American Red Cross of Nevada

Rachel Flanigan, the Executive Director of the American Red Cross in Southern Nevada, stated that since the T-shirt giveaway started on April 1st, they have observed a significant increase in blood donations, with many younger people stepping forward to donate for the first time. She emphasized the importance of educating these individuals about the ease of becoming lifelong blood donors and helping them understand the significance of their donations. While some individuals may initially be motivated by the Snoopy T-shirt incentive, they could potentially develop a deeper understanding of the impact of their contribution.

Flanigan stated that donation appointments have increased by over 20% since the previous Monday, indicating that nearly 27,000 additional individuals than anticipated were scheduled to contribute last week. Flanigan also emphasized the urgency of the situation, as both time and T-shirts are dwindling. He urged everyone to promptly schedule a donation appointment. (Limited supplies available. Certain conditions are applicable. Please visit rcblood.Org/cool for more information.) The giveaway of Snoopy Red Cross T-shirts concludes on Sunday, April 23.

Millions of people have been watching videos on TikTok about getting the limited-edition Snoopy T-shirt, said Flanigan. “We have not only seen more interest in the Red Cross, but also more donations,” he added. There has been a surge in visits to Red Cross social media accounts and webpages.

Flanigan stated, “We have witnessed how social media can bridge the multigenerational gap and appeal to people of all ages through Peanuts’ donation blood introduction.” Although the pandemic has made those drives less accessible, younger individuals are often introduced to blood drives through their colleges or high schools.

To schedule an appointment today, you can contact Blood Cross Red by calling RED-800-733-2767 (1-800-CROSS RED), visiting bloodcrossred.Org, or using the Donor Blood Cross Red App. Donors of all blood types, particularly O-type, are needed now to help meet the demand for platelets or blood in hospitals. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion.

We are working to increase that number. Only about 3% of the eligible population in the U.S. Gives blood, where 62% could potentially need a transfusion due to illness or accidents – anyone, including our neighbors, family, and friends. “When needed, it’s crucial that blood is available for others, and we have relied on the generosity of donors for a long time,” said Dr. Walter, the Chief Medical Officer for the Southwest, Mountain, Rocky Pacific Divisions of the American Red Cross. Blood donations are the only way to obtain transfusable blood, making it possible to save lives. In fact, the Red Cross supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood.

Twitter handle @RedCross, please visit us at redcross.Org for more information. The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of the public and volunteers to fulfill its mission. It supports military families, veterans, and provides international humanitarian aid. The organization also teaches life-saving skills, supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood, provides comfort to victims of disasters, and offers shelter and food. Learn more about the American Red Cross.