Atacante transmitió en vivo el tiroteo masivo en Louisville, Kentucky, que dejó varios muertos y heridos

According to authorities, a minimum of five individuals lost their lives and an additional eight sustained injuries during a shooting incident at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, as reported by CNN.

According to the authorities, Joshua Barrick, Juliana Farmer, Tommy Elliott, James Tutt, and Deana Eckert were recognized as the individuals who were aged between 40 and 64 years old.

After an exchange of gunfire, the attacker was killed by the police. The video was later removed. According to investigators, a bank employee, identified by the police as 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, opened fire at his workplace and livestreamed the attack on Instagram.

A mass shooting took place in Louisville on Monday, where two individuals embraced outside the building. Credit: Michael Clevenger/Courier Journal/AP.

  • Breaking news and live updates on the shooting in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Sims Buchheit-Rebecca, as per CNN’s statement, mentioned that a meeting took place this morning, with some attending virtually and others in person. The bank manager, Sims Buchheit-Rebecca, informed CNN that the massive shooting at the Old National Bank on East Main Street started around 8:30 am, approximately 30 minutes before the public opening.

    According to his wife, there was an active assailant at Old National Bank, locked in a vault, as reported at 8:30 a.M. In a “traumatic” phone call received by a man who spoke with the local WLKY network.

    El hombre, Caleb Goodlett, llamó al 911, pero los agentes ya estaban al tanto. El hombre dijo que su esposa “está bien”.

    Gwinn-Villaroel stated that the agents exchanged gunfire with the armed man and took him down. The deputy chief of the metropolitan police in Louisville, Paul Humphrey, stated that the agents arrived at the bank three minutes after being notified and found that the attacker was still shooting.

    Buchheit-Sims stated that the shooting unfolded very quickly.

    Buchheit-Sims said, “I don’t know how else to say it. I witnessed people being murdered.” “Shortly after the meeting started, the attacker began shooting in the conference room.”

    “He was quite relaxed. In public, I have never seen him get angry or upset about anything. His temperament is rather calm. Sturgeon said that he had a ‘monotonous personality’ with whom he did not work closely.”

    He was recalled as being exceptionally clever. Additionally, he mentioned that he had no knowledge of Sturgeon expressing any grievances or issuing warnings prior to this.

    Mayor Craig Greenberg conveyed his appreciation to the “courageous and valiant” responders for their deeds. “Undoubtedly, their actions preserved lives,” he stated.

    As per a video from WDRB, a CNN associate, there were dispersed shattered glass at the doorway of the Old National Bank. A substantial law enforcement presence obstructed a significant portion of the city center road in the hours subsequent to the gunfire.

    “He was one of my closest friends”

    Based on his LinkedIn profile, Elliott held the position of senior vice president at the bank. During a press conference, Governor Beshear expressed that Tommy Elliot, one of the individuals affected by the shooting, was “one of my closest companions.”

    Beshear said, “He was an incredible friend.” “He is one of the people I spoke with the most in the world, and we rarely talked about my work,” said Beshear. “He gave me advice on being a good father, helped me become a governor, Tommy Elliott helped me build my law career.”

    Según la policía, un agente recién ingresado recibió un tiro en la cabeza.

    The police chief stated that Nickolas Wilt, a novice officer aged 26, sprinted towards the gunfight and sustained a gunshot wound to his head. Presently, he is in a critical state.

    Wilt had graduated from the police academy on March 31, just 10 days before the shooting.

    The assailant was informed of their impending dismissal, according to a source.

    Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, the temporary head of the metropolitan police department in Louisville, recognized the deceased assailant as Connor Sturgeon, a staff member of the Old National Bank.

    According to a police source familiar with the investigation, Sturgeon had been notified that he was going to be terminated, but he had been employed at the bank for over a year.

    As per the source, it remains uncertain whether the mentioned note was written on a physical piece of paper or if it was transmitted via electronic mail, or if it was observed prior to or following the occurrence. The source conveyed that Sturgeon composed a message to his parents and a companion, expressing his intention to initiate gunfire at the bank.

    The video is in the possession of the police, as per the source. Although not immediately, the shooting was live-streamed on Instagram and has already been removed from the platform.

    In June 2021, Sturgeon joined full-time after completing internships at the bank for three consecutive summers between 2018 and 2020, as stated in his LinkedIn profile.

  • The last three years have seen a concerning increase in shootings in the United States.
  • As per a representative from the university, he completed his studies at the University of Alabama in December 2020, obtaining both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in finance.

    “This is something that his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well, which no one ever saw, said his family and he knew very well.”

    The classmate, who requested not to be identified and hasn’t spoken to Sturgeon in recent years, said, “He was a genuinely nice guy who came from a truly great family.” “I can’t believe it.” I can’t express how much this doesn’t make sense.

    In a 2018 university essay published on the CourseHero website, Connor Sturgeon, a University of Alabama student, expressed his difficulties in assimilating into the school environment.

    The essay stated: “I have more experience than most in working alone, so making friends has never been particularly easy. There persists today a somewhat negative image of myself, which has given me struggle to fit in as a late-blooming student in high school and college. For a long time, my self-esteem has been a problem for me.”

    The author wrote about the improvements they have started to see in this aspect and how they have begun to mature socially at university, expecting to be a better person and be more self-aware.

    The corporation stated that the executive team of the financial institution is traveling to Louisville. El Old National Bank possesses two main offices, one located in Evansville, Indiana and another in Chicago, and operates more than 250 banking centers across the Midwest.

    Jim Ryan, the CEO of Old National, stated, “in our thoughts and prayers are all those affected by this tragedy, as we continue to provide assistance and support to our employees. As we await further details, the safety of Old National Bank employees and all the individuals we serve in our banking centers is of utmost importance.”

    Surge of gun violence

    President Joe Biden condemned the recent mass shooting and called on Republicans in Congress to enact stricter gun laws.

    In a tweet, Biden expressed, “When will the Republicans in Congress take action to safeguard our communities? Too many Americans are paying the price of inaction with their lives. Jill and I are praying for the lives lost and affected by today’s shooting.”

    With the exception of the assailant, a minimum of four individuals have been wounded by gunfire in a mass shooting. The Gun Violence Archive categorizes this incident as a mass shooting. According to statistics from the Gun Violence Archive, there have been at least 145 occurrences of mass shootings in the United States this year. This wave of extensive gun violence is a phenomenon solely observed in America.

  • Atacante del tiroteo en una escuela de Nashville disparó 152 veces durante la masacre, que se planeó “durante meses”, según la policía.
  • According to the 2021 National Firearm Survey, approximately 24.6 million individuals own an AR-15 or a similar-style rifle, which is the most favored sporting rifle in the United States. As reported to CNN by a source from federal law enforcement, a semiautomatic rifle, the AR-15 type of rifle, was used in the shooting incident.

    Two weeks ago, a mass shooting at a private Christian primary school in Nashville resulted in the tragic deaths of children aged 9 and three adults. The assailant utilized an AR-15-style firearm along with two other handguns. In various locations such as Buffalo, New York, San Bernardino, California, Aurora, Colorado, and Connecticut’s Sandy Hook School, the AR-15 and its variations have been frequently utilized as the preferred weapon in numerous appalling mass shootings that have occurred in recent years.