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In an unusual statement regarding his client, Richard Simmons, the previously omnipresent fitness expert, is flourishing as he celebrated his 75th birthday this week, according to his publicist, Tom Estey.

Entertainment Tonight and verified by Yahoo Entertainment, Estey stated, “This is a significant achievement. I simply desire to witness his joy, which he currently experiences.”

Even that short remark is more fresh information than we’ve heard about Simmons in recent times.

In 1974, the big personality and owner opened a gym named cheekily behind the personality in Beverly Hills, which expanded his reach far beyond his brick-and-mortar location and for decades he was outspoken about his passion for fitness. His career didn’t start out that way.

He testified before a Congressional committee in 2008, demonstrating his dedication to physical education in schools. He became famous for his regular appearances on David Letterman’s late-night show, where he showcased his hilarious personality. He also frequently appeared on talk-show circuits, solidifying his reputation as a fitness icon. Simmons always exuded energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness, which he discovered as a way to overcome his childhood struggles with weight. His success as an actor in Hollywood came later in life, as he initially pursued a career in the entertainment industry as a young adult. Inspired by his own experiences, Simmons created cookbooks, DVDs, and exercise videos, which collectively sold over 65 million copies. One of his most popular workout videos is “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.”

Reportedly, Simmons was depressed at the time due to a knee injury, which was evident by his limp. Additionally, after years of an active celebrity life, Simmons was exhausted but happy when he found an outlet in the manager’s comment. According to the Los Angeles County elder-abuse attorney’s division, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a welfare check after a concerned friend of his contacted them in January 2015. It was reported by TMZ that there was concern because it was unlike Simmons to be in such a state. He suddenly disappeared in 2014, stopping his activities such as teaching at his studio and appearing in public.

Nevertheless, that didn’t sit well with specific individuals, and even some of Simmons’s associates wondered why they hadn’t received any correspondence from him.

Simmons felt compelled to call into Today in March 2016, as rumors about his whereabouts had become clear, even though he was being held against his wishes.

He stated, “You haven’t witnessed the final occurrence involving me.” “Richard is doing well,” no need to fret, he included. Despite the fact that the other one was also causing him difficulty due to extensive usage throughout the years, he verified that he was recuperating from wounds to one knee. “I simply desired to experience some solitude for a short period,” he informed the NBC morning program. “I am not being held against my will,” he informed the NBC morning program.

Despite his absence from the last classes, Simmons issued another public declaration in November 2016 after his renowned fitness studio shut down.

“I am embarking on a fresh start for myself — discreetly and in my unique manner. I remain self-reliant, resolute, and assertive. No individual has ever had the power to dictate my actions, and that remains unchanged today. It is important to understand that I am in a state of good physical condition and experiencing happiness. I am implementing alterations and allocating time to pursue my desires. I am prioritizing my own well-being and placing myself first. In a Facebook post, he expressed, among other things, ‘It has been more than four decades now, and I am finally heeding my own guidance.'”

Even though Richard Simmons disappeared and left the spotlight without any explanation, he continued to speculate about the reasons behind his sudden departure, which eventually led to his seclusion and the creation of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast in 2017.

Out of view, Simmons was staying occupied, an individual described merely as an acquaintance of Simmons informed ET that during his 70th birthday in 2018.

The friend commented, “He’s thriving. He’s his cheerful self.” “He primarily stays at home and in his yard. … He stays updated with his reading and pursues his own desires.”