April Temperature Outlook

IBM, a business company, and The Weather Company released a spring outlook on Friday. The forecast highlights a significant contrast between the warm weather in the southern parts of the United States and the cold remnants of winter in the western and northern regions. Temperatures in April will be a prominent feature.

K​eep Warm Clothes Handy In West, Northern Plains

Deliveries in April should expect the coldest temperatures in the farthest northern Plains and Rockies. A broad area, extending from Northern California to the northern Great Lakes, is predicted to experience colder-than-average temperatures.

Todd Crawford, Vice President of G2 Atmospheric Meteorology, stated that there are several contributing factors to the lingering chill in the Northern and Western Plains in April, including a heavy snowpack that can reflect more of the sun’s energy impressively.

S​outh Might Be Wearing T-Shirts Often

A​reas from southeast Arizona, southern New Mexico and Texas to the Southeast and mid-Atlantic coasts have odds tilted toward a warmer-than-average April.

The Florida and Gulf Coast will be perfect for t-shirts and shorts on occasions with significantly higher temperatures predicted in that area.

T​he Month Will Kick Off With This Weather Pattern Already In Place

In the forecast below for Tuesday, temperatures will be cold in those regions, ensuring that the first full week of April will start with a southward plunging jet stream over the Northern and Western Plains.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the jet stream will be positioned to the north of those areas, resulting in above-average temperatures in portions of the Ohio Valley and Northeast. Additionally, some parts of the South may experience near-record warmth.


U​ncertain Aspects Of The April Outlook

There are a few prediction particulars that are still unclear in the forecast for April.

Crawford first mentioned that during certain periods in the month, there could potentially be a flow of colder air into the Northeast region, which is contrary to the forecasted warmer-than-average conditions at present.

Another aspect is how the weather pattern in the latter part of April will unfold.

Dr. Crawford expressed, “In the latter half of the winter season, we perceive a considerable sense of uncertainty.”

La Niña refers to the winter phenomenon that dominated the temperature dichotomy in March, influencing the creation of mild conditions in the East and South, and cold conditions in the West. Its influence on the drivers of winter has now ended.

The duration of its existence is yet to be determined, however, the weather forecast for April bears a similar temperature difference, particularly in the beginning of the month.

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