Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray Review – A Radiant Navy Blue for Your Home

A perfect combination of utmost luxury and absolute radiance, Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray is a rich and sumptuous navy blue paint color.

Deep-rooted in brilliant bold hues and dazzling appearance – this color is bound to prove its existence in each and every corner.

So, are you a fan of navy blue like me?

Well, I must inform you that I absolutely love the appearance and sensation of this paint shade.

It will establish your area with the utmost allure and elegance!

Meanwhile, although this vibrant and attractive color is visually appealing, it can be quite difficult to work with.

Because of its dark hue, this shade presents a luxurious, sophisticated, and masculine vibe.

And I assure you, throughout this time, this azure hue will wash away all of your Monday sorrows.

So, are you thrilled to include this particular navy blue color in your residence?

However, it comes with a multitude of different consequences – therefore, make sure to carefully read and comprehend this detailed review!

I am going to disclose the most effective way to utilize this paint shade, including the theories of color, specifications, and palettes.

So, take a seat and unwind!

gentlemans gray info

Before I reveal all the design specifications, it is important for you to understand the fundamentals of this stunning and grand paint shade.

Keep in mind, a hue has diverse aspects that can only be comprehended when you examine the sample in various illumination circumstances.

After all, there is something that distinguishes this specific shade of blue from BM Wythe Blue or SW Wall Street, correct?

The hue of the paint is determined by the Light Reflectance Values or the LRV’s, which establish its level of brightness or darkness, thus let me acquaint you with this concept primarily and above all.

You can easily locate that worth at the conclusion of your Benjamin Moore paint sample or even the webpage!

Here, in this situation, the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray is 5.37.

gentlemans gray LRV

And that implies it lies on the extremely somber side of the spectrum!

(Please bear in mind, the lower the value, the darker the paint – on a scale of 1-100).

Give Samplize a peel-and-stick square to effortlessly experiment with Gentleman’s Gray on your walls in advance, should you desire to do so.

Secondly, other significant related terms include the RGB and the HEX Codes.

The value of red is 48.

The color green is equal to 70.

Blue is equal to 86.

HEX Value = #304656.

Let’s begin by acquainting ourselves with the practical aspects of Benjamin Moore paint, and now we have enough scientific and technical information.

What are the Best Coordinating Colors?

BM multi gentlemans gray chips

The significance of analyzing the paint is equivalent to selecting the finest complementary hues.

Remember, if you tamper with these color palettes and design schemes – you ultimately tamper with your living space.

And no one can afford that, correct?

Therefore, I will suggest a few color palette choices to optimize your area.

First and foremost, you have the option to select either a contrasting or a monochromatic color scheme.

In the case of contrasts, you have the option to pair cool neutrals and lighter grays, creamy whites and off-white, Sakura pinks, yellows, and mustards.

Well, here are some of the hues I would suggest for a monochromatic color scheme!

  • 2062-50 Indigo Denim.
  • 2062-40 Azure Blossom.
  • 2062-30 Blue Danube.
  • SW gentlemans gray palette

    Conversely, here are some of the hues I would suggest for a contrasting color scheme!

  • 2005-50 Rose Pink Rubber Eraser.
  • OC-117 Pure White.
  • 2128-50 November Skies.
  • gentlemans gray coordination

    The initial neighboring shade will additionally stand out, as BM Chantilly Lace can be applied to your overhead surfaces, borders, and embellishments – it is an authentic white paint.

    BM Gentleman’s Gray Vs Similar Colors

    There are a number of comparable choices with this vibrant blue paint shade.

    However, please be aware that there might be certain variances – whether they are in the form of subtle nuances or reflectivity!

    However, it is impossible for any two colors to be exactly identical.

    So, irrespective of that – the two hues closely associated are 2058-10 Twilight and HC-154 Hale Navy.

    Let’s observe how they vary.

    Gentleman’s Gray Vs Twilight

    gentlemans gray vs twilight

    Well, I must inform you that these two colors have a plethora of similarities!

    The only distinction is the undertones – the first one is more daring and intense while the second one is more delicate.

    This paint has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 4.85 – therefore, it falls on the darker side of the spectrum.

    Request a adhesive sample of Gentleman’s Gray and Twilight to determine which option is most suitable for your residence.

    Gentleman’s Gray Vs Hale Navy

    gentlemans gray vs hale navy

    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a fantastic option to consider as it offers a beautiful and tranquil navy blue paint color.

    It possesses a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 6.3 – rendering it as one of the most lightweight among all of them!

    You can consider using the identical contrasting color scheme for this paint.

    Discover a wealth of information about BM Hale Navy in my comprehensive guide!

