5 things you probably didn’t know about YouTube star MrBeast

Recently, “MrBeast” Jimmy, an influential YouTuber, has not only changed the game completely with his innovative and viral videos, but he has also firmly established himself as one of the biggest content creators on the platform. He has surpassed several prominent channels in the race and recently crossed the milestone of 100 million subscribers, making his non-branded channel the second largest.

To truly consider themselves devoted supporters, readers must acquaint themselves with a handful of the less familiar details about the individual who stands as the enigmatic figure. With a global audience of millions seeking inspiration from him, this individual, who is both a content producer and a philanthropist, has established himself as an influential figure within the YouTube realm.

Here are five facts they likely didn’t know about the YouTube celebrity.

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1) Initiated his channel at the age of 13

Despite currently having over 180 million subscribers, the creator primarily plays Call of Duty and Minecraft with his audience. His first video, titled “Worse Trap Saw Minecraft,” is still available on the platform under the handle MrBeast6000. Thanks to his diehard fanbase, he currently sits comfortably with 12 million views. Additionally, he receives commands from his subscribers through various YouTube channels.

As the inaugural video uploaded to the channel, the broadcaster personally left a pinned comment that says:

2) The video that initiated everything

In January 2017, the famous YouTuber, Mr. Beast, uploaded a video that literally birthed the genre of impossible challenges. This viral video, titled “Counted I to 100,000!”, Was a 4-minute, 48-hour long-second video that helped propel Mr. Beast to the top of the YouTube charts.

Being able to upload it to YouTube, the streamer had to divide the 24-hour long video into specific segments in order to increase the upload speed. It took over 40 hours to complete the process.

In his YouTube journey, he has made significant progress in understanding and honoring a tribute, as well as visiting and returning to his dedicated supporters. Within a few days, the video achieved immediate success, garnering millions of views.

The video currently has approximately 26 million views.

3) Accusations of a harmful work environment

In May 2021, The New York Times published an article about MrBeast, which featured quotes from a few former employees, sparking a fresh debate on how he treats his staff and the allegations of mental harassment and workplace abuse.

Matt Turner revealed that he frequently experienced verbal abuse through derogatory language targeted at belittling people with cognitive disabilities. Additionally, he expressed:

Another person named Nate Anderson also made a video about his experience, after MrBeast had it removed to prevent his fans from receiving death threats, and the team also quit.

In a tweet (seen above) from October 6, 2019, he claimed that the individuals had turned the general population against him.

However, no solid evidence emerged against the online sensation, who has consistently achieved greater success each day.

4) Previous controversial posts

In his teenage years, the native of Kansas, MrBeast, had made several homophobic jokes and tweets on his YouTube channel, dropping the f-word numerous times. An article from The Atlantic in 2018 revealed this, which went viral and drew criticism from many prominent celebrities, justifiably so.

MrBeast replied when asked, “simply because I’m gai doesn’t imply I’m gay,” emphasizing that his Twitter bio revolved around “treating gayness as a source of humor” and the target of his jokes, and continued to utilize (at the moment of writing) as the article argues, the internet personality possesses.

He has subsequently removed all his tweets containing offensive words, including his Twitter biography.

5) Highest-earning YouTuber in 2021

According to reports, MrBeast emerged as the highest-earning YouTuber in 2021, surpassing Ryan Kaji’s previous year’s earnings of $29.4 million by doubling it. His astonishing content creation efforts allowed him to accumulate an impressive $54 million, positioning him as one of the world’s most highly compensated performers.