Al Nassr vs Al Taawoun score, result as Cristiano Ronaldo’s team loses 2nd straight match to start Saudi Pro League

Al Nassr, a team known for their extravagant expenditures, have commenced their Saudi Professional League. campaign in a precarious situation following a remarkable 2-0 defeat at their home ground against Al Taawoun on Friday. Notably, star athletes Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, Anderson Talisca, and Marcelo Brozovic failed to register any goals.

In the 20th minute, Tawamba Leandre scored a goal with a wide header kick from a corner, leading to a time stoppage in the game. This resulted in Bahusayn Ahmed being substituted with Nassr Al and Ronaldo, who proved to be a reliable goalkeeper, along with a strong five-man backline of Taawoun Al. The visitors were able to maintain their set way and continue their attack.

Taawoun Al executed a perfect game plan against Brazilian winger Mateus, utilizing his speed in counter-attacking and strong defensive numbers. Despite falling short against Al Nassr with a 2-1 loss in the opening weekend, Ettifaq Al players were given a well-deserved rest after their impressive victory in the Arab Club Champions Cup, which was largely attributed to the stellar performances of many star players, including Steven Gerrard.

Al Nassr struggled to find a flow in their attack, getting only five shots compared to Taawoun’s six shots on target, as they were outshot 24-8.

The host team experienced a vexing evening as Marcelo Brozovic shot directly at the goalkeeper, Cristiano Ronaldo struck a ball against the post while being in an offside position, there was a last-minute clearance on the goal line, Sadio Mane had a goal invalidated, and Anderson Talisca failed to score with a couple of headers inside the penalty area.

Al Nassr finished in second place, coming up five points short in their quest for the Saudi title in the 2022/23 season, as leaders find themselves six points behind after two matchdays completed.

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Leandre Tawamba (also referred to as Mateus) netted a goal in the 20th minute, while Ahmed Bahusayn (assisted by Sattam Al Roqi) scored in the 96th minute, sealing the victory for Al Nassr against Al Taawoun.


Mane, Ronaldo, and Talisca, wearing the numbers 10, 7, and 94 respectively, played for Al Nassr in their 4-3-3 formation from right to left. Ghareeb came in as a substitute at the 29th minute, while Alkhaibari was substituted at the 76th minute by Alsulaiheem, and Fofana wore the number 6. Konan and Al Amri wore the numbers 13 and 5 respectively, and Lajami was substituted at the 47th minute by Al Fatil, who wore the number 4. Al Ghannam wore the number 2, and Waleed played as the goalkeeper.

16. Mateus, 3. Tawamba (7. Al Roqi 88′) — 10. Medran (8. Al Nasser 74′), 18. El Mahdioui, 24. Flavio (29. Bahusayn 88′), 23. Waleed — 14. Kadesh, 42. Muath (31. Balobaid 74′), 4. Girotto, 15. Abdulmalik (6. M. Al Ghamdi 62′), 1. Mailson (Goalkeeper)

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Al Nassr vs Al Taawoun live updates, highlights, and commentary

Final: Al Nassr 0-2 Al Taawoun

Final: It’s a deserved result for Al Taawoun, who frustrated Al Nassr by defending deep, closing spaces, and clogging the penalty area.

Ronaldo vents his frustrations towards the referee as he exits the field at the conclusion of the game.

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 كريستيانو رونالدو يغادر الملعب وهو غاضب بشدة بعد الخسارة ضد التعاون! 😯#النصر_التعاون

The Al Nassr defender on the line is unable to prevent it. Bahusayn delivers a precise pass to Al Roqi, who in turn supplies Al Taawoun with an assist. The goal is scored in the 96th minute, showcasing the effective collaboration of the two substitutes.


In the 95th minute, Al Nassr’s goal was invalidated! Sadio Mane nets an astonishing curved shot, but he was positioned offside earlier in the game.

🟡🔵 Mane chegou a empatar pro Al Nassr, antes do time tomar o segundo. Mas o gol foi

In the 95th minute, Al Nassr has a chance! Anderson Talisca is leaping for the header, but regrettably, he is unable to precisely guide the ball.

