Market Newsletter on 12/6/2023

Massively making solar power and then ‘putting mats’

The work is completed but has legal problems and cannot be put into operation; Spread investment, capacity exceeding demand… are the reasons why more than 4,000 rooftop solar power projects in Binh Duong have to be “covered”.

Massively making solar power and then 'putting mats'

Being the first enterprise to invest in a 51 kWp solar PV system in an Industrial Park in Ho Chi Minh City. Thuan An (Binh Duong province), Vietnam – Singapore Smart Energy Solutions Joint Stock Company (VSSES), has been transmitting electricity on the grid to sell to the electricity industry for many years, but recently received a notice of temporary suspension of transmission because of road traffic. overloaded wire. Mr. Tran Anh Toan – Technical Director of VSSES Company said that in the past time, the unit has regularly received notices from the Binh Duong power industry about the reduction of the transmission date to the grid, which affects the revenue for the project. invested financial balance.

“We suggest that the power industry consider making up for it in the form of additional generation time according to the signed contract so that businesses can regain their investment capital, deduct additional time to use the panels,” said Toan. .

Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Danh said that regarding the “call for help” of businesses investing in solar PV in the province, he had a working session with the Southern Electricity Corporation. Binh Duong has requested the electricity side to agree not to separate the connection for Solar PV projects and maintain the normal payment for customers who have signed the contract.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Nghia – Director of Energy Co., Ltd. admitted to being hasty in the process of investing in solar PV projects in Binh Duong. “At the time of 2019, when I saw businesses massively investing in solar PV, I also followed,” said Mr. Nghia, at the same time, saying that the company is facing the problem of solar power capacity exceeding demand. construction, we think, technological equipment is installed on the roof of the construction work without asking for permission, but the Department of Construction of Binh Duong province thinks that this is a construction work (grade IV energy works), because It was assembled without a construction permit,” Nghia said.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Duong province, there are 4,069 solar PV projects in the province with a total capacity of 775,916 kWp. In which, there are 12 self-produced systems invested by EVN and 4,057 systems by other investors; There are 4,022 Solar PV investors who have not added legal documents as prescribed. From April 1, 2023, 90% of solar PV systems in Binh Duong have stopped paying, suspended contracts, and separated connections for projects that have not yet completed dossiers. Therefore, more than 4,000 solar PV projects in Binh Duong have to “cover mats”.

Mr. Phan Thanh Lam – Director of Binh Duong Xanh Renewable Energy Investment Joint Stock Company said that according to preliminary calculations, the investment value of more than 4,000 solar PV projects in Binh Duong province is nearly 12,000 billion VND. Most of the solar PV projects in Binh Duong, the investor cannot recover the capital. The forced shutdown causes great waste to businesses and people.

Why “cover mat”?

Sharing with Tien Phong, a representative of Binh Duong Power Company said that the survey process of solar PV projects in Binh Duong is not eligible, focusing on construction, environment and fire prevention. . With the characteristic of taking advantage of the roof of the factory for construction, most of the solar PV projects are items that arise after the factory or project has been licensed for construction, appraised for fire protection as well as assessed the impact. environmental action of the authorities.

Talking about the reason for announcing the reduction of power capacity, a representative of Binh Duong Province Power Company said that in many areas, because the previously invested power grid system has been calculated capacity, many solar PV projects develop. network has caused overload. In order for the power source to be stable and safe throughout, the power sector must moderate and reduce the generation of many solar PV projects on the grid.

“Currently, renewable energy sources are mainly simultaneously receiving and generating at the same time during the day, without a storage system, so the national power system is regulated, limited in capacity and power output to the grid”- Representative of Binh Duong Power Company explained.

According to Director of Binh Duong Department of Construction, Vo Hoang Ngan, currently, the guidelines of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Construction, etc. have not yet agreed on how to guide and solve difficulties and obstacles for the Solar PV system. installed in the works before 2020. Therefore, the locality has difficulty in issuing guiding documents.

New CEO Nguyen Minh Hai: ‘Bamboo Airways is completing the ownership transformation’

New Bamboo Airways General Director Nguyen Minh Hai said that the airline will quickly overcome difficulties to grow in the near future.

Bamboo Airways’ new CEO Nguyen Minh Hai.


Responding to the press recently, CEO Nguyen Minh Hai assessed that besides the general difficulties of the industry, Bamboo Airways also has its own challenges.

Specifically, according to Mr. Hai, this airline is in the process of completing the ownership transformation from old investors to new investors, the restructuring will take time.

