Alex Murdaugh trial updates: John Marvin faults SLED, doesn’t believe brother killed wife, son

After the killings of his nephew, the 22-year-old Marvin John Murdaugh made a heartfelt vow – the uncle of Paul Murdaugh and Maggie, who had a “very close” relationship with the slain.

During the afternoon of Monday, the 26th day of his brother Alex Murdaugh’s double murder trial, I testified that I found out who did this to him and I told Paul that I loved him. Marvin John, who is commonly called by most as Lowcountry, testified that he found out who did this to him and he loved Paul.

“Have you discovered?” Inquired Jim Griffin, the defense attorney for Murdaugh.

Despite the fact that state police and the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office have stated that his older brother confessed to lying to the authorities and the court about being present at the crime scene, Murdaugh emerged as the sole remaining suspect after an investigation lasting approximately one year. In response to the statement, John Marvin denied the accusation by saying, “I have not.”

Alex Murdaugh confers with defense attorney Dick Harpootlian during day 25 of the double murder trial of Murdaugh at the Colleton County Courthouse on Monday, February 27, 2023. Jeff Blake/The State/Pool

Throughout the entire investigation, Marvin John testified that Alex, Maggie’s cell phone provider, reportedly brushed off offers to help from law enforcement agents, despite the fact that the Murdaugh family fully cooperated with the investigation and even offered assistance in finding Maggie’s cell phone.

Collaboration involved deceiving the authorities when Conrad inquired about Murdaugh’s falsehood regarding his presence at the crime scene, as well as his appearance in a cellphone recording captured by Paul moments before his demise. Assistant District Attorney John Conrad raised this matter during his cross-examination.

“I would say that indeed, he deceived,” confessed the witness.

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Marvin John went on to criticize the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for their investigation of the crime scene, testifying about their investigation and adding that there was still evidence, bits, and pieces of his nephew’s biological material left on the ground at the family dog kennels in Moselle when he returned to the scene, leaving him disgusted and upset.

He expressed, overwhelmed with sentiment, “It was not tidied up. I witnessed blood, I witnessed brains, I witnessed fragments of skull… No maternal figure, no paternal figure, no paternal uncle should ever have to perceive or accomplish what I had to accomplish. I had to accomplish it for Paul… It was the most challenging task I ever had to undertake in my existence.”

With a noticeable focus, he maintained a steady gaze on his brother, eagerly anticipating each word. However, Alex Murdaugh, seated at the defendant’s bench, exhibited an absence of the typical teary emotional response upon listening to the detailed testimony provided by John Marvin, which was frequently emotionally charged.

The police informed the family that they had found more incriminating evidence on Alex’s shirt, including blood spatters. They also discovered a controversial piece of evidence, a blue raincoat coated with gunshot residue, where the family had lied to the agents from SLED about Marvin John.

During his testimony, they claimed that the shirt was drenched in blood, which served as evidence that he was the murderer. Astonishingly, Alex even went to the extent of using it to wipe his face.

Jeanne Seckinger speaks about Alex Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes during his trial for murder at the Colleton County Courthouse on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. Joshua Boucher/The State/Pool

During the trial, expert witnesses testified that when the police responded to the crime scene, they found no traces of blood on the shirt Murdaugh was wearing.

Marvin John testified that despite the fact that it could be considered a secondary crime scene, people were congregating and “cleaning up” in the house, when he went into the residence of the Murdaugh’s after the killings.

“Rumors exaggerated by the media,” referred to John Marvin the Murdaugh’s connection to the 2019 boat accident that resulted in the death of Mallory Beach, leading to criminal charges against Paul and a lawsuit from Alex.

Following the homicides, Alex was “devastated” and “shattered,” expressing that Alex had a “wonderful,” “intimate,” and affectionate bond with Maggie and Paul, the youngest Murdaugh sibling proceeded to give testimony.

“The power of words is insufficient,” he remarked. “I would need to invent a new term to capture the intensity of his anguish.”

“Terminal” was Randolph’s father, he said that he took a phone call when he confronted Murdaugh about the missing legal fees on the day of the killings, testified Jennie Seckinger, Chief Financial Officer at PMPED, in her previous testimony.

Later, two days subsequent, he passed away on June 10. Randolph was transported back home to receive end-of-life care from hospice professionals when physicians notified the family on June 8. The family regarded his father’s state on June 7 as “promising” due to his treatable pneumonia, as stated by John Marvin during the cross-examination.

The defense concludes; judge rejects second request to dismiss the case.

After the State concluded its presentation, Judge Clifton Newman rejected the second request put forth by Murdaugh’s legal team, just as he had done with the initial request. Following this, Murdaugh’s defense promptly filed a second request for the dismissal of the case through a “directed verdict” after the testimony of John Marvin, and subsequently concluded its presentation.

Previously, all the witnesses who testified, including former law partners Ball Mark and Ronnie Crosby, Richard Harvey, the Coroner of Colleton County, say that these officials could say that the testimony presented by the defense and any rebuttal or “reply” witnesses to be called on Tuesday, the State has no plans to call more than five witnesses.

