Anna Shay’s ‘Bling Empire’ co-star details late star’s ‘struggles’ before her death

Prior to her unexpected death from a stroke on Monday at the age of 62, Shay Anna, co-star of Leah Qin in “Empire,” was reportedly struggling.

On Tuesday, Qin informed the Daily Mail, “It is absolutely astounding. She faced numerous challenges. Individuals imposed a significant amount of pressure on her.”

The reality TV star claimed that she noticed Shay’s “unpredictable emotional condition” but did not offer any additional information about when it occurred.

She said, “She has just been through things. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault, but she has had moody times and good times.”

A selfie of Leah Qin
Anna Shay’s “Bling Empire” co-star Leah Qin claimed the late star faced “struggles” before her death on Monday.
Anna Shay posing on a red carpet
“People put a lot of stress on her. She had a lot of struggle,” Qin said of Shay.
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Qin even expressed “remorse” over not being able to “assist Anna with her well-being and wellness.”

“She’s been through things. I always wanted to help her to be happier, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance,” she continued.

Qin desired that their popular Netflix series showcased both Shay’s “compassionate” aspect and her supposed “difficulties.”

A selfie of Leah Qin
The Netflix star admitted to feeling “bad” for not making Shay feel “happier.”

“She was facing difficulties and had her own matters to handle,” she vaguely explained.

Qin stressed that she felt “sorry for her” and wished the “regrettable” stroke caused “minimal pain.”

She continued, “There is a lot of weight on your shoulders and everyone expects a lot from you. It can be lonely at the top and people are always looking up to you when you are in a position of power.”

Anna Shay wearing a crown
Qin emphasized that despite being wealthy and starring on a reality TV show, even Shay needed a hug every now and then.

“But occasionally, you simply desire an embrace,” stated the real estate developer, “individuals instinctively presume” that “you are content” appearing on reality TV.

“Anna was a stunning individual,” she exclaimed, while lamenting the loss of the “brilliant” woman as “devastating.”

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  • Shay’s family verified the death of the matriarch of the “Bling Empire” to People on Monday.

    The statement read, announcing that our hearts are saddened by the passing of Shay Anna, our beloved and charismatic grandmother and mother, at the early age of 62 due to a stroke.

    Christine Chiu, Leah Qin, Mimi Morris, Kelly Mi Li, Jaime Xie, Anna Shay, Kim Lee and Dorothy Wang posing for a "Bling Empire" photo
    “Anna was a beautiful person,” Qin concluded.
    Getty Images for Netflix
    A black-and-white selfie of Anna Shay
    Shay died from a stroke on Monday. She was 62.

    Her impact on our lives will never be forgotten, but she will forever be missed. Anna taught us many life lessons on how to not take life too seriously and enjoy the finer things.