We have just wasted chance after chance!

90th minute: There will be nine minutes of additional time.

In the 89th minute, Ronaldo strikes the post! However, he was offside regardless. The clock is ticking for Al Nassr.

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 جنون ما يحدث .. رونالدو يهدر هدف مُحقق للتسجيل والقائم يقف مع التعاون 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯#النصر

The frustrations of Al Nassr are mounting. The header from Talisca Anderson was just missed, and Girotto cleared the shot off the line for Taawoun. First chance for Al Nassr in the 84th minute.


The referee caused controversy by incorrectly denying a corner kick to Nassr Al, despite replays showing a clear deflection headed out. Then, Ghareeb goes down in the box after a clumsy tackle from Al Ghamdi, and he wants a penalty. However, the referee won’t do anything about either of those incidents.

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 الحكم يقرر عدم إحتساب ضربة جزاء في هذه اللقطة • رأيكم بكل صراحة؟ #النصر_التعاون

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 الحكم لم يحتسب أي شيء !!! 🟡🔵|| #النصر_التعاون

Ronaldo is furious with the referee.

Cristiano angry at the referee because he isn’t checking VAR for the Ghareeb

Fofana had little impact in this match. Seko Fofana has been substituted out of the game, with Alsulaiheem coming in as his replacement for Al Nassr in the 76th minute.

74th minute: Al Taawoun makes a substitution, with Alvaro Medran, the playmaker, being replaced.

Al Nassr lacks coherent strategies. Either the cross has missed its target, or Mailson has easily intercepted it. Al Taawoun is not being troubled by corners and crosses. This occurred in the 72nd minute.

In the 64th minute, Al Nasssr had a chance. Marcelo Brozovic takes a free left-footed shot from beyond the penalty area, but he fails to trouble Al Taawoun’s goalkeeper, who successfully saves it.

Ronaldo acknowledges that he lacks any spare energy in this situation. It seems as though Ronaldo, despite being aware of the regulations, is displeased with himself. The assistant referee allowed the game to progress and subsequently signaled the offside, but Ronaldo’s opportunity in the 63rd minute was invalidated.

❌❌ ACESSO NEGADO PRO ROBOZÃO! Mailson não deu espaço pro CR7, que acabou ficando na bronca com a arbitragem por terem marcado

Mailson, the outstanding Brazilian shot-stopper, executed an impressive save to assist Al Taawoun in thwarting a header from Anderson Talisca, thereby granting Al Nassr an opportunity in the 55th minute.

Talisca so close with the header ☹️

Flavio pushed Replays from behind, showing his dissatisfaction with the wrong decision made by the referee. In an attempt to win the game for his team, he dived outside the box, resulting in Talisca from Al Nassr receiving a yellow card in the 54th minute.

Al Nassr opportunity! Ronaldo opportunity! He reaches the ball at the top of the box in a central position and takes a shot and spins, but the Brazilian Taawoun’s goalkeeper doesn’t have any trouble.

Cristiano with a decent attempt. Let’s keep this up 👏👏👏

In the 48th minute, Al Taawoun has a great opportunity! It’s Mateus causing chaos once more. He has finally shifted to the left side and uses his preferred left foot to take a powerful shot, which Waleed manages to save with one hand. Mateus has been a handful throughout this match.

🚨🚨🚨📹 — تصدي وليد عبدالله . 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 🟡🔵|| #النصر_التعاون

Ronaldo, coming from a promising position, directs his header wide from a corner kick. This prompts Al Nassr to display a sense of urgency, and Al Taawoun commence the second half at the 46th minute.

Halftime: Al Nassr 0-1 Al Taawoun

Al Nassr has been lackluster, managing only two shots on target in comparison to Al Taawoun’s three. They appear to be a fatigued team, having already played seven matches within a short timeframe. At halftime, the first half for Al Nassr has been remarkably subpar, lacking any noteworthy offensive plays.

According to SofaScore, Sadio Mane has surrendered the ball one-third of the time (11 out of 33 touches). Moreover, Seko Fofana has attempted from a distance without success, Anderson Talisca is not engaged, and Ronaldo is positioned too distantly from the goal. Perhaps that is the reason they are endeavoring to secure the services of attacking midfielder Otavio from Porto.

