Astrologer Susan Miller Names the 2 Zodiac Signs Star-Sanctioned To Have the Luckiest 2023

As per renowned astrologer Susan Miller, the entrance of Jupiter into a specific zodiac sign is responsible for the occurrence of that sign’s “emerald year” (also known as a highly fortunate year). It takes approximately one year for the planet to traverse through each of the zodiac signs, resulting in this phenomenon happening approximately once every 12 years. At times, these planetary transitions may not perfectly align with the calendar year, and occasional retrogrades can cause the planet to regress to a previous sign temporarily. In the year 2023, Jupiter will divide its influence between two signs, consecutively bestowing fortunate energies upon both Aries and Taurus.

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Miller, discussing the serendipitous universal energy, explains that it brings numerous fortunate opportunities. She states that this energy essentially amplifies or increases whatever it comes into contact with, giving favorable outcomes to the zodiac sign it occupies during your emerald year. In this period, you are essentially incapable of making mistakes, thanks to the influence of Jupiter.

According to Miller, occurrences like that occur when Jupiter is in your astrological sign because the celestial body desires for you to expand your comprehension of the cosmos. It is possible to encounter a compatible zodiac match when you least anticipate it, or you may find yourself engaging in one through seemingly random circumstances. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will actively plan a trip from your bucket list. Due to the planet’s influence in the realm of destiny, its impact can also lead to serendipitous experiences. For instance, you may unexpectedly journey to unfamiliar places, which can also foster travel if you are seeking love. Ultimately, having Jupiter in your sign is considered the most auspicious alignment.

“Having Jupiter in your sign is the best placement if you’re hoping to find love, but it also encourages travel, often to a faraway place.” —Susan Miller, astrologer

In the year 2023, both Aries and Taurus will experience great fortune as the primary beneficiaries of Jupiter’s celestial blessings. Specifically, Aries can anticipate a significant increase in wealth in the upcoming year. In 2022, Jupiter briefly influenced Aries, providing them with the opportunity to envision the type of financial prosperity that may now be realized in 2023.

In 2023, Aries will experience a transit of Jupiter, while Taurus is going to have a great financial period in 2024. “So, when Jupiter takes its turn in your sign during the final few months, Miller says,” (before leaving for the next 12 years) “you should start planting the seeds of your emerald year at the beginning of your sign.”

In March, as Pisces moves into Aquarius, it will finally leave as a sign. This transition will not dampen the vibes too much, but it may bring restrictions and limits from the planet Saturn. However, speaking generally, it will be a glorious year for Taurus and Aries, according to Miller.

Starting work off may require hard effort, as mentioned by Miller. You might feel as if the pressure suddenly intensifies around March or February, experiencing a lot of scrutiny and pressure. If you are an Aquarius, it is likely that you have been under a lot of pressure since December 2020 when Saturn settled into your career sector. Finally, Saturn will leave your 10th house, offering a much-deserved relief in this area of your life, particularly in your Taurus career house. As a result, you may find yourself forming new friendships and expanding your social circle. This also means that Saturn will loosen its grip on your 11th house of friendships and move into your 12th house, which represents the subconscious. This shift in Saturn’s position is significant for Libra, which is the opposite sign of Aries in the zodiac.

She says, “You tend to be most proud of the achievements you gain in your career because they are required for you to work at such a house. Even as far as your personal trajectory goes, these particular career wins could have a lasting impact on you, says Miller, the Taurus. Also, consider that you’ll receive an added bonus of luck from Jupiter this year.”