaotic, and shameful as it sought to withdraw from Afghanistan. This is not the message a global superpower should convey. China has been encouraged by a series of American surrenders worldwide. The US military literally retreated from Afghanistan after investing an estimated $2.3 trillion. That amount exceeds the GDP of Brazil. It left a helpless population in the hands of the brutal Taliban. The US had to withdraw from Afghanistan. However, the actions of the Biden administration made it appear weak, chaotic, and disgraceful. This is not the message a global superpower should convey.

Rather than accepting NATO aircraft and armaments at its border, Putin chose to respond by launching an invasion of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, an authoritarian and self-centered personality, was unnecessarily bolstered by NATO, under the leadership of the US. Ukraine was the subsequent target.

The United States, under the leadership of Biden, has nearly constructed a dating app for them. China and Russia, despite having a lengthy border and a history filled with unpleasantness, are not inherently in alliance. Through this proxy war against Russia, Biden has successfully brought Putin closer to Xi Jinping than he would have been otherwise, with the conflict becoming progressively more direct and costly for the United States.

Europe, Asia, and even Africa saw a decline in their alliances when Biden was snubbed by MBS for refusing to participate in a call regarding Russian oil. Saudi Arabia, a long-standing ally of the US, reduced its oil production with the assistance of Putin, which was supported by MBS. Additionally, Germany rejected the US’s request to ban the Chinese telecom giant Huawei and imposed a freeze on buying Russian oil, while also dismissing a request for Ukraine’s assistance.

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, has urged China to reduce its dependencies on ongoing visits and not become followers of America. Now, Israel has also revolted. Taking to Twitter politely, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked to buzz off the ongoing protests and statements from the opposition.

During Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to Zambia, Fred M’membe, the president of the Socialist Party of Zambia, expressed that those responsible for the deaths of Patrice Lumumba, the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah, the assassination of Nasser, and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi are now attempting to educate Africa about democracy. This statement led to open mockery of the United States’ efforts to impart democratic principles in Africa by numerous Zambians, including opposition leaders.

India’s stand against Omar Ilhan, the Congresswoman from the US, further complicates matters by associating her with Islamist activism. The Indian government has made it clear that it does not expect America, particularly bodies like USCIRF, to interfere in its internal affairs under the guise of religious freedom or trade. Additionally, India has repeatedly emphasized that it will not sever its long-standing friendship with Russia, nor will it halt its purchase of oil and arms from them, despite what the US may suggest.

Internationally, there is a unified effort to undermine the dominance of the US dollar for the very first time. BRICS countries are considering the adoption of their own currency. Russia solely trades in rubles, marking a significant shift. Remarkably, Saudi Arabia is now open to conducting transactions in currencies other than the dollar. Notably, Chinese and French energy companies successfully finalized the historic transaction involving liquefied natural gas using the renminbi yuan currency.

The Reserve Bank of India recently allowed central banks from 18 countries to settle payments in Indian rupees through the special Vostro accounts. China and Brazil have agreed to directly trade in their own currencies. The UAE is also involved in the deal.

Furthermore, the chaotic ideological warfare in America has revealed a lack of outrage and widespread mockery. It is evident that Biden’s administration, which is dominated by politically correct and intolerant Democrats, has not been well-received overseas. Instead of exporting America’s cultural treasures such as Hollywood, Coke, Levis, and Disney, the nation has started shipping out its nauseating preachy political correctness, overshadowing its finest cultural exports. In conclusion, the rest of the world is being awakened to the overshadowing dominance of wokeness from America.