Lead prosecutor Creighton Waters said that although attorney Richard Harpootlian was skeptical of the quick estimate of time given by the State’s pattern of presenting lengthy testimony during the previous five weeks of trial, he expects to wrap up the reply by Tuesday afternoon.

Once the reply stage is completed, the jury is expected to visit the crime scene in Moselle, where both sides of the closing arguments could start the hearing and take most of the entire day.

According to court officials, the jury may begin deliberating as soon as Thursday.

John Marvin Murdaugh, brother of Alex Murdaugh, listens to testimony in the gallery during his brothers trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023. Grace Beahm Alford/The Post and Courier/Pool

Monday morning updates in the trial of Alex Murdaugh’s double murder case

This week, the Colleton County jury will be going on a field trip to the location of the crime, which took place in Moselle on June 7, 2021. It was the scene where Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, were brutally shot. The trial for the double murder of Alex Murdaugh involved over 70 witnesses and lengthy, exhausting testimonies that lasted for five weeks.

Jurors and attorneys will have exclusive access to visit the dog kennels where the shootings took place, while the primary residence and other locations are prohibited from visiting. Judge Clifton Newman, despite the State’s objections, granted Murdaugh attorney Richard Harpootlian’s request for the visit. This decision was based on the considerable time that has elapsed since the killings and the possibility of the crime scene being overgrown or altered in some manner.

During the trial, a large number of curious people have been visiting the area where the selfies were taken or where trespassing occurred. This is mainly because law enforcement officers will be present to secure the scene.

In the afternoon, she expressed her desire to acquire additional knowledge. Rebecca Hill, the Clerk of Court for Colleton County, stated that there is still no decision from the court and more details are awaited regarding the media’s authorization to document the jury’s journey to the crime scene. The extent of their involvement remains uncertain.

With the jury potentially discussing by the end of the week, concluding statements may commence on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, subsequent to the examination of the location. The prosecution has approximately 4-5 witnesses to counter after that. The defense has one additional witness to summon after the midday recess on Monday and subsequently plans to conclude. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain as to when the visit to the crime scene will take place, as Murdaugh faces a lifetime prison sentence with no chance of release in the ongoing double murder trial, which has now entered its sixth week.

Dr. Jonathan Eisenstat, a forensic pathology consultant, demonstrates gunshot wounds to the victims during day 25 of the double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh at the Colleton County Courthouse on Monday, February 27, 2023. Jeff Blake/The State/Pool

According to the specialists of Alex Murdaugh, “two gunmen” employed execution-style explosions.

The testimonies of the state’s witnesses contrasted with the viewpoints presented by the expert witnesses hired by Murdaugh’s defense, who were summoned to refute prior statements.

According to expert Jonathan Dr. Eisenstat, Maggie and Paul were not killed in an execution-style shot, but rather through contact or close-range blank point skull blasts. The exact manner in which they were killed on Monday morning is disputed, as is the accuracy of Richard Harvey’s estimated time of death, testified the forensic pathology expert from Colleton County State.

Paul testified that Eisenstat shot whoever he admitted could have been taller than Maggie’s shooter, but he would have covered himself with biological material and blood spatter and pressed the gun barrel into his skull.

Alex Murdaugh trial updates: John Marvin faults SLED, doesn’t believe brother killed wife, son

In the legal proceedings, Eisenstat received a compensation exceeding $10,000 for a mere duration of two days, during which he heavily relied on evidence and documents presented by the defense. However, during cross-examination, it was revealed that he did not conduct any direct examinations on the corpses.

At least for a short period of time, the second victim was rapidly killed, rendering him unable to react. It is possible that the flying matter injured him, and the shooter would have been stunned by the blow to Paul’s head, as stated by him. Maggie and Paul theorized that two shooters were involved in the incident, and further supported this theory by analyzing the findings of Eisenstat’s reconstruction of the shooting incident, along with the blood spatter and crime scene analysis conducted by expert Tim Palmbach.

“The totality of the evidence suggests a two-shooter scenario,” said Palmback. “Why would one shooter bring two long weapons to an event?”.

During cross-examination, the question that arose was why Paul, who was positioned behind the door of the dog kennel feed room, did not corroborate his theory, such as pointing out the absence of shotgun pellets at the base of the crime scene evidence.

The court is anticipated to continue at 2:45 p.M. With the last witness for the defense.

Alex Murdaugh homicide trial: The evidence presented by the State is expected to influence the jury in Colleton County

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List of Witnesses in the Trial of Alex Murdaugh

Murdaugh is now one of the many individuals to testify in this case.

The question of whether to allow evidence from former South Carolina attorney Clifton Newman’s alleged financial crimes and other bad acts as motive was debated and heard by Judge Buster on Friday morning. Testimony from witnesses, including Alex Murdaugh’s still-living son, could potentially shed light on the investigation, as investigators from different South Carolina police departments have already taken statements from a parade of witnesses.