Would You Date a Podcast Bro?

Their reputations have caught up to them.

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Released on March 6, 2023., and updated on March 20, 2023..

T’Azane Roberson, a student at California State University, Northridge, declared on Twitter that her most significant error in life thus far was being in a relationship with a man who hosts a podcast. This realization came to her after experiencing nearly a year of sporadic dating with a colleague.

Starting in D.ecember 2021, Ms. Roberson, who is 24 years old, started dating him. She remembered that he was 3.5 years old at that time and had aspirations of becoming a social media influencer. They were both employed at an Amazon warehouse close to her residence in Lancaster, California. She continued to be in a relationship with him until January of the current year, which she accurately referred to as a “situationship” and found to be “extremely humiliating.”

She stated, “I was aware that he possessed a podcast, but I had never tuned in to it.” “Alright, I admire this gentleman. I am already disregarding his online presence. I am simply going to erase from my memory that he possesses a podcast,” she uttered.

She turned off what she heard. He sent her a link to his inviting show and asked her to listen to her thoughts. Ms. Roberson didn’t think about his extracurricular activities as long as they were fine when they were together.

Many women, especially those who are involved in programming, have experienced unsolicited opinions about women, sexuality, and masculinity from certain types of men who are fascinated by their own opinions and are not shy about offering them. Ms. Roberson, in particular, had encountered one such man who seemed to be associated with a certain kind of masculinity and was endlessly fascinated by his own voice and opinions. However, the content of the podcast hosted by this man did not align with her interests.

“Lower the microphones” and “find employment!” Some have urged them to “That’s the issue with females who engage in literature.” Or “Why, as a male, are you born in the month of February?” Utilizing a facial hair filter to mock the types of statements male podcast hosts make, such as: On TikTok, hashtags like #menwithpodcasts collect videos of (mostly) females.

Long having them with up, the “Grata Non Persona” podcast has been catching up with them.

Some among even those who haven’t adjusted their presentation to make a clear distinction for themselves, view the prospects in their profession as a potential red flag. They said some had come across romantic prospects in podcasting or in interviews with a handful of men they have worked with.

Instead, he usually works in digital media, said Tyree Rush, a 29-year-old podcast producer from Atlanta, who pointed out that he doesn’t list his profession on his dating app profiles.

D.uring an interview, he remembered saying, “Initially, I mentioned that I engage in digital strategy, that’s what I said. However, she continued to inquire, and I responded, ‘Actually, I create podcasts.’ Perhaps it was due to my initial lie about being involved in digital strategy that she wasn’t interested. Nevertheless, I believe her concern was primarily sparked by the mention of podcasts,” he recollected during the interview.

Mr. Rush added that she followed with, “don’t tell me you’re like doing like a Joe Budden podcast or anything like that.”.

Apprehension and evaluation swiftly ensued, greeted initially with laughter, as it is his ultimate aspiration to pursue his hip-hop culture podcast as a full-time occupation, unveiled by Jonah Hill portraying a Caucasian broker named Ezra in the Netflix comedic series “You People.” The podcast bro stereotype has also been depicted in various other realms of popular culture analysis.

Mr. Rush, who has worked for the Wondery network podcast and iHeartMedia Marvel, said that many women have a lot of concerns and fears when it comes to dating, which is another thing to worry about. He understood the wariness given the context.

“It’s similar to a modern form of chivalry or code of conduct that we’re attempting to understand,” he stated.

Logan Mendoza, 23., is one of the hosts of SweeTalks, a YouTube podcast video. He mentioned that he didn’t consider some content to be offensive. He described it as more of a debate and “guy talk” that is enjoyed by men who often receive direct messages from viewers who appreciate the content.

“Sometimes, we’ll disagree on a topic and have different viewpoints, and that’s okay. Sometimes, we won’t really agree with each other, but we’ll still express our opinions. Mr. Mendoza, who lives in Orange County, California, said that sometimes you want to say some crazy stuff just to entertain the viewers and listeners, at the end of the day.”

Raymond Pang, a 3.1-year-old sound designer and podcast producer, said that it was often a topic of conversation for him. He mentioned that he had never personally experienced romantic rejection, mainly because he is mostly focused on his profession, which revolves around science shows.

D.uring the interview, he mentioned that he feels like he’s been able to position himself away from the terrible-man corner of podcasting. He expressed that he felt both jobs encompassed the label of audio, similar to someone who has also worked in public radio. He presented himself as an audio producer. Although he was single at the time, he started seeing someone new about a month ago.

“Anyone can become a podcaster,” Mr. Pang stated, even though he was unaware of numerous individuals employed in the audio industry who would refer to themselves as “podcasters.”

He expressed, “sexist remarks, or even worse — such as discussing the recent week of soccer matches or something similar, or creating a podcast with a group of your acquaintances to contribute to This American Life or it might imply that.”

“D.efinitely not,” stated Ms. Roberson, the student from Cal State, declaring that following her encounter, she would never engage in a romantic relationship with a gentleman involved in podcasts. As far as she is concerned.

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