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The leader of the corporate enterprise may rank their own assessment as the most negative fact, posted at 7:04 p.M. On Day Labor evening, but it may also be seen as one of the most outrageous things.

Lenders and partners accused him of causing financial damage, allegedly inflicted by ADL, but it wasn’t the first time Musk shot himself in the foot and said something that put him in a difficult situation. The most puzzling aspect was his repeated actions of trying to avoid the site by pressing “X” to kill advertisers, and even demanding social media accounts to be banned for minor infractions, which the organization ADL charged as aggressive. ADL strongly objected to the virulently anti-Semitic tweets that were allowed on the platform, far from hate-right. In his attack on the civil rights organization led by Jews, ADL, Musk fired off this mind-boggling salvo.

Larry Ellison, Ron Baron, and Prince Al Waleed of Saudi Arabia, among other investors, provided $7 billion, while Musk personally contributed around $24 billion. The remaining funds of $31 billion were obtained through equity and loans from well-known commercial and investment banks. With a total investment of $44 billion, Musk acquired Twitter. However, the value of the platform has significantly declined, mainly due to a drastic drop in ad revenue, since Musk’s purchase in October last year. Musk has emphasized on multiple occasions that his impressive calculations apply to the current value of the business formerly known as Twitter.

Today, the residence would acquire how much lower than $440,000 relying on the decline in “worth” if you acquired a residence for $440,000, borrowed $130,000, and financed the remaining $310,000 in currency and the price declined. Musk refers to the $44 billion paid for the property, not the ownership part when he mentions “value.” Musk adds, “I do not perceive any situation where they are accountable for less than 10% of the worth deterioration, so approximately $4 billion” and accuses that “ADL seems responsible for most of our revenue loss” in the post.

$4 billion (the $44 billion acquisition cost minus the $40 billion in “value destruction”), representing a decrease of 90%. Essentially, he is stating that the $31 billion he and his associates invested in ownership has completely disappeared, and a significant portion of the debt provided by reputable Wall Street entities is now significantly devalued. This calculation results in a total decrease of $40 billion. Considering that Musk and his associates initially paid $44 billion, he suggests that the platform’s current value would be approximately $4 billion. According to Musk’s assessment, the ADL alone has essentially eliminated about $4 billion in X’s value, which accounts for roughly 10% of the overall decline in the franchise’s worth.

Does Elon Musk really believe that X is now worth a staggering $4 billion, as his scorching post suggests? However, he’s not just facing another battering on his already beleaguered brand, which will further undermine its standing in the eyes of advertisers. It may be acceptable to exaggerate the pain and throw numbers around when you’re the victim, but it proves indeed that X is a financial cataclysm, with people likely to forget the excuses and examine the careening missteps from its sole proprietor, who is mercurial.