A Timeline of Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady Dating Rumors

The popular celebrity gossip blog recently revived rumors about a potential romance between seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and mogul Kim Kardashian. The rumors surfaced earlier this spring, but fizzled out after Tom and Kim attended the same Fourth of July party. There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the Kar-Jenner family, including the alleged romance between Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady. It’s hard to separate what’s true from the online gossip, as there are dozens of rumors about celebrity dating.

Kim Kardashian, the star of her successful Hulu reality show, has only hinted at being in a relationship with a secretive individual named Fred. Since that time, Kim has kept her romantic life private. Following a nine-month relationship, the reality star-turned-entrepreneur called it quits with her comedian partner Pete Davidson in August 2022, while the NFL athlete ended his 13-year marriage to supermodel Gisele Bündchen in October 2022. Both Kim and Tom are recently unattached.

If you’re wondering what’s really going on with this duo, read ahead for a possible timeline of the romance rumors surrounding Brady Tom and Kardashian Kim.

During the Shawn Carter Foundation’s 20-year anniversary black-tie gala in New York City on Friday, July 14, Michael Rubin provided his perspective on the rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady’s alleged romantic involvement when he was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight.

Michael, who organizes a glamorous White Party every year on the Fourth of July, confided to ET’s Rachel Smith, “To be honest, they are simply acquaintances.” “It’s only the unfounded gossip that spreads like wildfire.”

The CEO of Fanatics continued.

July 12, 2023: DeuxMoi Publishes a Photo of Kim and Tom Together

The insider wrote, “Initially, I felt creepy about sending them a photo together, but I wasn’t going to send it because I wasn’t sure if Tom and Kim actually spent time together at the Hamptons house. I’ve been speculating after seeing some posts whether they were together at the party.” Exactly one week after the star-studded all-white party.

July 7, 2023: Insiders Deny that Kim and Tom Spent Time Together At the Party

Sources have disclosed information about the purported exchange between Tom and Kim during Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July celebration, stating that when she arrived, Kim briefly greeted and even barely acknowledged Tom. “One informant clarified for People. Another concurred,” the second insider relayed, “Kim and Tom hardly conversed at the event.”

According to the source, Kim is currently very focused on her relationship with her kids and her businesses. The source also claimed that Kim and Tom have a lot of respect for each other and are friends. An additional source chimed in, flat-out denying that there is anything romantic happening between Tom and Kim. The source explained that Kim has a crush on Tom, which she overheard her friends talking about. Later in the evening, Kim had some liquid courage and overheard her friends dishing about how attractive Tom is, according to the first tipster.

July 5, 2023: Sources Claim Tom Is “Exactly” Kim’s Type After They Were “Flirty” At the All-White Party

According to tipsters, Kim and Tom exhibited significant flirtatious behavior towards one another at Rubin’s party and were observed spending time together on the beach throughout the day, as well as dancing together at night. The source further asserted that the NFL athlete perfectly aligns with Kim’s preferences, as reported by the tipsters.

July 4, 2023: Kim and Tom attend Michael Rubin’s All-White Fourth of July Party

Kim and Tom were among the well-known individuals who attended the Fourth of July celebration at billionaire Michael Rubin’s exclusive all-white event in the Hamptons.

May 2023: Multiple Outlets Deny that Kim and Tom Are Dating

Club, an exclusive neighborhood in the Bahamas, where Tom has a home, was mainly due to Kim’s desire to move into Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean. Dating and revealed that their newfound friendship was mainly due to Kim’s desire to move into Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, an exclusive neighborhood in the Bahamas, where Tom has a home and former NFL star denied that they were. Friends. Soon after, sources close to the Skims mogul and former NFL star denied that they were dating and revealed that their newfound friendship was mainly due to Kim’s desire to move into Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, an exclusive neighborhood in the Bahamas, where Tom has a home. Rumors surfaced online that Kim and Tom were a little more than friends. In early May,Output: In early May, rumors surfaced online that Kim and Tom were more than just friends, as they were spotted together in Club, an exclusive residential area in the Bahamas where Tom owns a house. However, sources close to them denied the dating rumors and clarified that their new friendship was primarily because Kim wanted to move into Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, which is located in the same exclusive neighborhood where Tom resides.

Confirmed by Page Six, a source revealed that “Kim and Tom have a cordial relationship.” She reached out to him for guidance regarding Baker’s Bay. In May, during her visit, Tom was not present in the Bahamas, and the property did not belong to him. However, she was later seen being chauffeured around the resort in a golf cart.

Next month, Kim will begin production on an American Horror Story-themed project, with a strong focus on preparing for school law and businesses related to her children. Although they are not dating, Kim and her common partners in business and friends have claimed that they share similar sentiments. Another insider also shared similar sentiments with these individuals.