10 Best Nurse Practitioner Insurance Jobs – 2023



Authored By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN.

For your next professional advancement, maybe you will discover an occupation that captivates your interest and acquires a better comprehension of some new NP positions. In 2023, in addition to the top 10 nurse practitioner jobs with insurance companies, continue reading for some personal perspectives about my involvement in case management and utilization review. Which are the finest nurse practitioner insurance positions? You may inquire if you are contemplating transitioning to a new profession and are inquisitive about this field of work. Beyond conventional roles, the role of an insurance company NP has recently expanded. To aid in cost reduction and guarantee high-quality care for their clients, insurance companies have employed nurse practitioners for case management for numerous years.

Why Do Insurance Companies Need Nurse Practitioners?

Can provide a rewarding career path for nurses looking to transition into the insurance industry. By hiring nurse practitioners (NPs), insurance companies can save millions of dollars by ensuring that surgeries, procedures, and tests are screened for prior authorization to prevent unnecessary healthcare costs. This not only benefits the insurers but also helps to reduce healthcare expenses for patients. Therefore, exploring opportunities as a nurse practitioner in the insurance field can be a win-win situation for both practitioners and insurance companies.

5 Advantages Of Nurse Practitioner Insurance Jobs

There are numerous advantages to working as a nurse practitioner for insurance firms.

I will enumerate a few as follows:

1. Variety-

Each day was a little different and I enjoyed the variety of positions. The lunch atmosphere in the hospital, which sometimes felt stifling, was laughable compared to the real lunches I appreciated in different restaurants. Some days consisted of traveling outside the office to experience a change of scenery. It was pleasant to change out of professional work clothing and into scrubs. I especially enjoyed working with a diverse variety of professionals, from lawyers and physicians to insurance adjusters. I can attest that the environment is very different from a typical nursing position, as I worked for a medical utilization and management organization.

2. Work Remotely-

Many insurance jobs can be done remotely by nurse practitioners. While some positions advertise a 100% remote job, others may require NP to visit clients’ homes for assessments but do not require paperwork from home.

3. No Direct Patient Care-

Although many positions require direct patient care, in certain instances, the primary caregiver may not be the nurse practitioner (NP), but rather, NPs may provide care guidance over the telephone or perform home assessments. It is common for insurance companies to require nurse practitioners to work with them.

4. Utilization of Medical Knowledge-

It is essential for companies’ insurance to assist and fully support their clients while wisely funding healthcare, utilizing their advanced medical knowledge to guide and support. Nurse practitioners employed by insurance companies can ensure that all their medical expertise is incorporated, satisfying their clients.

5. Work Independently-

In my previous profession as a medical management nurse, I consistently experienced a high level of respect and was granted considerable autonomy. Your qualifications and expertise are highly regarded, and the position allows for a great deal of flexibility. It is possible that you may be the sole medical professional, hence the role of a nurse practitioner in insurance work is largely independent, although you may have one or two superiors.

5 Drawbacks Of Nurse Practitioner Insurance Jobs

Having worked for an insurance company for many pleasant years, I have identified a few drawbacks to being an NP in this field.

Here are a few disadvantages of nurse practitioner insurance positions that you should be mindful of:.

1. Travel-

Although some nurses may enjoy getting out of the office to view travel as a disadvantage, it may be necessary for attorneys or physicians to travel during the day to visit clients.

2. No Direct Patient Care-

In the grand scheme of things, certain nurse practitioners may overlook providing direct patient care. Conversely, another nurse practitioner may not perceive what one NP considers favorable as beneficial once more.

3. Fear Losing NP Skills-

You may indeed gain hands-on experience, which can help you improve your skills. However, most companies that provide insurance coverage may not be specifically seeking individuals with experience in suturing.

4. Miss Medical Colleagues-

Although you may miss the regular interaction with other nurses, doctors, and medical professionals, you will have the opportunity to work with a completely new group of colleagues.