Thus far, no success has been achieved as Al Nassr is desperate for any opportunity. Despite the fact that the penalty kick ruling was reversed, Cristiano Ronaldo did not value it.

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 كريستيانو رونالدو يغادر الملعب وهو غاضب من عدم إحتساب ضربة جزاء#النصر_التعاون

However, the referee is looking at the monitor to determine the decision. The referee brings Fofana Seko down to the penalty spot and awards a penalty to Nassr Al in the 53rd minute.

The referee overturns the decision and sees the replay, feeling that Ahmed Al Waleed, the left wingback, got the ball cleanly and beat Fofana Seko.

What do you guys think?

It’s the correct decision. It was a 50-50 ball and Waleed Al Ahmed reached it first.

In the 51st minute, Al Taawoun’s right wingback Aloyayari Abdulmalik receives a YELLOW card.

In the latter part, there remains only a single window. Merely at halftime, there are two replacements in two distinct windows during the initial half. It signifies two substitutions in two separate windows during the first half. It is a calamity for the home team as they are forced to utilize another substitution with Al Fatil entering the field in place of the injured Lajami. Al Nassr substitutes at the 47th minute.

Meanwhile, Lajami Ali, the centre-back, needs to be helped off the pitch due to a right foot injury. He requires a break for hydration after eight minutes of time, specifically in the 45th minute.

Lajami injured 😬

In the 34th minute, Al Taawoun had a scoring opportunity. When he starts cutting inside, he has the option to either switch flanks or play wide on the inside. It’s important to note that he is left-footed and can be of assistance in breakaways. However, Mateus needs to be mindful of not helping him too much during these breakaways, as it has proven to be ineffective in the past.

Definitely need a new CB.

In the 34th minute, Al Nassr coach Luis Castro makes a bold substitution by replacing Alkhaibari, the holding midfielder who was cautioned with a yellow card, with the swift winger Ghareeb.

Ghareeb occupies the left flank while Mane takes up position on the right flank. Anderson Talisca operates in the attacking midfield role, while Seko Fofana and Marcelo Brozovic provide defensive cover in a 4-2-3-1 formation for Al Nassr.

Al Taawoun are calmly defending in the 32nd minute, and their Brazilian goalkeeper Mailson is reliable when it comes to corners and crosses. On the other hand, Al Nassr has shown no significant response. They appear to lack energy, and Ghareeb is preparing to substitute in.

They haven’t created much. So far, the team’s home message isn’t really getting it, but it reads “Danger!” The Big tifo by Nassr Al home fans: 30th minute.

جمهور #النصر يرسم لوحة فنية رائعة 💛.

Al Khaibari from Al Nassr was shown a YELLOW card in the 22nd minute for a perilous challenge on the goal scorer, Tawamba, a Cameroonian forward.

Al Khaibari gets a yellow card. 😕

There was no one from Al Nassr who was assigned to mark an opponent. A teammate, who had plenty of space around him, was in close proximity. Moreover, it was a straightforward header from a corner kick within the six-yard box by Leandre Tawamba, the forward from Al Taawoun, who was completely unguarded. Al Taawoun scored a goal! This happened in the 20th minute.

It must be mentioned, it was a superb delivery by Mateus on the corner.

Al-Taawoun takes the 1-0 lead on a Léandre Tawamba header! 👏

The visitors who have quality attacking players can create danger. Taawoun Al has been dangerous when they go on the break. Sadio Mane is going through a lot of action on the left flank, with a lot of attacking quality. Al Nassr’s attacking quality is slowly coming through, with the 16th minute.

Al Nassr gets a chance in the 8th minute! Ronaldo takes a shot from outside the box, but the Brazilian goalkeeper of Al Taawoun manages to save it by swatting it in front of him.

فرصة كريستيانو رونالدو

Cristiano Ronaldo brought centre-back Hassan Kadesh down.

