Amber Heard doubles down on Depp verdict: ‘Dateline’ interview takeaways

Amber Heard, in her first sit-down interview with Savannah Guthrie, revealed that she is not vengeful despite her defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp. She expressed that seeking vengeance in this manner would be an unfavorable approach.

“I simply desire individuals to perceive me as a human being,” she expressed as the “Dateline” exclusive commenced on Friday.

The trial concluded earlier this month with a one-hour exclusive on NBC, culminating in a week-long interview released incrementally. The special offered the initial perspectives on what it was like to experience being in the shoes of the co-star of “Aquaman,” and can be watched on NBC.Com and Peacock.

Following Depp’s successful defamation lawsuit and the subsequent $10 million settlement, even Guthrie appeared to acknowledge the potential consequences of Heard persisting with her case, which could have a chilling effect.

“Are you anxious, since we are here today, about what you can express now?” Guthrie inquired.

Heard stated that she was extremely frightened of the possibility of facing another lawsuit from Depp.

I assumed that what I knew but never spoke about, I took for granted what I lived through.

Depp denied the claims that he physically abused Heard. The alleged abusers have not come forward to reiterate her claims. Heard has built a picture of her experience in this case, illustrating the fear women have of coming forward.

When I asked what happened to me when I came forward to accuse Depp of physical violence, Guthrie reminded me that no other women had come forward.

“She said that speaking up or stepping forward about one’s fears can potentially restore balance for those who may live in fear, which is very real and can be very daunting.”

She continues to have affection for Johnny.

Following all that occurred, Guthrie inquired of Heard if she presently retained those sentiments. Guthrie recalled to Heard that she had released a statement during the initial day of the trial affirming her enduring affection for Depp. It may astonish certain individuals that Heard would still harbor fondness for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor following a contentious and disorderly trial.

“I absolutely loved him, with all my heart, and I tried my best to make a deeply broken relationship work, couldn’t I?”

More evidence.

He won all three claims against her, and she won one defamation count against Depp. The evidence that would have helped her case, which was not presented to the jury, was that there is evidence that would have helped her case. Since she has been largely pushing arguments against Depp, one of the big arguments she lost in her defamation case.

During her interview on “Dateline,” Heard provided access to a binder containing notes from her therapist dating back to 2011, which documented her allegations of domestic abuse contemporaneously.

“I was informed, by my doctor, that the documentation of my relationship, which dates back to 2011, is contained in a binder filled with years of notes, indicating a history of mistreatment.”

NBC investigated the records and revealed that in 2012, there were discussions about instances of physical mistreatment. These records indicated that the individual in question was Guthrie’s therapist during that period.

According to the NBC report, Heard informed her therapist in January 2012, as noted in the logs, that Depp “struck her, flung her to the ground,” and in 2013, the therapist’s records indicated that Heard disclosed that “he hurled her into a wall and made threats to end her life.”

Heard claimed that she was documenting the events that occurred and sharing text messages with her team to support her allegations of abuse by Depp.

In the interview with Guthrie, Depp’s lawyers replied that it is unfortunate that the defendant and her team are repeating and reimagining matters that have already been decided by the court, and the spokesperson for NBC told Depp that the judge’s rulings were fair.

Another moment worth sharing as a meme?

Another moment of confusion potentially presented itself to the actress on Friday. It created numerous internet jokes when Heard talked about her dog accidentally stepping on a bee while giving her testimony in court.

The actress responded, “Says the lawyer representing the man who successfully convinced the world that he possessed scissors instead of fingers. Am I the one who is performing?” In reaction to Guthrie’s reminder that Camille Vasquez, one of Depp’s attorneys, stated that Heard was delivering an exceptional performance in court.

The company tweeted, “It was all fabricated?!” And even Redbox, the movie rental company, joined the heated discussion, causing “Edward Scissorhands” to become popular on social media.

Heard said that she was being portrayed as a bad actress by Walter Hamada, the executive of Warner Bros., Due to a lack of chemistry with Jason Momoa, the star of “Aquaman,” as a reason for scaling back her screen time.

I listened to weeks of testimony, and I’m a bit confused about how I could be both confused and a terrible actress. I know you’re either directly saying or insinuating that.

Guthrie faced Heard.

Guthrie, who has previously mentioned that her spouse had advised for Johnny Depp’s team, was not hesitant in seizing the chance to challenge Heard on discrepancies she observed in her testimony, despite the fact that Heard claimed she stood by her statements.

“As you are seated here presently, do you maintain your testimony and your allegations against Johnny Depp regarding mistreatment?” Guthrie inquired.

“Certainly, and I will until my last breath,” Heard responded.