Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, Just Spoke Out About His Sexuality, But Where Is She Now?

According to Shayanna’s interview on Good Morning America, the docuseries revealed intimate details about the former NFL player that she was not even aware of, including information about his alleged multiple sexual relationships and his sexuality while in prison. Aaron did not admit to any of this.

According to People, Shayanna informed GMA, “You can’t really describe someone’s sexuality without being them.” “Even though I had a child with Aaron, I still can’t tell what he was feeling deep inside.”

Shayanna expressed, “I would have comprehended. I would not have adored him any distinctively because I desire that he would have informed me. I desire to be informed if he indeed experienced those emotions, or if he experienced the inclination.” She continued to convey that if Aaron identified as bisexual, it would not have altered her sentiments towards him.

She continued, “I wish I was able to tell that beautiful thing just as I think it.” Regardless of who they are on the inside, I don’t think anybody should feel and think that they should feel ashamed, and it’s not shameful.

After being diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), researchers at Boston University found a link between impulsive and aggressive behavior and Aaron’s death. In 2017, Aaron was found dead in his jail cell after committing suicide, leaving behind a note calling his fiancée Shayanna his “soul-mate.” Aaron, who was sent to prison for the murder of his future brother-in-law, had been experiencing the effects of CTE.

Apart from her connection with Aaron, here’s everything you should be aware of regarding Shayanna Jenkins, along with her current activities.

She said, “I wanted to leave it in the past and not let my daughter grow up without having bad memories. I didn’t want to be involved in making Inside Killer, but when GMA asked me about participating, Shayanna didn’t directly mention the Netflix film in her Instagram post announcing her social media hiatus.”

Shayanna’s wishes are unlikely to come true, considering that many people have already reached out to her and attempted to spark a conversation about Aaron’s decision to take a break from social media.

“#Stayhumble😘.” She captioned the post on social media. It is important to take some time away to understand how imperative it is. You can be sure that I understand how much positive energy and support there is. On Thursday, Shayanna wrote in an Instagram post, “I wanted to let all of you sweet souls know that I have tried to read every message sent through email and IG, both positive and negative.”

Shayanna met Aaron in elementary school.

According to Sports Illustrated, they began a romantic relationship during their time in high school and eventually developed a close bond during their middle school years. The previous engaged couple initially encountered each other way back during their time in elementary school.

She and Aaron had a daughter together.

Reported individuals, who eventually entered into a committed relationship, were Shayanna and Aaron, although they never officially tied the knot. Using Aaron’s surname, they initiated their relationship in 2012 and welcomed their daughter Avielle.

Aaron told Shayanna to “love life.”

“In your suicide note to Shayanna, Aaron expressed, ‘You are like a heavenly being. I am aware of how deeply you love me! You indirectly revealed what was about to happen. I have always known and desired a life filled with love for you, and you have always been my soulmate.'”

“Shayanna also encouraged Aaron to fully tell my story, as I never think about how much I love you besides anything! God’s definition of love and your true angelic characteristic is that which can change the world. We continue to say on this note, ‘We split into two to come and change the world.'”

Discover additional information regarding Aaron’s last message to Shayanna below:

Now, Shayanna’s a mom of two.

We are extremely excited about the new addition and chapter that we will start soon… “I wanted to have a moment alone with my daughter,” Shayanna said at the time, “when I was ready to post and wanted to take the time for the process.” She revealed on Instagram in 2018 that she was expecting another baby.

And Shayanna is engaged again.

According to Radar, she intends to marry Dino Guilmette, a previous soccer athlete and the father of her second daughter.

She’s resilient.

If Shayanna posts any indications on her Instagram, she appears to be quite happy. In her Insta bio, she also mentions that she always tries to uplift herself. However, I never wanted to see the failures and sadness that I have experienced. It has always brought me down and knocked me down in life.