5. Remote Work Has Its Own Drawbacks-

There are a few drawbacks to working remotely as a nurse practitioner. For individuals who thrive on social interaction, remote work can feel isolating. Moreover, nurse practitioners who struggle with time management and self-direction may not thrive when working from home. Thus, it is important to consider the potential downsides of remote work for nurse practitioners.


(Discover the top 10 Nurse Practitioner positions in Insurance Companies for 2023.)

1. Utilization Review

Excellent communication skills are crucial in order to arrive at a definitive conclusion, as it may be necessary to negotiate fees and overcharges. Utilizing my experience and medical expertise, I discovered errors and reasonable expenses while analyzing patient records and accounts. Primarily involving paperwork, this role has involved auditing numerous hospital and physician bills in the past. The costs are justifiable and linked to the diagnosis, and nurse practitioners assess medical bills to determine their accuracy, sometimes referred to as a nurse auditor.

As a utilization reviewer, you may be employed by organizations such as hospitals, companies, insurance providers, and HMOs. There are many benefits to this position. It is possible to work remotely for many positions. Autonomy is encouraged, and the job is low stress. Working as a utilization reviewer is like a breath of fresh air compared to the hospital environment, as it allows for a fresh atmosphere in an office setting and the opportunity to meet new people.

2. Home Assessment

NPs who conduct home evaluations might be employed by insurance companies and HMOs. This role could potentially serve as a supplementary occupation for individuals already employed elsewhere, since NPs are contracted and compensated for each home assessment. Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available in this specific field. There is a high demand for nurse practitioners in insurance companies who are willing to perform home assessments, as evident from a brief search on job platforms.

The position of this patient may be a hybrid, working remotely from home and traveling along with it. The NP will then act as a liaison between the patient and the insurance company, developing a cost-effective and appropriate medical treatment plan. Nurse practitioners who assess the patient’s condition may also go into extended care facilities or patient homes to review medical records and conduct assessments.

The abundance of autonomy in this job makes it low-stress. One nice feature of providing home assessments as an NP is the opportunity to educate patients and utilize skills for assessments.

3. On-site Minute Clinic

Employees of CVS are also employed by Aetna. Keeping up with the trend of mergers in the large health corporation industry, CVS Health is now one of the premier health companies in the nation. You may not be aware that CVS pharmacy has merged with Aetna.

One of the primary employers for nurse practitioners is Minute Clinics CVS, where they may enjoy working at a small clinic with a clientele focused more on providing family health education and counseling, prevention of pregnancy and STD testing, as well as administering injections for treating everyday conditions and illnesses. These practitioners rarely need to deal with emergencies, and they desire to work in a clinic atmosphere that primarily consists of providing health assessments and treatment for their patients.

An appointment is not required, but evenings and weekends may require additional time. Numerous urgent care nurse practitioner positions prioritize reducing stress in the workplace by offering only scheduled encounters.

4. Case Management

Case management is one of the familiar jobs for nurse practitioners in insurance companies, as they are typically employed by larger corporations rather than free-standing insurance agencies. Therefore, many times these managers work under the umbrella of larger health corporations and HMOs.

Case managers in NP care help patients achieve positive health outcomes by directing and assessing. The spectrum of life’s cases can range from managing elderly women to pregnant women. Case managers in advanced nursing practice utilize their exceptional patient education skills and impressive medical knowledge to manage clients with chronic and/or complex health conditions.

I felt like I could assist them in rebuilding their lives. Over the course of several years, I managed to care for my clients who suffered from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. I formed gratifying relationships with these clients. Due to being a partial mother, I found a satisfying job that allowed me to work flexible hours instead of the regular 9-5 office hours. In my early nursing years, I worked as a case manager dealing with catastrophic workers’ compensation cases.

5. Remote NP for Medicare

Insurance companies and HMOs, with whom Medicare has agreements, monitor individuals who are beneficiaries of Medicare. These companies employ nurse practitioners to oversee healthcare and ensure cost containment by minimizing hospital readmissions and unnecessary procedures. The presence of knowledgeable and compassionate nurse practitioners is crucial in preventing Medicare costs from escalating uncontrollably, making nurse practitioner positions in insurance companies related to Medicare a lucrative industry.

