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If you are feeling “Confused and Dazed” like you, you might enjoy watching a Comedy film in the USA with themes revolving around adulthood versus adolescence and stoner parties, where teenagers in high school discuss coming of age. These movies are talkative and sentimental, but they also have a good feel to them.

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Bewildered and Perplexed (1993).

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Genre: Comedy.

Country: USA.

Length: 103 minutes.

Floyd, a star athlete who enjoys smoking weed, presents a conundrum when he demands his football coach to pledge the “no drugs” sign. He easily moves among geeks and jocks, centering on Randall, a student at Texas school in 1976, during the last day of their adventures with a group of teens.

Style: heartwarming, emotional, conversational, iconic, authentic, humorous, nostalgic, somewhat serious, poignant, historical film…

Audience: teenagers, children, teenage drama.

Rock, intoxicated, underachiever, cannabis, educational institution, commencement, young age, warm season, counterculture enthusiast, rural community, adolescent existence, harassment, educator, rock music, substances, cannabis users, marijuana, companionship, adulthood versus teenage years, cannabis enthusiast, gathering, teenage years, secondary school, maturing, storyline.

Time: 1970s, the year 1976, 1990s, the 20th century, 1980s.

Locations: Texas, Seattle, Austin, Texas, USA, London, California, and New Jersey.

Keyword: oldies.

Most similar movies to Dazed and Confused

The attributes matching The highlighted in bold are similar to those of the films American Graffiti (1973) and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). Other movies like SubUrbia (1996), Superbad (2007), and Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) also share some similarities. These movies primarily fall under the genres of comedy, drama, and music and explore themes such as friends and friendship, college and youth, coming of age, high school, and teenage life. The plots of these films are humorous, funny, and realistic, providing a good feel. If you are looking for similar movies, you can refer to the ordered list of movies that contain related themes.

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