American beheaded in revenge for torture

A video released yesterday showed that the grisly act of beheading a US hostage in Iraq was said to be an act of revenge by Iraqi detainees for the abuse inflicted by US troops.

The head of the camera was held out as a man, briefly identified as Akbar, shouted “God is the greatest!” Followed by a scream, a large knife was put to his neck by one of his captors. Behind him stood five men wearing black masks and headscarves, pictured in an orange jumpsuit resembling those in Guantánamo Bay.

The release of pictures through an Islamic website reinforced the insistence of the Bush administration that the abuse of Iraqi prisoners paled in comparison to the barbarity of the enemy nation, shocking America.

The Foreign Office labeled the episode as completely repulsive and unjustifiable. The White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, informed reporters that the perpetrators have no consideration for the lives of innocent individuals, including men, women, and children. This demonstrates the genuine character of those who oppose freedom.

It was unclear whether Mr. Zarqawi, a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden thought to be based in Iraq, was responsible for the execution shown in the video. The video bore the “title” of Abu al-Musab Zarqawi, showing him slaughtering an American and carrying out a decapitation.

Yesterday morning, the US armed forces refrained from revealing the finding until his beheaded corpse was located close to an overpass in Baghdad on Saturday. He had journeyed to Iraq two times in order to pursue employment as a communications contractor, but unfortunately, he was apprehended, released, and subsequently apprehended again by extremists. The killing signified the culmination of a complex journey for Nick Berg, a dedicated advocate of President Bush’s Iraq initiative.

His family expressed devastation at their loss and hit out at the US authorities for the way they handled their son’s disappearance.

Michael Berg’s father expressed, “I was aware of his decapitation beforehand. That method is more desirable than a prolonged and agonizing demise. However, I did not wish for it to be revealed to the public.”

On Monday, the military officials informed the family about his demise. Mr. Berg further stated, “I believe numerous individuals are frustrated with the absence of civil liberties that this conflict has resulted in. I do not believe this government is dedicated to democracy.”

Prison of Ghraib Abu at guards US by humiliation and abuse for revenge was killing the said video the in men the.

“We want to convey to you that the dignity of Muslim women and men in Abu Ghraib, except for those who have been redeemed, is not respected. We read a statement from one of the men, who are hostages, and we tell you that the US administration offered to exchange some of these detainees for American soldiers’ wives and mothers. However, we fear that in this manner, we will only receive coffin after coffin, but nothing else from you.”

It is not clear how Nick Berg, a 26-year-old individual, ended up in the custody of Islamist extremists, but he also caught the interest of the FBI and the Iraqi police during his time in Iraq. He was reported to be a civilian who was not working under any recognized agreement with the state department.

According to the article, his parents claim that he was a “dedicated advocate of the government stance in Iraq and he desired to travel there and offer assistance” partly due to his attraction to adventure. Michael Berg informed the Philadelphia Inquirer recently, stating, “It was more of a fact-finding mission.” He remained there until February and traveled to Iraq in December of the previous year, seemingly on his own accord, in search of employment. He was the proprietor of a company known as Prometheus Methods Tower Service, which involved the examination of antennas on communication towers.

However, he failed to board the flight. He had informed his family that he would be returning to the US in March for his friend’s wedding, but then he found work there and believed that he would be back in time. As a result, he returned to Iraq on March 14th.

Their son was imprisoned, as Mr. And Mrs. Berg had informed. The following day, the FBI arrived at the Berg’s residence inquiring about his presence in Iraq.

They never heard from him again. He said he had been arrested by Iraqi officials at a checkpoint in Mosul. After contacting his parents on April 9, 8, 7, and 6, Nick Berg said that he was released. Court proceedings began in Philadelphia on April 5, where the Bergs claimed that their son was illegally held in Iraq.

Suzanne Berg said that she had been trying for weeks to learn where her son was, but federal US officials had not been helpful.

The video, which was posted on the website, is known for clearing houses of extremist Islamist and al-Qaida groups.

He said, “You will regret the day you stepped into the land of Iraq, soldiers, and you can expect severe days. He described Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, as a traitor agent. General Pervez Musharraf and President Bush threatened each other in the video.”

Seven other suspects, including four convicted Islamist militants, allegedly remain at large. The killing and kidnapping of Daniel Pearl, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, in Pakistan in 2002, is remembered for his throat being slit.