Since the Covid outbreak, numerous insurance roles have transitioned to a remote setup.

Nurse practitioners in this position will need to become familiar with Medicare regulations. Additionally, with the ability to provide virtual visits, NPs can also offer online check-ups and assessments. NPs who work with Medicare clients can oversee and guide healthcare from the convenience of their home. They can review medical records and provide guidance to clients by phone calls.

In addition, working NPs may negotiate and review Medicare payments and bills to keep the charges fair and reasonable. This low-stress job has regular 9-5 working hours with direct hands-on patient care.

6. Director of Case Management

The director of this position needs to be well-suited for it as NPs who possess superior medical experience and knowledge in the medical field. In addition, the staff for training and supervision needs to provide the manager with more complex medical cases. The director in the medical field needs to possess superior medical experience and knowledge. The director oversees a team of nurses in the management case department of an insurance company.

Therefore, this role is essential for practitioners in nursing as it involves caring for pregnant women, children, infants, and adults. Extensive nursing experience and a varied nursing background are necessary for this position to meet the demand.

Managing a nursing career can be challenging, as patient care is limited and office hours are regular. However, nurses who are seeking an ideal position may find this opportunity appealing if they are not interested in working in a hospital setting. Although compared to inpatient administration jobs, the responsibilities may seem minimal, there can still be moments of stress for a nurse manager.

7. Director of Quality Improvement

The DQI A ensures that patients under the Medicaid umbrella who are working comply with state Medicaid standards, ensuring access to cost-effective care and establishing quality care for patients. This position is responsible for ensuring quality of care for patients along with providing strategic leadership for the DQI A team, which can work for large private Medicare/Medicaid or HMO’s. As an essential administrative nurse practitioner job, the DQI A provides strategic leadership for the insurance team, which includes a quality improvement director.

The organization has implemented effective guidelines and protocols for conducting meetings, establishing work policies, and allocating sufficient time for DQI programs. The main responsibility of the director is to manage a job desk, primarily focusing on enhancing leadership skills and communication abilities. However, there is a need for improvement in the director’s quality management skills as they lack exceptional proficiency in this area.

In addition, a background in quality management and at least 5 years of clinical experience is necessary for this unusual position in healthcare operations and quality improvement.

8. Occupational Health

Throughout the pandemic over the past year, nurse practitioners (NPs) have been hired to administer Covid testing, vaccines, and offer guidance. Occupational health NPs are responsible for delivering health promotion initiatives to the workforce and ensuring that safety measures are implemented at the workplace. Some major insurance companies and HMOs employ NPs as occupational health professionals.

The workplace atmosphere and generally enjoyable customers, along with a appreciated benefit of working regular office hours, are some abilities that an NP can employ such as bodily evaluation, requesting and conducting examinations, and providing guidance to patients. The occupational health profession is highly suitable for adult health nurse practitioners and FNPs because of their proficiency with the working population.

9. Health Coach

Health insurance companies are offering 24/7 assistance to insured clients in dealing with medical issues by providing easily accessible medical advice over the phone, in order to help cut down on unnecessary visits to the ER and ensure that clients’ medical conditions are properly controlled. Health insurance companies employ health coaches at the frontline to achieve cost-containment and control insurance costs, with nurse practitioners being one of the newer roles.

Patients generally assist in achieving their health goals and seek support and guidance from a health coach offering teaching and appropriate medical care. Instead of acting as the primary caregiver and prescribing medicine, health coaches act as a guide to help patients towards a healthier lifestyle. However, health coaches in the position of a health coach can offer medical advice and guidance to patients over the phone, similar to telemedicine.

Nurse practitioners play a crucial role in helping patients navigate through complicated and severe medical conditions like cancer and diabetes.

Health coaches can help clients in various other ways, such as:

Offer assistance for social workers, long-lasting medical equipment, and additional essential healthcare requirements. – Foster effective communication with specialists and primary care physicians. – Coordinate in-home caregiving services. – Organize and manage medical appointments.

10. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

This can accomplish the job remotely, but NPs in this role do not have a lot of interaction with patients. PMHNP is consulted to work with primary care providers to provide guidance and insight on insured clients’ mental health and behavioral issues. An exciting position for a psychiatric nurse practitioner is with insurance corporations.

Clients may reside in long-term care facilities, in their own homes, in a hospital, or in hospice care.

A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) is certain to discover a fulfilling profession in this position that offers a relaxed work environment and lucrative compensation. Nurse practitioners specializing in this field are in high demand, resulting in PMHNPs being among the most highly compensated nurse practitioners. In terms of nurse practitioner insurance roles, this particular job is regarded as a low-stress position with exceptional remuneration. As a nurse consultant, you will have the advantage of working standard office hours from 9 to 5, without any weekend or on-call obligations.


Explore the finest 10 Insurance Companies to pursue a profession as a Nurse Practitioner in 2023.

1. United Health Group

As I delved into my research on nurse practitioner positions at insurance companies, United Health Group consistently appeared. I discovered that this organization has successfully combined two complementary businesses to create a substantial healthcare system. Through its merger with OptumHealth, United Health Group now includes both healthcare consumers and providers.

OptumRX, OptumInsight, and OptumHealth are three distinct divisions that offer medical treatment. OptumHealth represents the complementary aspect of this leading health industry entity, known as United Healthcare. United Healthcare provides Medicare coverage and health plans for individuals of all ages.

OptumHealth offers care services directly to hospitals, clinics, private medical offices, and long-term care facilities. Nurse practitioners, who are employed by OptumHealth, can be found in various settings and roles. Clinical sites and health care operations are the primary areas of employment.

2. Valor Health Plan

Valor is an HMO that contracts with Medicare across the US and employs local practitioners, including nurse practitioners, to act as case managers coordinating quality care for their clients. Valor Health Plans are explicitly designed for Medicare patients who reside in long-term care facilities.

The case manager has the ability to develop significant connections with their elderly clients while managing expenses for the insurance company through the examination and coordination of intricate and long-term medical conditions. Nurse practitioners primarily work from a distance as case managers for Valor Health Plans, although they may have the chance to personally meet their clients if necessary.

3. CVS Health (Aetna)

Aetna, previously known as a related insurance company, is now part of Health CVS, and it has opened up a wide variety of nurse practitioner jobs. One such job is a nurse consultant in the position of a utilization management nurse, which helps coordinate care to provide quality treatment at a reasonable cost. In this role, the nurse consultant gathers health information, analyses it, and acts as a nurse practitioner to assist clients in their healthcare needs. This alliance between Aetna and CVS is complementary in nature.

If you are interested in exploring nurse practitioner opportunities with insurance companies, CVS Health is an excellent starting point for your job search as they offer a wide range of nurse practitioner positions across the United States.

4. Humana

Humana is another leader in the health insurance industry, providing Medicare coverage to over 26 million people across the US. With many clients demanding medical care, there is a need for managers to take care of their clients’ healthcare needs. Humana offers fitness and vision, dental, and health plans that fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Humana offers a variety of positions for adult-gerontology with a background in NP to meet the demand, as “snowbirds” tend to move to climates that are more temperate. These positions are predominantly centered in warmer states such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Humana, an innovative corporation, participates in numerous outreach programs such as Senior TB Bridge’s. NPs are an integral part of diagnosing, assessing, treating, and caring for senior patients with TB. Incentives specific to this program are provided to NPs who are employed as onsite nurses by Humana. Humana is a company that offers nurse practitioner jobs in the insurance industry.

5. Sharecare and CarePlus Health Plans

Sharecare and Health Plans have partnered together to improve healthcare for policyholders. It appears that they are the future wave of healthcare in Florida, providing millions of senior recipients with affordable and quality Medicare coverage. Sharecare is an innovative healthcare corporation that manages healthcare for patients, along with digital scientific health platforms for the general healthcare industry and providers.