    Since digital screens can be deceiving, I highly suggest you get some actual samples of these two colors from Samplize. Buy here!

    Where to Use Gentleman’s Gray?

    Benjamin Moore’s Gray Gentleman can be used anywhere in your home, whether it’s the kitchen, bedrooms, dining and living rooms, entryway doors, or hallways.

    You can utilize it on the accessories and even main furniture pieces and accent walls.

    However, make sure that you initially comprehend the magnitude and extent of your area and then meticulously strategize to utilize this hue.

    Let’s explore where and how to integrate it into your household.

    Gentleman’s Gray in Living and Dining Rooms

    I would personally recommend this color in dining and living rooms that are comparatively larger in size and with particularly higher ceilings.

    Utilizing this paint in spaces with reduced ceilings will lead to a lackluster and gloomy ambiance.

    Since the color exhibits a sense of luxe and splendor touch, I would recommend using it as an accent on the walls.

    BM single gentlemans gray chip

    The console or sideboard, similar to the accent wall or some focal accessories, is the ideal method to utilize this shade in the more compact areas, nonetheless.

    You can further use upholstery and throw pillows to add a splash of color, while keeping the walls adjacent to it painted in crisp whites or off-whites.

    Using in Bedrooms

    If your design style allows, you can choose to paint either the focal point or the wall situated behind the bed with this specific hue of paint.

    Moreover, you can always combine it with clear or smooth whites on the neighboring walls.

    Also, keep in mind that wooden patterns and metallic materials both complement this paint shade!

    Additionally, combine it with off-white fabric covering, gray and mustard highlights via cushions and carpets.

    You can also include a beautiful set of pendant lights with a golden hue to enhance the appearance even more.

    Gentleman’s Gray in Kitchens

    The very best of them all!

    Kitchen cabinets in Gentleman’s Gray would look absolutely stunning!

    Consider combining it with wooden textures such as flooring, beams, built-in cabinets, furniture, and door and window frames.

    Additionally, you can utilize glass, metal, linen fabric, and timber to enhance the comfort of this particular shade of paint.

    For pull knobs and drawers, utilize accents with a golden hue.

    Using on Exteriors

    Whether you own a Ranch-style, Victorian, Cape-Cod, or Modern home, this paint on the exteriors is sure to enhance its appearance.

    You can perfectly match it with white and lighter gray shades on the trims, moldings, and door and window frames.

    In the case of the porch and patio, you can use natural stone wainscoting to add detailed character to the columns!

    How Does This Color Feel in Space?

    This color exudes absolute boldness, opulence, regality, magnificence, and sophistication when incorporated into interior designs.

    I recommend using a specific undertone for each color, regardless of whether the climate is cold or warm.

    Moreover, its timelessness is a reason why I would recommend this color irrespective of the geography or even the interior design style.

    You can utilize this shade in areas that are either spacious or moderately sized as they contribute a significant dimension.

    For a hint of color, feel free to use it sparingly – only if you truly desire to utilize it – but consider avoiding this shade in tight or cramped areas.

    Don’t fret! I will share some pointers and techniques on how to effectively utilize this blue paint shade in more compact spaces, without it feeling cramped or dull.

    Moreover, you can utilize this shade as a highlight or even paint all the walls when designing a bachelor’s residence!

    How Does Light Affect the Color?

    Light always plays a significant role in this location!

    Because of the paint’s low reflectivity, it will soak up the majority of the incoming light.

    It may seem rather drab and gloomy, otherwise I suggest using this shade in a space that receives abundant daylight. However, in this particular situation.

    In modern basements and rooms with no windows – this paint will closely relate to dark and deep blue or almost black.

    However, you can always incorporate synthetic illumination through wall sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights to create a desired ambiance.

    I suggest selecting warmer shades of white or even warmer shades of yellow as well!

    Interested in visualizing the appearance of Gentleman’s Gray in your own living area? Acquire a wall sample immediately from Samplize!

    How to Best Sample This Color?

    Here’s my favorite tip – when it comes to testing out a color, Gray’s Gentleman is like a sample stick-and-peel order and go from Samplize.

    Instead of having to get a small can of actual wet paint, you can simply stick a 12″ x 12″ square on your walls. This little company has nailed down the best way to sample colors, making it much easier and more convenient.

    If you want to try coordinating different hues and colors on a paint sample, you can get a big enough sample size anywhere for just a few bucks.

    It’s temporary, so relocate it and experiment with position and illumination choices.

    So, how would you like to incorporate this color into your living spaces? Indoors or outdoors?

    Now that you have the completely slender- are you excited about painting your house in Gentleman’s Gray?

    If you have any inquiries or ideas, please inform us in the comments section below!