The 🐐 looking sharp 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The offside trap of Al Nassr has faced difficulties here. The opportunity is missed, but he is unable to compose himself at the goal line. Mateus, once again, moves down the right wing, providing a chance for Al Taawoun! In the 6th minute:

🎥 || تصرف غريب من كاسترو !

In the 3rd minute of the game, Waleed Abdullah, the goalkeeper for Al Nassr, manages to make a save despite getting hit during the play. Meanwhile, Mateus, the Brazilian right winger, attempts to push the ball past him after receiving a long pass.

🎥 || فرصة ماتيوس كاسترو الضائعه :

First minute: We’re starting. Al Nassr is in the yellow and blue, while the visiting Al Taawoun Wolves are wearing black.


5 minutes before the start: Teams are on the field. The kickoff is close.

15 minutes before the start of the game: The Alawwal Stadium appears to be gradually filling up ….

أجواء رائعة في الأول بارك ( ملعب #النصر) 🤩💛

However, this is due to the presence of lengthy queues outside the establishment for Ronaldo’s inaugural league match in 2023/24.

Fans are waiting to enter the stadium, it will be rocking inside the Al Awwal tonight 🤩

45 minutes before the start of the game: Players are on the field for warm-up exercises.


فيديو | نزول حراس المرمى لعمليات الاحماء وليد ، نواف ، بخاري و تحية الجماهير الكابتن وليد عبدالله المشارك بشكل اساسي مساء اليوم #النصر_التعاون

1 hour before the start of the game: Team compositions have been announced.

La COMPO de ce soir Retour de Brozovic Fofana et Ronaldo.

📋| تعرّف على قائمة الذئاب لمواجهة “النصر” تحت قيادة المدير الفني “شاموسكا” 💛#ComeOnWolves | #التعاون_النصر

1 hour and 10 minutes before the start of the game, at Al Awwal Park, the Al Nassr matchday personnel performs a smart maneuver while people soar across the screen, with supporters trying to leap as high as Cristiano Ronaldo does during his headers.

The fans can now try & experience how it’s like to leap like Cristiano Ronaldo. The club have added this outside the stadium so the fans can enjoy themselves before the start of a game at Al Awwal park.

Last season, Konan held the starting position. It is anticipated that the experienced Ivorian fullback Ghislain Konan will assume the responsibilities. In breaking news, it has been revealed that Al Nassr left-back Alex Telles will not be part of the matchday squad due to injury, just 1 hour and 15 minutes before the game begins.

خبر | غياب البرازيلي تيليس عن مواجهة #النصر_التعاون مساء اليوم و ذلك بسبب الاصابة ..

Cristiano Ronaldo is present, anticipate his name to be included in the Al Nassr starting roster scheduled to be announced 30 minutes, 1 hour, 30 minutes before the match begins.

🚨🚨🚨📹 — قائد #النصر رونالدو أول الواصلين إلى ملعب المُباراة . 🟡🔵 || #النصر_التعاون

📍 On location Cristiano Ronaldo is ready for his first taste of #RoshnSaudiLeague action this season 🇵🇹#yallaRSL

In a 2-1 victory at home, Ronaldo provided assistance for both goals, although he was unable to score himself on that particular day. The opening goal in the previous encounter between Al Nassr and Al Taawoun on Feb. 17 (2022/23 season) was a remarkable assist by Cristiano Ronaldo, which occurred 1 hour and 40 minutes before the start of the match.

The last time Cristiano played Al Taawoun he did this madness 🤯 But apparently “He can’t pass & has no vision” 😅

Co. & Ronaldo are busy competing on four different fronts, including their triumph in the Arab Club Champions Cup 2023, which they added to their collection on August 12th in a video.

  • Saudi Professional League.
  • King Cup.
  • Saudi Super Cup.
  • AFC Champions League.
  • Our first event together 💛 At @VictoryArena_sa, we presented our new stars 🤩

    Otavio, the creative midfielder aged 28 from Porto, has a report indicating that Al Nassr is ready to shell out the €60 million release clause for their impressive team construction, suggesting that they may not have completed it before the kickoff in 2 hours.

    Al Nassr chega aos 60 milhões de euros por Otávio

    Al Nassr vs Al Taawoun lineups

    In a surprising move, manager Alex Telles of Aqidi Al Nawaf decided to bench Abdullah Waleed, the regular goalkeeper, and put Luis Castro in goal instead. This decision was made due to an injury suffered by Castro’s best XI starting teammate, Alex Telles. However, despite not having their first-choice lineup, except for Sadio Mane, who scored early in the match, Ettifaq Al, captained by Jordan Henderson, lost their opening match to Al Nassr.

    The Al Nassr starting lineup (4-3-3, right to left) consists of Sadio Mane, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Anderson Talisca as the forwards. Abdullah Alkhaibari, Marcelo Brozovic, and Seko Fofana are the midfielders. Ghislain Konan, Abdulelah Al Amri, Ali Lajami, and Sultan Al Ghannam are the defenders. Waleed Abdullah is the goalkeeper.

    Al Nassr substitutes (9): Nawaf Al Aqidi (Goalkeeper) 44, Nawaf Al Boushal 12, Mohammed Al Fatil 4, Mohammed Qassem 24, Ali Alhassan 19, Abdulmajeed Alsulaihem 8, Khalid Al Ghannam 11, Meshari Al Nemer 30, Abdulrahman Ghareeb 29.

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    3. Leandre Tawamba, 16. Mateus — 10. Alvaro Medran, 18. Ashraf El Mahdioui, 24. Flavio — 23. Waleed Al-Ahmed, 14. Hassan Kadesh, 42. Muath Muath, 4. Andrei Girotto, 15. Aloyayari Abdulmalik — 1. Mailson (Goalkeeper)

    Ahmed Bahusayn, 29. Saad Al Nasser, 8. Sattam Al Roqi, 7. Awn Al Saluli, 93. Mohamed Al Ghamdi, 6. Abdulmalek Al Shammary, 9. Saad Yaslam Balobaid, 31. Fahad Al Abdulrazzaq, 11. Raghid Najjar (Goalkeeper), 36. Al Taawoun substitutes (9):

    Al Nassr vs Al Taawoun live stream, TV channel

    This Saudi Professional League. match at King Saud University kicks off on Friday, August 18 at 9 p.m. local time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Here’s how that period is converted across some of the significant regions:

    MORE: How to watch Saudi Professional League. in USA | How to watch in UK

    USA will broadcast the game on FS2 and Fox Deportes at 2 p.M. ET on Friday, August 18. In Canada, DAZN will air the game at the same time. In the UK, the game will be available on DAZN at 7 p.M. BST on Friday, August 18. Australia can watch the game on 10 Play at 4 a.M. AEST on Saturday, August 19. In India, the game will be broadcasted on Sony TEN 2 and Sony LIV, JioTV at 11:30 p.M. IST on Friday, August 18. Hong Kong viewers can watch the game on SPOTV at 2 a.M. HKT on Saturday, August 19. In Malaysia and Singapore, the game will also be available on SPOTV at 2 a.M. MYT and SGT respectively on Saturday, August 19. Lastly, in New Zealand, the game can

    Al Nassr vs Al Taawoun odds

    Al Nassr are the favored team in the betting market, indicating a high-scoring game according to the odds, with over 2.5 total goals expected.

    With the return of all the starting players, it is anticipated that the Al Nassr offense will demonstrate its formidable strength, which is evident in the spread (handicap) set at +/-1.5 (rather than the more narrow +/- 0.5).

    The top betting sites in the UK, Dafabet in India, and Sports Interaction in Canada offer different odds for the match between Al Taawoun and Al Nassr. The odds for Al Taawoun to win are 1.99 on the UK betting sites, 1.95 on Dafabet in India, and 1.27 on Sports Interaction in Canada. The odds for Al Nassr to win are 1.89 on the UK betting sites, 1.80 on Dafabet in India, and 1.25 on Sports Interaction in Canada. The odds for a draw are 2.12 on the UK betting sites, 2.26 on Dafabet in India, and 1.57 on Sports Interaction in Canada. Additionally, there is an option to bet on whether the total goals scored in the match will be over or under 2.5, and whether both teams will score.