Nurse practitioners employed by Sharecare act as care managers to ensure that clients receive personalized, high-quality care, maximizing their health. In this position, NPs must intervene and guide clients’ treatment plans to help them better understand and communicate with physicians, whether working onsite or remotely.

6. Blue Cross Blue Shield

In order to offer customized and localized service to their policyholders, the BCBS organization is divided into 35 separate local entities throughout the United States. As one of the most reputable and long-standing insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) provides a range of cost-effective healthcare insurance options, such as Medicare and Obamacare policies.

Health Highmark, an affiliate of BCBS, offers a wide variety of outpatient and inpatient facilities where nurse practitioners work. In addition to traditional nurse practitioner jobs in insurance, they have also adopted a blended approach known as utilization review and case management. They are labeled as a union to better serve their consumers by synthesizing insurance plans that provide better healthcare quality and accessibility. Highmark has branched out into the healthcare industry, partnering with many other large insurance corporations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield.

7. Anthem, Inc

Anthem Inc is the largest for-profit managed care corporation and insurance provider. They take pride in their commitment to healthcare for all. In 2021, Anthem Inc seems to be one of the best companies to work for, as it is listed as one of the Fortune 500 companies. It appears to offer better options for those seeking nurse practitioner jobs in the insurance industry.

Anthem branches off into numerous smaller care systems, where patients are supported by a team of clinicians responsible for assisting and coordinating care, successfully navigating the medical system. This translates into an ongoing patient-provider relationship and non-rushed provider visits, either at care facilities or through telemedicine at home.

Some NPs may be required to work at certain locations during weekends and holidays, mainly during daylight hours. Anthem, a health company, offers a variety of nurse practitioner jobs where NPs can work remotely from home or at a patient’s home or at a “care center.”

8. Centene

Centene, an obscure insurance corporation, is listed among the top 5 revenue makers in the industry, thanks to the recent success of Wellcare’s acquisition and the bolstering of the company’s progress. Wellcare has been provided with various age groups for private health plans, as well as Medicaid and Medicare plans, along with Centene, in the “marketplace”.

Centene offers both remote and on-site nurse practitioner positions. They actively recruit nurses and nurse practitioners for various roles.

◦ Pharmaceutical Expert ◦ Utilization Assessment ◦ Care Coordination ◦ Telehealth ◦ Appeals Registered Nurse ◦ Quality Assurance Nurse.

9. Molina

Molina is a rapidly growing star among health insurers, with a large majority of its enrollment coming from Medicaid enrollees. Behind the scenes, Molina has impressive programs that offer quality health services, including Medicaid, Medicare, and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) plans, as well as marketplace plans. With over 35 years in the health industry, Molina is a safe bet for insurance companies looking for nurse practitioner jobs.

Patient appointments can be a combination of virtual and in-person visits. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) working for Health Molina may provide healthcare services in both public “pop-up” clinics and long-term care facilities, as well as in patients’ homes. Health Molina prefers NPs who have a background in family health and experience in delivering healthcare services at home.

Molina Nanoparticles are members of a team with duties that encompass:

◦ Evaluation of physical condition ◦ Requesting tests, procedures, and medication ◦ Creating treatment strategies ◦ Providing vaccinations.

10. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, the assigned primary care provider and case manager, helps navigate our complex healthcare system and provides personalized care from the beginning for individuals with chronic and life-altering conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Kaiser Permanente combines medical care and health coverage to ensure that all their clients receive the necessary care.

Kaiser Permanente Nurse Practitioners operate in a range of environments and specialized fields such as:

Cancer Treatment- Employee Wellness- Elderly Care- Obstetrics and Gynecology- Surgical Procedures- Occupational Health

The list of jobs is endless. Kaiser Permanente is a gigantic healthcare system that employs more than 86,000 healthcare professionals and nurses.

5 Ways To Know Which Nurse Practitioner Insurance Job Is Right For You

When it comes to a job, we need to factor in all of these qualities to see if it fits right. We have to consider our commitments at home, our lifestyle preferences, and our background. Every individual has unique and specific needs and wants when it comes to a job.

