After Tiger Woods’ Masters exit, pro shares scary detail about Woods’ struggles

Jason Day shared more detailed information about the dire physical condition of Woods’ state in the woods during the week, specifically on Sunday at the Masters. However, the severity of his condition remained unknown. Woods withdrew from the tournament one day later.

Day stated, “I had a conversation with [Woods] towards the conclusion of the previous year,” amidst his third and fourth rounds, “and during our discussion, he mentioned that the rationale behind his withdrawal from the PGA was a screw piercing his skin on Saturday or something of that nature. As for this instance, I am unaware of the severity of the situation.”

This week at Augusta National wasn’t particularly promising. Tiger Woods, who has been dealing with plantar fasciitis in his right foot, had a disappointing round of 72, finishing two-over. He didn’t fare any better on Friday, as the weather conditions suspended his second round. On Saturday morning, when the round resumed, it was windy, wet, and chilly. Despite managing to sign for a score of 73, Woods looked in pain and limped badly at times, as if he had walked barefoot on broken glass.

Woods had pulled out, the competition declared at 7:27 a.M. Sunday. Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, Woods concluded that he could not endure any longer. The 3.7-mile trek that climbs the same height as 50 buildings becomes nearly impossible, considering the downpour and temperatures barely reaching 50 degrees. The undulating Augusta National course is a challenging stroll for Woods even under optimal circumstances.

“Day remarked on Sunday morning,” he appeared to be exerting considerable effort the previous day. “It was clearly challenging to witness as he had to return and continue playing despite the physical strain yesterday morning, and then he had to pause briefly before resuming play once more.”

I wasn’t able to get him for the perfect conditions, now we’re right where I think, but that’s kind of just disappointing. It’s. You can see how he’s feeling on TV… I don’t know what he’s internally feeling or how bad it is.

Today, I wish the players good fortune! I am grateful for the support and affection displayed towards me by @TheMasters and the fans. I want to express my gratitude. Unfortunately, my plantar fasciitis has worsened this morning, causing me to withdraw and I am disappointed. Woods did not provide any substantial statement regarding his social media withdrawal, only offering a brief explanation.

One of the doctors who treated Woods stated that a sequence of screws and pins were implanted in his right foot and ankle bones to aid in their stabilization. Woods experienced “open fractures impacting both the upper and lower sections of the tibia and fibula” during his car accident in February 2021.

I comprehend that. The capacity and resilience of what my limb will accomplish in the future will never be identical. It is challenging and will perpetually be challenging. Yes, it has been modified and there is some equipment inside, but it remains my own. However, as I sit here, I am extremely fortunate to possess this limb; it is my own. Earlier this week, Woods expressed that his movement is “not at the level I desire it to be.

That is my upcoming aspiration, but I am incapable of engaging in numerous competitions and getting ready for them, which is the reason I state “That’s.

When asked about the amount of hardware in his leg, Woods replied, “There’s a significant amount.”