“I find the restructuring orientation at Bamboo Airways is very methodical, including recruiting and recruiting experienced senior personnel from international airlines to supplement resources for the airline as well as build building a legal foundation and supply chain for the airline’s expansion,” said Bamboo Airways CEO.

Mr. Hai believes that Bamboo Airways will quickly overcome difficulties to grow strongly in the coming time.

Emphasizing the cost optimization in the current difficult period, Mr. Hai said that the airline has established subsidiaries in auxiliary fields such as maintenance techniques, meals, aviation training, etc. towards technological autonomy and human exploitation.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai has been appointed as the General Director of Bamboo Airways since May 24 after Mr. Nguyen Manh Quan resigned.

According to the introduction, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai was born in 1972, holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism business management from National Economics University. Hai has 25 years of experience in the aviation industry and used to be the Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines (from April 2015 to January 2019), General Director of Cambodia Angkor Air.

In May, the Board of Directors of FLC announced the transfer of shares of Bamboo Airways that FLC owns to Mr. Le Thai Sam, a member of Bamboo Airways’ Board of Directors.

Mr. Le Thai Sam currently owns more than 231.7 million shares of Bamboo Airways, equivalent to 12.53% of the airline’s charter capital. Mr. Sam is also the one who lent this airline more than VND 7,727 billion.

From 3pm on 12/6: Gasoline price stays the same, oil increases slightly

Petrol price on June 12 was adjusted compared to the previous session. In which, gasoline price remained unchanged while oil price increased slightly from 50-80 VND/liter.

From 3pm on 12/6: Gasoline price stays the same, oil increases slightly

Oil prices increased slightly, gasoline prices remained unchanged.


Retail prices of gasoline products from 15:00 today (June 12) were kept unchanged by the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance, and adjusted slightly for diesel and kerosene, fuel oil alone decreased by 164 VND/kg.

At today’s adjustment period, the inter-ministerial department made a deduction for the BOG fund for E5RON92 gasoline at 228 VND/liter (the previous period was 300 VND/liter), RON95 gasoline at 180 VND/liter (the previous period was 300 VND/liter). liter); diesel oil at 200 VND/liter (previous period 300 VND/liter); kerosene at 200 VND/liter (previous period 300 VND/liter); fuel oil at 100 VND/kg (last period 300 VND/kg).

At the same time, do not spend the BOG Fund for all gasoline and oil products.

The retail prices of the following items are adjusted as follows: E5RON92 gasoline is 20,878 VND/liter (same as the current retail price), lower than RON95-III gasoline by 1,137 VND/liter; Petrol RON95-III: 22,015 VND/liter.

Diesel oil 18,028 VND / liter (up 85 VND / liter), kerosene 17,823 VND / liter (up 52 VND / liter), fuel oil 180CST 3.5S 14,719 VND / kg (down 164 VND / kg compared to the current retail price). ).

In the latest price management period, on June 1, the retail price of gasoline products simultaneously increased from 390 to 516 VND per liter, while the price of oil products decreased slightly.

Specifically, gasoline RON95-III 22,015 VND/liter (up 516 VND); E5RON92 gasoline is 20,878 VND/liter (up 390 VND), lower than RON95-III petrol 1,137 VND/liter.

0.05S diesel oil decreased by 11 dong/liter, to 17,943 dong/liter; kerosene decreased by 198 VND/liter, to 17,771 VND/liter; fuel oil 180CST 3.5S decreased by 275 VND/kg, to 14,883 VND/kg.

Information on the management and retail distribution of petrol and oil in the country, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said, the minimum total petroleum source in 2023 is assigned by the Ministry to the main petrol and oil traders (39 traders). carrying out a total of 27.3 million m3 / ton of petroleum of all kinds (ground petroleum: including gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, kerosene: 26 million m3 / ton; aviation fuel: including Jet A1, aviation fuel: 1.3 million m3).

Specifically: Petrol 11,025,220 m3; Diesel: 14,549,048 m3; Mazut: 430,912 tons; Kerosene: 50,298 m3; Jet A1: 1,288,000 m3; Aviation fuel: 39 m3.

For production and petroleum supply of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Plant, the ministry confirmed, according to a report by Nghi Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited (NSRP), in 2023, NSRP is expected to produce 5,860 million tons of gasoline. oil of all kinds, of which consumption in the domestic market is about 5,760 million tons.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade affirmed that, in general, petroleum production and trading enterprises are sticking to the implementation plan. In the first 5 months of the year, supply is guaranteed.