Some factors to take into account when selecting nurse practitioner insurance positions are:

5. Your decision will become evident if it resonates with you and you develop a positive impression of the job. Ensure that you feel at ease with your choice. Inquire and extensively investigate the job, organization, and your supervisor before embarking on your ideal nurse practitioner role at an insurance company. Ensure that you do your research. 4. Can I envision myself in this work setting? 3. Will this job provide me with professional challenges as a nurse practitioner? 2. Will I be content working this job considering my family, home life, and lifestyle? 1. Will the position align well with my nursing background?

How Much Can You Make In Nurse Practitioner Jobs With Insurance Companies?

Cardiology, as a specialty, involves NPs who primarily work in areas such as in-patient care. These NPs tend to earn slightly lower salaries compared to other nurse practitioners due to the involvement of insurance companies. According to Glassdoor, some larger organizations like Group Health United employ NPs and offer a sign-on bonus of $2500. However, these NPs earn an annual salary of $114,722, which is slightly higher than the average salary of $95,284 for NPs working in case management.

It seems that jobs that involve more patient interaction with NPs tend to compensate their NPs at a higher wage. If you are seeking positions that are primarily “hands-on” rather than paperwork, you should look into insurance positions that pay top. There is a wide variety of job types for insurance nurse practitioners, and you can see different NP jobs listed above to see much more pay than some others.

Is There A Demand For Nurse Practitioner Insurance Jobs?

There is a demand for nurse practitioners in all positions due to the exodus of medical professionals from inpatient insurance jobs, as companies with insurance jobs for nurse practitioners are currently not abundant in the non-clinical and virtual setting. This demand has increased prior to the Covid pandemic.

Now is the optimal time to consider making a career move, if you are contemplating a job with an insurance company that has already established a strong presence in the market.

My Final Thoughts

If you are seeking to change your career and are unhappy in your current position, nursing is certainly a breath of fresh air. There is a variety of available jobs for nurses, and being a nurse has always been said to be beautiful. Personally, during my years as a case manager, I enjoyed taking a break from inpatient nursing. In 2023, there are many unique positions to consider, especially in insurance companies. You can see this from the featured article about the top 10 best nurse practitioner jobs with insurance companies. If you read this article, I hope it answers your question about what the best nurse practitioner insurance jobs are and encourages you to further investigate careers with insurance companies as an NP.


What Is The Highest Paying NP Insurance Job?

The growing need for this particular field results in elevated salaries for psychiatric nurse practitioners, just like in other healthcare settings. Smaller firms generally offer lower wages compared to larger corporations. The highest pay is earned by NP insurance positions that require direct engagement with patients, as mentioned earlier.

Are NP Insurance Jobs Remote In Nature?

Compared to other roles, jobs that primarily involve handling paperwork often offer the flexibility for employees to work from home. The nature of the insurance company’s job can vary depending on an employee’s circumstances. Generally, many other job roles are more likely to be remote compared to insurance positions.

How To Find A Good NP Insurance Job?

In this article, I have included numerous links to job opportunities. (For the best insurance companies to work for, you can find them under the “recommended section”.) It is a great starting point. Another way to find remote and local insurance positions is by searching on job boards such as indeed.Com, with headings like “case manager practitioner nurse”.

Are NP Insurance Jobs Part-Time OR Full-Time?

These types of jobs can be part-time. There are positions for NPs that are paid per patient assessment. However, the majority of NP jobs in the insurance industry are full-time.

What Type of Nurse Practitioner is Best Suited for Insurance Jobs?

Candidates with backgrounds in gerontology and nurse practitioners specializing in adult care would be great fits for positions in insurance. Since their training spans all stages of life, working with Medicare would be their first choice. FNPs would be the preferred choice for insurance jobs, especially those with a “generalist” background.

Are There Any Insurance Jobs for Specialty NPs?

Nurse practitioners specialized in women’s health could offer valuable knowledge in insurance programs that provide support for “mom and baby”. Pediatric nurse practitioners would be highly sought after for managing insurance cases of this nature. It is worth mentioning that Molina Health holds a significant national contract with the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan.