20 Years Later, John Mayer Reveals Who Inspired “Your Body Is A Wonderland”

20 Years Later, John Mayer Reveals Who Inspired “Your Body Is A Wonderland”

We finally know who John Mayer was singing about in his Grammy-winning hit song “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” and it’s not who we thought it was. It turns out, the person whose body is lauded in song for her skin like porcelain, pair of candy lips, and bubblegum tongue was his high school sweetheart.

The Inspiration Behind the Song

Released in 2001 as part of his debut studio album Room For Squares, “Your Body Is A Wonderland” quickly became a fan favorite. For years, there has been speculation about who the song was written about. Some believed it was about Mayer’s former girlfriend, actor Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom he dated briefly in 2002. However, Mayer recently put an end to those rumors during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

In the podcast, Mayer confirmed that the song was actually about his first girlfriend from high school. He explained that the song captured a feeling of nostalgia for his younger years, when he was 16 years old. Mayer, who was 21 when he wrote the song, wanted to convey the emotions and experiences of young love.

When asked if his high school girlfriend knew the song was about her, Mayer responded, “Maybe she didn’t. To this day, maybe she didn’t.” He then directly addressed his ex-beau, saying, “So, if you were my one and only high school girlfriend, that was actually about you.”

Mayer’s Songwriting Rule

Mayer also revealed that he has a “rule” when it comes to composing songs. He doesn’t like to reveal the true inspiration behind his music, in order to keep their “sanctity intact.” He explained that he doesn’t write songs specifically about people, and he doesn’t want listeners to focus on who the song is about, but rather connect with it on a personal level.

This rule has been consistent throughout Mayer’s career. He believes that by not disclosing the inspiration, it allows listeners to relate to the song in their own way and apply it to their own lives. Mayer wants his music to resonate universally, rather than being tied to a specific person or situation.

Other Songs Inspired by Relationships

While Mayer adheres to his rule of not explicitly stating which songs are about specific people, there have been instances where he has indirectly confirmed the inspiration behind his music.

In a 2017 New York Times interview, Mayer admitted that his single “Still Feel Like Your Man” was about his ex-girlfriend, Katy Perry. He openly asked, “Who else would I be thinking about?” This acknowledgment provided fans with insight into his personal experiences and relationships.

On the other hand, Katy Perry herself has also released songs that fans speculate were inspired by her relationship with Mayer. In her 2017 album Witness, there are at least three tracks – “Witness,” “Miss You More,” and “Save As Draft” – that contain lyrics that could be interpreted as references to their past romance.

Prior to her post-breakup tracks, Perry had also released songs about Mayer while they were still dating in 2013. Songs like “Unconditionally” and “Roar” were believed to be influenced by their relationship at the time. The couple eventually broke up in 2015 after three years together.

Another notable mention is Taylor Swift, who has been linked to Mayer through her music. In 2010, Swift released “Dear John,” a song widely believed to be about Mayer. The title itself and references to their age difference in the lyrics (“Don’t you think 19 is too young, to be played by your dark twisted games?”) strongly suggest that Mayer was the subject of the song. In a 2012 Rolling Stone interview, Mayer expressed feeling “humiliated” and “terrible” upon hearing the song.

Recently, Swift released her tenth studio album Midnights in October 2022, and some fans speculate that there is another track on the album dedicated to Mayer. The song in question is “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” where Swift alludes to the time she dated Mayer. The lyrics say, “I would’ve stayed on my knees and I damn sure never would’ve danced with the devil at 19.” Mayer has yet to respond to the song.


After 20 years, John Mayer has finally revealed that “Your Body Is A Wonderland” was inspired by his high school sweetheart. While Mayer typically keeps the inspiration behind his songs a secret, there have been instances where he indirectly confirmed the influence of his past relationships, such as with Katy Perry. Additionally, Taylor Swift’s songs have sparked speculation about her relationship with Mayer. Whether it’s Mayer’s rule of songwriting or the allure of deciphering hidden meanings, fans continue to find intrigue in the personal connections behind his music.