Best Cheap Gainesville, FL Home Insurance (2023)

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The Cheapest and Best Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville

Universal North America.

Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville for High Deductibles

In Gainesville, the price of your home insurance policy will significantly influence the amount you select for your deductible. Your insurer resolves your claim prior to you personally covering the sum known as the deductible.

When claiming a file, you may end up paying more, but policies with higher deductibles typically have lower premiums. For example, if you have a policy with a $1,000 deductible, you will pay an average of $1,313, whereas for a policy with a $2,000 deductible, you will pay $1,138.

According to our research, the insurance providers that provide the most cost-effective homeowners insurance in Gainesville for a policy with a $2,000 deductible are:.

  • Universal North America: $390 annually.
  • Universal Ownership: $671 annually.
  • The Cheapest Companies in Gainesville for High Deductibles, Ranked

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    The Best Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville

    MoneyGeek’s scoring system evaluates home insurance companies based on three criteria: customer satisfaction, financial strength, and affordability.

    When purchasing homeowners insurance in Gainesville, you should also consider factors such as the financial stability and customer service experience of a company that has a good reputation and is capable of processing claims faster, all while considering the cost of coverage.

    As per MoneyGeek’s research, the insurance companies offering the finest home insurance in Gainesville are:.

  • Top Choice: Travelers.
  • Runner-up: Nationwide.
  • Geek Rapid Review.

    In general, Travelers is the preferred choice of MoneyGeek due to its outstanding financial stability and affordability ratings. The insurance company also offers policyholders an extra coverage for replacement costs, which comes at an average annual price of $839. This implies that you will remain protected even if the expenses for replacing your home surpass the coverage provided for your dwelling.

    More About Tourists.

    Travelers offers unique coverage options to homeowners that other insurers may not have available. Policyholders with green homes, built using environmentally friendly materials, may receive coverage for the costs incurred to replace, repair, or rebuild their homes. Additionally, customers who have purchased a home within the past year will be offered various discounts, including a discount on home insurance.

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    Geek Rapid Review.

    Nationwide offers a policy for homeowners with an average pay of $1,100 per year. The insurer provides better coverage options and unique replacement roof coverage compared to other insurers. Nationwide was ranked as the second-best home insurance provider in Gainesville, scoring high in all categories.

    Learn More About Nationwide.

    If your roofing materials are damaged, Nationwide’s coverage allows you to get stronger and safer replacements for your home. Additionally, in addition to this, you may add flood insurance to your policy, which protects you from water-related damage caused by incidents. If your property is located in a gated community, you may also receive a subsidized premium and a discount on your roof based on the age and type of roofing material.

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    Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville if You Have a Lot of Personal Property

    If you have more personal property, you are likely to pay higher premiums for homeowners insurance, which also protects against damage to your personal property.

    If your personal property coverage limit is $100,000, you will be charged $1,313 annually, whereas the average cost for a personal property limit of $250,000 in Gainesville is $1,492.

    The most affordable providers of homeowners insurance in the city can be found by raising your personal property coverage limit to $250,000 and keeping your dwelling coverage at $250,000.

  • Universal North America: $512 annually.
  • Universal Property: $880 annually.
  • Cheap Companies in Gainesville for Extra Personal Property Coverage

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    The Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville for 2022




    The average cost of homeowners insurance in Gainesville is $109 per year or $1,313 per month. The cost is lower than the state average. Additionally, it is lower than the national average cost of homeowners insurance, which is $2,359.

    The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville

    When searching for home insurance companies in Gainesville, you’ll observe that the majority of insurers offer comparable fundamental protections at varying costs.

    The most affordable insurance providers in the urban area for a policy with a dwelling coverage of $250,000 are:

  • Universal North America: $450 annually.
  • Universal Ownership: $774 annually.
  • The cheapest homeowners insurance in Gainesville depends on various factors, including how much coverage you purchase, for instance, if you have an expensive home. It includes the most affordable insurance companies that provide coverage for a dwelling limit of $2 million, including two companies.

  • Universal North America: $3,382 annually.
  • ASI: $5,525 annually.
  • The cost of home insurance varies greatly depending on the limits of coverage for your dwelling.

    The Cheapest Home Insurance in Gainesville, Ranked

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    MoneyGeek’s sample home insurance policies in Gainesville feature a baseline coverage of $250,000 for dwelling, $100,000 for property liability, and an increase in personal property coverage limit to $2 million, with a coverage liability of $800,000.

    If you reside in a city other than Gainesville, you can also compare rates for homeowners insurance throughout Florida.

    Getting Online Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Gainesville

    Most insurance companies allow you to get a quote for homeowners insurance online. You will need to have the following information ready:.

  • A professional real estate agent or building contractor can provide an accurate estimate. It helps insurers determine the coverage limit for your dwelling and the actual value of your home, which may differ from the cost of replacement. In the event of damage, the cost of replacement refers to the cost of rebuilding your home using similar materials.
  • Personal property value: This is the value of your personal belongings and will be used to determine your personal property coverage limits.
  • Personal information: You will need to specify your address, the number of people in your home, insurance history and other personal details.
  • This includes details about your house, such as the size, year of construction, and whether you have installed security devices.
  • Calculate the Cost of Home Insurance in Gainesville

    The cost of homeowners insurance in Gainesville varies greatly due to multiple factors, such as your location. Your rates are influenced by the level of dwelling coverage and personal property coverage, along with your credit score. Utilizing MoneyGeek’s home insurance calculator can facilitate the comparison of quotes among insurers in the city.

    Home Insurance Calculator

    These are yearly approximations. Acquire a customized estimate to ascertain your expenses.

    Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville if You Have Poor Credit

    How much you pay for homeowners insurance in Gainesville also depends on your credit score, with higher premiums often being charged for poor credit.

    For example, in Gainesville, homeowners with a good credit score only pay an average of $1,313 per year for insurance, whereas homeowners with a poor credit score only pay an average of $1,677 per year.

    Based on MoneyGeek’s research, the top insurance companies in Gainesville with the cheapest coverage for homeowners with a poor credit score are:.

  • Universal North America: $747 annually.
  • Universal Ownership: $774 annually.
  • The Cheapest Companies in Gainesville for Poor Credit, Ranked

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    Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Gainesville for Newly Constructed Homes

    Each year, the cost of home insurance for houses constructed in 2000 amounts to $1,313, whereas insurance for recently built homes averages at $903. These newly constructed houses are made with contemporary materials that offer increased durability and cost-effectiveness for replacement, which is why insuring them tends to be more economical compared to older homes.

    According to MoneyGeek’s research, the cheapest home insurance in Gainesville for a newly constructed dwelling and home coverage comes to $250,000.

  • Universal North America: $310 annually.
  • Annual Subscription Fee: $402.
  • The Cheapest Home Insurance in Gainesville for New Homes, Ranked

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    Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville Analysis: Methodology

    MoneyGeek analyzed home insurance premiums in Gainesville, with Quadrant partnership, to generate scores on different levels of coverage affordability. The data was collected from surveys conducted by J.D. Power to derive customer satisfaction scores.

    MoneyGeek also gathered quotes for various homeowner profiles, including newly constructed homes, to ensure accurate information for your situation. This includes higher deductibles and limits on coverage for personal property or dwelling, as well as higher credit scores for poor credit.

    The base profile is for an average homeowner with a 2,500-square-foot home built in 2000. The policy includes a dwelling coverage of $250,000, a personal property coverage limit of $100,000, and a liability coverage of $100,000. All the policies in this study have a $1,000 deductible.

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